What are the very basic things which you need to know about the concept of rational numbers?


Rational numbers are considered to be a very common type of number that can be perfectly studied by people in the world of mathematics of the integers. All these kinds of numbers are perfectly written in the format of P/Q where both of them will be any integer other than zero. Most people find it very much confusing for them to differentiate between fractions and rational numbers because of the basic structure of both of these numbers. But people need to note down over here that fractions are made up of whole numbers and on the other hand rational numbers are made up of the integers because of their basic properties in the whole process. This particular process has been perfectly originated from the word ratio and rational numbers are perfectly very well related to any other kind of concept of ratio without any kind of issue.

By definition be rational number is a number that can be written in the format of P/Q then both of them will be integers and Q will not be equal to 0. This particular set of numbers can be perfectly expressed as a fraction where both numerator and operator are the integers and the number will be the rational number. The very basic example can be 1/2, 3/10, -7/100, -3/4 and several other kinds of related examples.

There are different types of rational numbers and people need to make sure that they never assume that fractions with integers are rational numbers. So, some of the basic categories are:

  • Rational numbers will include the integers like -2, 3, 4, 0 and so on
  • It will include the fractions whose numerator and dominators are the details for example -6/5, 2/7 and so on
  • It will include the terminating decimals like 0.35, 0.9768 and so on
  • It will also include the non-terminating decimal is with some repeating pattern for example 0.333, 0.151515 and so on

Hence, having a good command of the basic types of rational numbers is very much important and apart from this people also need to be clear about the basic characteristics so that identification of the rational numbers becomes easy. The rational number should be very much capable of following the different kinds of conditions and some of those are:

  • It should be representative that fraction as an integer will be there
  • It should include the decimal expansion of the number as terminating of the non-terminating repeating
  • All whole numbers of the rational numbers

Apart from all the above-mentioned points people also need to be clear about the comprehensive concept of rational numbers in decimal form so that there is no chance of any kind of mistake and everything has been perfectly implemented by kids without any kind of doubt. It is also vital to note down that zero is a rational number and it can be written as the fraction of integers for example 0/1, 0/3 and so on.

Some of the basic tips to learn these kinds of numbers have been explained as:

  • Rational numbers are not only fractions but any number that can be expressed in the form of friction
  • Natural numbers, integers, fractions, whole numbers and terminating decimals of the rational numbers
  • Non-terminating decimal is with a repeating pattern of the decimal are also known as rational numbers and several other kinds of related aspects.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, having a good command over the arithmetic operation on the rational number and number line is very important for kids to score well in mathematics exams. Hence, depending upon platforms like Cuemath is the best way of becoming successful in this particular area.


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