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In Red Dead Redemption 2’s Paradise Mercifully Departed mission, the player takes on the role of Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde gang, as they work to destroy gun batteries on the coast of Guarma and rescue a ship captain in order to escape the island and return to the United States.

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This mission is an integral part of the game’s main story and is the 64th mission in chronological order. This guide will provide detailed instructions and tips on how to complete all objectives and earn all Gold Medals for this mission.


Preparing For This Mission

Before starting the mission, it is important to be well-equipped for the challenges ahead. Make sure to bring a good supply of ammunition and health items, as you will need them during the mission. It is also recommended to have a high accuracy weapon, such as a rifle or a revolver, as you will need to take out many enemies from a distance.

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How To Depart… Mercifully

mercifully departed red dead redemption 2

To Complete this mission successfully, you’ll have to execute the following objectives:

  • Meet up with Hercule Fontaine
  • Destroy the gun emplacements on the coast
  • Rescue the ship captain
  • Defend the ship from waves of enemies

Meet Up with Hercule Fontaine

When the mission begins, you will meet up with Hercule Fontaine, who will help you destroy the gun emplacements and rescue the ship captain. Follow him and the gang as they make their way to the first set of gun emplacements.

Destroy the Gun Emplacements

Once you reach the gun emplacements, take out the enemies defending them. You can use cover to protect yourself from enemy fire and take shots at them when they are exposed. Make sure to aim for the head to take out enemies quickly and efficiently.

Rescue the Ship Captain

After the gun emplacements are destroyed, you will have to rescue the ship captain, who is being held captive in a blue building to the east. Follow the gang to the building and take out the enemies inside. Once you reach the ship captain, speak to him, and then follow the gang as they make their way back to the ship.

Defend the Ship

You will have to defend the ship from waves of enemies as they try to board it. Use cover to protect yourself and take out the enemies as they approach. When all the enemies have been defeated, the mission will be complete. You will be able to leave the island and continue with the story.

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Gold Medal Objectives

mercifully departed red dead redemption two dialog

In order to achieve a gold medal in the Paradise Mercifully Departed mission, you will need to complete four separate objectives, which are outlined below. In order to successfully complete the “Paradise Mercifully Departed” mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 and earn a gold medal, it is crucial to approach the mission with careful planning and execution.

Ensure you are well-equipped with ammunition and health items, use cover wisely, and land plenty of headshots to take out enemies efficiently. Additionally, maintain a high level of accuracy and move quickly through the mission will allow you to achieve the other gold medal objectives and finish the mission in under 15 minutes.

To earn your Gold Medal in the mission, you’ll need to complete the below four objectives:

Complete The Mission Without Taking Any Health Items

To complete the mission without taking any health items, make sure to use cover effectively and aim for headshots to take out enemies quickly. You should also try to conserve your ammunition and only shoot at enemies when you are sure you can hit them.

Kill 25 Enemies With Headshots

To kill 25 enemies with headshots, aim for the head when shooting at enemies. This will often take them out in one shot, saving you ammunition and time.

Finish With At Least 70% Accuracy

To finish the mission with at least 70% accuracy, make sure to aim carefully and only shoot at enemies when you are sure you can hit them. You should also try to use a weapon with a high accuracy rating, such as a rifle or a revolver.

Finish The Mission In Under 15 Minutes

To finish the mission in under 15 minutes, you will need to move quickly and efficiently throughout the mission. Try to take out enemies as quickly as possible and avoid getting caught up in prolonged firefights.

By following these tips and strategies, you can confidently tackle the Paradise Mercifully Departed mission and emerge victorious with a gold medal.

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