Witch Saga Update Adds New Biome, Farming System, And More


The Witch Saga update introduces a new Nilfheim biome, farming system, weapons, armor, meals, and saga quest with plentiful rewards.

Tribes of Midgard received a major contet update on January 17th, known as the Witch Saga update. The new patch, which is now live, includes a new biome Niflheim, Ancient Hel, Saga Quest, a new farming system, plus new weapons, creatures, and armor. This massive update also features new runes, cross-network support between PC and Xbox consoles, and a discoverable in-game challenge for all survival worlds.

The fable Norse Realm of the dead, Niflheim, has been added to the game along with Helthings, Draugr, Jormungandr, and Squirrel Critter creatures. Players will gain access to crafting materials to forge new recipes that can be used against foes lurking around the coldest realm yet. A new Ancient, named Hel, will make its appearance in Helheim, where players will stop the ruler of the dead with new pieces of equipment. The Witch Saga update also adds a new Saga Quest, which can be found in Niflheim through an Undergate portal.


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Another notable inclusion of the Witch Saga update is the farming system, which allows players to farm ingredients of their choosing by digging holes with a shovel tool, planting essences, and waiting for the crop to grow. Essences can be earned from Personal Quests across Midgard.

For those interested in the official patch notes for the Tribes of Midgard: Witch Saga update, check out the official details below.

Tribes of Midgard: Witch Saga Update Patch Notes For Today, January 18th


New Biome: Niflheim

  • The fabled Norse Realm of the dead has been added as a whole new biome for you to explore!
  • Brave the depths of the coldest Realm yet! Face off against powerful Helthings and Draugr while gaining access to unique crafting Materials to forge powerful new recipes.
  • Take in the sights, enjoy the music, greet the squirrels, and raid the ancient stone mausoleums for loot! Just be careful not to overstay your welcome – it’s a long way from home.

New Ancient: Hel

  • Where there is Helheim, there is Hel. The notorious ruler of the dead has made her calculated appearance, and surely she’s up to no good.
  • Complete the Saga Quest to confront Hel and put an end to her schemes, but make sure you are prepared and well-equipped, for Hel fights unlike any Ancient you’ve faced so far – and don’t forget to crank up the music for the epic showdown like a proper Viking!

New Saga Quest: Witch

  • Hel has taken the fallen god Baldr prisoner for her dark plans, and it is up to the Einherjar to brave the depths of Niflheim itself to get him back!
  • Travel to Niflheim by finding an Undergate portal to reach the land of frost and shadow, but tread carefully, for Niflheim is our coldest and most dangerous Realm yet! Be wary not to venture into Niflheim before you are ready.

Farming System: Shovels And Essences

  • The Witch Saga debuts the ability for players to farm Ingredients of their choosing by digging holes with the new Shovel tool, planting Essences, then waiting for the crop to grow.
  • The new Shovel tool is accessed from your Build menu and allows you to dig holes just about anywhere!
  • Essences are a unique Material that can be looted across Midgard or earned from Personal Quests and act as seeds – magical seeds! Simply plant an Essence you’ve found in a hole you’ve dug, then watch as the timer counts down until your crop is ready to harvest.

Xbox And PC Cross-Network Play

  • The Witch Saga also debuts the ability for Tribes of Midgard players to connect together online between Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Live!
  • Players can search for players across other platforms from the Cross-Network Search tab of the Invite menu. You can also review recently met players, add Friends, and review pending Friend Requests.
  • Cross-network play is enabled by default but can be deactivated from the Settings menu if you only want to play with players on your current platform.
  • Players have an icon to represent their platform located next to their player name in the lobby and in-game player lists.


  • Learning from the Jötnar, defeated Ancients will now respawn after a while, coming back stronger each time.
  • Starter Kits are now no longer exclusive to Saga Mode. Mix and match to create unique play styles as you start up your new Survival World!
  • A new discoverable in-game challenge is available for all new Survival Worlds – the Saplings.
  • Players can find Saplings, nascent Seeds of Yggdrasil, as they explore Midgard.
  • Planted Essences around a Sapling will grow at an increased rate.
  • However, just like the Seed of Yggdrasil in the Village, the magic of these trees is sure to bring danger.
  • You can trigger an invasion event at a Sapling, in which hordes of enemies will attempt to destroy it. Build defenses and fight well! If the Sapling survives the enemy wave, you’ll earn rewards and you even be able to upgrade the Sapling itself.
  • Upgraded Saplings will increase the rate at which your Essences grow.
  • There is one Sapling per Biome, and each will come under attack by different types of enemies – find and defend them all!

Saga Mode

  • Dagný can now be upgraded with Souls like any other Villager. As she levels up her healing ability is improved, as well as her combat capabilities during a night defense.

Rune Sharing

  • We’ve added the ability to now drop Runes from the Inventory, allowing players to share them amongst each other and facilitate combining effects.
  • New Sub-Tabs were added to the War/Storage Chests to accommodate this.


New Meal Effects

All Meals, new and old, now have the chance to trigger a secondary effect upon consumption.

