Sea of Thieves Legend of the Veil guide – the newest voyage for Athena’s Fortune


Rare has just released patch for Sea of Thieves. Not only will this patch mark the start of the newest adventure The Shrouded Deep, but it also introduces the long awaited Legend of the Veil voyage for the Athena’s Fortune trading company!

Athena’s Fortune has long been the intended Sea of Thieves end game. But after receiving almost no updates since its inception, many players have become disillusioned with gathering the rare loot required for it.

The new Legend of the Veil adventure is an attempt to remedy the situation, giving Pirate Legends some exciting new content over the arduous voyage introduced years ago.

Check out our Sea of Thieves guide for the Legend of the Veil voyage, and also how to become a Pirate Legend!

Becoming a Pirate Legend

The new Legend of the Veil voyage can be bought with all other Athena’s Fortune voyages, from the Pirate Lord himself in the Athena’s Fortune hideout, a sanctuary for Pirate Legends.

This hideout is only accessible by players who have reached rank 50 with three of the game’s trading companies (Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance, Reaper’s Bones, and Hunter’s Call). Once this has been achieved, players will learn a magical shanty from the Mysterious Stranger in any outpost tavern. When played at the ship’s wheel in any tavern, the shanty will open the secret path to Athena’s Fortune.

Sea of Thieves

Legend of the Veil

Players will be paid a visit by Ramsey Singh, the enigmatic Pirate Lord, once they begin their adventure. The goal is to collect three “Veil Stones” and reunite them with the Veil of the Ancients, a powerful relic of the past. These Veil Stones require pirates to complete three different challenges. The first two are random and can be:

  • Steal treasure from advanced treasure maps provided by cartographer Sudds
  • A task from Belle, the ghostly pirate which requires fighting skeletons and lighting beacons
  • Navigating a “Shipwreck Graveyard”, a cluster of sunken ships with lots of hiding places for loot and clues

After completing two of these three tasks, players will then face off against Flameheart and his undead armada. Three forts will rise from the depths with a swirling storm in the middle. Players will have to avoid cannonfire from other ships and destroy the forts with their own cannons. Be warned that these forts and storm are highly visible and may draw the attention of other players!

Note: The enemy ships will respawn endlessly. It’s not worth fighting these other crews unless you can’t get any shots on the forts.

Once all three forts are destroyed, the tornado in the center of the storm will vanish, exposing a fourth and final fort players must destroy. This fort is bigger than the other three and drops the best loot: a Chest of Legends and the third and final Veil Stone!

Sea of Thieves

With the Veil of Ancients completed, players can return to an outpost with their new loot.

Players have reported that finding all the little Athena’s Fortune treasures along the way throughout the steps of the voyage will carry players to Athena’s Fortune emissary grade 5 if a flag is raised at the start of the voyage.

Sea of Thieves has had a busy season, introducing their new Adventures and also their new Sea Fort encounters. Thanks to the addition of these new rewards alongside many quality of life improvements, it seems Rare is really stepping up the quality of the Sea of Thieves experience four years after its launch in 2018.

New to the Sea of Thieves world? Learn the ropes and riggings, find your sea legs, and set sail on your maiden voyage with our Sea of Thieves guides!

  •  Sea Fort Guide – how to tackle the new “on-demand” encounters of Season 6!

This season is only a taste of things to come, with more rewards and major content updates sure to follow that will appeal to both experienced players and new pirates! Rare’s roadmap for this year has promised new ways to play Sea of Thieves alongside “Mystery” adventures which could affect the future lore.

Sea of Thieves is available for Windows PC (via the Microsoft Store and Steam), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. If you missed it, you can find our review here (we can’t recommend it enough!!)


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