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Looking for Optic Glass in The Cycle: Frontier? The maps in Yager’s extraction shooter may be beautiful, but they’re also deadly – filled with hostile creatures and enemy prospectors looking to kill you and scavenge your gear. So it’s important to be as efficient as possible when it comes to collecting the loot you need, which means knowing where to go to find the items you’re after in the highest quantities.

If you’ve been struggling to lay your hands on Optic Glass in the amounts you need, never fear. Below we’ll walk you through the very best areas for scavenging Optic Glass across both Bright Sands and Crescent Falls in The Cycle: Frontier, along with an explanation of what you can use the Optic Glass for once you’ve brought it back to Prospect Station.

Where to find Optic Glass in The Cycle: Frontier

Optic Glass can be found all across both Bright Sands and Crescent Falls. They can be found primarily inside white Cabinets, but in certain areas you can also find them lying about as floor loot.

Here are the very best places to find Optic Glass on both maps:

  1. Pinnacle Labs (Crescent Falls)
  2. Waterfall Labs (Bright Sands)
  3. Vaccine Labs (Bright Sands)
  4. West of Nutrion Farms Processing (Crescent Falls)
  5. Rock Pools tower (Bright Sands)
  6. Crashed Ship (Bright Sands)

Here are all these locations marked on the maps:

Best Optic Glass farming locations on Bright Sands.

A map of Crescent Falls in The Cycle: Frontier, with the locations of some prime spots for gathering Optic Glass highlighted.
Best Optic Glass farming locations on Crescent Falls.

Cabinets give you the best chance of finding Optic Glass, and by far the most cabinets in one location is at Pinnacle Labs. However, this is also one of the most dangerous areas in The Cycle. If you want a couple of much more easily accessible early locations to get lots of Optic Glass, you should head to either Waterfall Labs or Vaccine Labs on Bright Sands instead, and search them thoroughly for both cabinets and loot sitting atop boxes or on shelves.

What is Optic Glass used for in The Cycle: Frontier?

At first you’ll likely just want to find Optic Glass so you can deliver them to factions to complete their quests, or to complete a particular Quarters upgrade. But later on, you should start hoarding some Optic Glass so you can start crafting more advanced optics for your weapons.

Here’s what you can craft at the Gear Printer using Optic Glass:

  • Holographic Sight (1,200 K-Marks, 2 Hardened Metals, 1 Optic Glass)
  • 4x Optic (4,300 K-Marks, 1 Print Resin, 2 Optic Glass)
  • 2-4x Variable Optic (8,000 K-Marks, 2 Print Resin, 3 Optic Glass)
  • 6x Optic (8,000 K-Marks, 2 Print Resin, 3 Optic Glass)
  • 8x Optic (8,000 K-Marks, 2 Print Resin, 3 Optic Glass)

Long-ranged scopes are very useful on Sniper Rifles and DMRs, and will allow you to land long-ranged shots more easily than with a simple 2x Optic or Red Dot Sight. Just be aware that the 6x and 8x Optics will have a sniper glint that is visible to enemies while you are aiming at them, and may give away your position while you are otherwise hidden.

If you’re struggling to stay alive long enough to get what you need, consider checking out our comprehensive beginner’s guide to The Cycle: Frontier, which is filled with useful tips and advice for those just starting out. If you’re figuring out which weapons to add your newly fashioned Optics to, you can also check out our guide to the best weapons in The Cycle: Frontier. And if you need to stash your Optic Glass for a mission, take a look at our list of The Cycle: Frontier dead drop locations.

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