  • Sap Juice: Chance to drop 1 Healing Orb.
  • Fish Skewer: Chance to drop 1 Mana Orb.
  • Grilled Meat: Chance to drop 2 Healing Orbs.
  • Marine Salad: Chance to drop 1 Speed Orb.
  • Heatproof Seafood I/II: Chance to drop 1-2 Speed Orbs
  • Coldproof Seafood I/II: Chance to drop 1-2 Speed Orbs
  • Fish Platter: Chance to drop 2 Mana Orbs.

New Consumable Recipes

  • New Meal: Mana Sashimi (Epic)
    • Provides an aura of Mana generation around you for a time. Chance to summon Unsunken allies when consuming.
  • New Meal: Speed Medley (Epic)
    • Provides an aura of Speed boost around you for a time. Chance to trigger a Heal in a radius around you when consuming.
  • New Meal: Shell Stew (Legendary)
    • Grant increased Armor for a time. Chance to trigger an aura of ice shield around you when consuming.
  • New Meal: Vitality BBQ (Legendary)
    • Provides an aura of Health regeneration around you for a time. Chance to trigger a secondary field of healing around you when consuming.
  • New Meal: Power Broth (Legendary)
    • Provides an aura of bonus Damage around you for a time. Chance to trigger a trail of fire in your wake when consuming.

New Crafted Equipment Recipes

  • Feral Spear I / II / III (Common / Uncommon / Rare)
    • Spell 1 – Flurry: Rapid series of Spear thrusts at your target
    • Spell 2 – Whirlwind Dash: Dash forward, leaving a damaging field behind you
  • Niflheim Brand I / II (Rare / Epic)
    • Spell 1 – Whirlwind: Spin your Sword around you, dealing Cold damage
    • Spell 2 – Trail Strike: Summon a lane of frost, dealing initial damage as well as leaving a damaging field for a short time
  • Niflheim Shard I / II (Rare / Epic)
    • Spell 1 – Spin: Spin your Spear around you, dealing Cold damage in an area over time
    • Spell 2 – Shock Dash: Dash forward, then release a powerful wave of Cold damage in front of you
  • Niflheim Armor Set (Rare)
    • Armor Perk – Fallen Up: Deal extra damage to Fallen foes, like Unsunken, Unfrozen, and the new Draugr
    • Niflheim Guard (Shield)
    • Unlocks as a Season Reward
  • Hel Warscythe (Legendary)
    • Spell 1 – Death Orb: Fire a slow-moving Dark projectile that explodes on impact
    • Spell 2 – Shadow Dash: Dash forward, dealing damage and leeching health from enemies you hit. Also leaves a damaging trail in its wake.
    • Spell 3 – Crackling Doom: Fire three deadly projectiles that each leave a damaging trail in their wake.
  • Hel Armor Set (Legendary)
    • Armor Perk – Leech: A chance to regenerate a percentage of the damage done when you strike a foe.
    • Hel Splitguard (Shield)
    • Unlocks as a Challenge Reward


New Runes

  • Charging Time (Common)
  • Nordic Spa (Uncommon)
  • Walking Furnace (Uncommon)
  • Walking Fridge (Uncommon)
  • Top Týr (Rare)
  • Iðunn Care (Rare)
  • Helthing Slayer (Rare)
  • Shovel Warfare (Rare)
  • Riposte Finale (Epic)
  • Hel Rune (Legendary)

New Starter Kits

  • Extreme Conditions Starter Kit (Uncommon)
  • Mastery & Embrace Starter Kit (Rare)
  • Meal Maker Starter Kit (Epic)
  • Allfarmer Starter Kit (Epic)
  • Party Viking Starter Kit (Legendary)
  • Expedition Starter Kit has been updated to become the Ancient Expedition Starter Kit, now including Treasure Maps to the Bridge, a Beacon, an Outpost, and an Undergate.

New Ancient Variant: Vilespitter Jörmungandr

  • Dubbed the Vilespitter, this Jormie comes with a new look and new attacks that emphasize his notoriously potent poison.
  • It is a random chance as to which Jörmungandr you’ll face, so be prepared for anything.

Ancient Update: Bonebreaker Jörmungandr

  • With Vilespitter emphasizing Jörmungandr’s love of poison, we went back to the original Jörmungandr and made some adjustments to his moveset, especially by improving his Tail Slam, to lean into his status as a proper destroyer of worlds (and bones)!

New Creature: Draugr

  • These fallen warriors lost their chance to be Einherjar and instead serve Hel as her formidable army. Draugr wield lengthy spears and powerful Ice magic that can slow your advance (or escape), making them deadly in groups.

New Creature: Helthing Guardling

  • Niflheim is the home of the Helthings; where the most powerful of their kind reside. And none more so than the Guardling, an immensely tough brute who will use its massive arms to pummel any unfortunate Einherjar looking to make their way through Niflheim.

New Dungeon Type: Caves

  • These one-way Caves can be found across the Bright Forest and serve as dens for a myriad of Creatures.
  • Descend into the dangerous Caves and claim the treasures that surely lay within.

New Underpass Layouts

  • We’ve made a couple more layouts that are randomly generated when entering an Underpass on your way to the Desert
  • Each Underpass layout now has an Elite Creature, so tread carefully – you got this!

Survival – New Station: Quest Board

  • Quests Boards can now be built as a new Station from the Allforge in Survival Mode after defeating Járnsaxa, allowing players to select and complete Personal Quests for Artifacts and other rewards

Change Customization Options In-Game

  • We’ve added 4 unique Stations that allow players to edit their character customization options in game
  • These Stations can be built from the Decorations tab of the Allforge in Survival Mode, and are located in the Longhouse when in Saga Mode
  • Character Mirror: Modify your Character Customization options (Face, Hair, Body, etc.)
  • Accessory Hut: Modify your equipped Accessories (Pets and Loot Chests)
  • Weapon Collection: Modify your equipped Weapon Cosmetic options
  • Protection Mannequin: Modify your equipped Protection Cosmetic options

New Tool – The Sickle

  • Picking up resources by hand is tough work, but we’ve got just the thing! Now players can craft Sickles to help in harvesting ground Materials like Plants, Branches and Flint. Sickles behave just like Lumberaxes and Pickaxes – the higher rarity the Tool, the better the yield!
  • Sickles can be built alongside other Tools at the Tool Grinder in Survival Mode, or from the Tinker in Saga Mode

New Sorcerer Item – Mimir’s Water (Reset Blessings)

  • A new Legendary Potion made its way to the Sorcerers – with the magical ability to instantly refund all of your Blessing Points from that World!
  • Purchased for a small amount of Golden Horns at any Sorcerer

New Ingredients – Vegetables x5

  • Vegetables have been added, and they’re unique Materials in that they cannot be found naturally out in the wild – they must be grown.
  • Find their Essences and plant them in a hole dug with your new trusty Shovel to harvest them.
  • Vegetables can be used to craft new Recipes, including powerful Legendary Meals (see Content section below). New Vegetables:
    • Turnip
    • Radish
    • Onion
    • Cabbage
    • Pea

Facial Hair

  • We’ve implemented Facial Hair as its own Customization option separate from Hairstyles or Faces!
  • A new Facial Hair subtab is now available in the Characters Sub-Menu of the Customize tab.
  • Facial Hair can be applied regardless of Body Type, and its color is tied with the Hair Dye selection.

Survival – New Constructions

  • Poison Ballista: Players can also build a Poison Turret that will fire bolts in a straight line.
  • Flame Turret: Players can now build a Flame Turret that will spew flames at oncoming enemies.
  • Both of these are built from the Defense Workshop Station
  • Thatch/Wooden/Slate Invert Roof: Opposite of the Corner Roof constructions that are ideal for outside, these Invert Roof pieces are great for sealing interior corners.
  • Hymir’s Pot: New Legendary Construction earned for turning in the Hel Trophy at Eira. When full, you can activate it to receive a large boost to damage for 5 minutes.
  • Shield Mount: New decorative construction that allows you to mount a Shield on a Wall and customize which Shield you want to display
  • Blades of Hel: New decorative construction to showcase your epic victory over Hel. Earned by defeating Hel in Survival Mode.
  • Decorations are built from the Decorations tab in the Allforge

New Challenges:

  • New Rewards Track:
    • The Witch Saga comes with another Free Season Track of 49 levels to achieve and rewards to unlock, including new Recipes, Portraits, Equipment, Platinum Coins, Starter Kits and more!
  • New Survival Challenges
    • Hel’s Bane: Defeat Hel in Survival Mode
    • Ultimate Bane x8: Defeat each Jötunn and each Ancient in their final Level 10 form in Survival Mode to earn their Portraits. Collect them all!
  • New Saga Challenges
    • Ancient: Quadruple Kill: Defeat 4 Ancients in a single World in Saga Mode
    • Bonebreaker Part 1/2/3: Defeat Bonebreaker Jörmungandr in 14/10/8 Days in Saga Mode
    • Vilespitter Part 1/2/3: Defeat Vilespitter Jörmungandr in 14/10/8 Days in Saga Mode
    • Witch Saga Part 1/2/3: Defeat Hel 1/5/10 times in Saga Mode
      • See Cosmetics section below for a list of the earnable rewards.

New Cosmetic Sets:

  • Helkyrie Set: Armor x5 and Equipment x6
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
  • Draugr Set: Armor x5 and Equipment x6
    • Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop
  • Móðguðr Set: Armor x5 and Equipment x6
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop

New Pets:

  • Hella Stella – The only creature in the Nine Realms bold enough to simply walk into Helheim.
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
  • Garmr Pup – The fierce guard dog of Hel’s gates, or at least he was supposed to be…
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
  • Queen Hel – Behold your dark Queen in all of her glory!
    • Unlocked through Saga Challenges

Misc. Cosmetics

  • Niflheim Loot Chest
    • Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop
  • Hel Loot Chest
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
  • Draugr Portrait
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
  • Squirrel Portrait
    • Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop
  • Guardling Portrait
    • Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop
  • Móðguðr Portrait
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop

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