Overwatch 2 beta Twitch drops times, streamer list, sign up access and end date explained


The Overwatch 2 beta will be playable in the weeks ahead for those on PC.

A multiplayer trial of the long-awaited sequel is now available to select participants who have signed up – with more invites going out to those who watch select streamers on Twitch today (April 27th).

This page explains the Overwatch 2 beta Twitch drops time in the UK and other regions, the Twitch streamer list you need to keep an eye on, and how to get Overwatch 2 beta sign up access beyond that.

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New Overwatch 2 hero Sojourn’s origin story.

Overwatch 2 beta Twitch drops times in UK / BST, CEST, PDT and PDT

There are two ways of accessing the Overwatch 2 beta, and the most pressing is via Twitch drops, which are happening today (April 27th).

To participate, once you have connected your Blizzard account to Twitch and have access to Overwatch (there is a free trial currently available, so be sure to redeem), you must watch Overwatch 2 streams on Twitch for a total of four hours during the eight hour window.

The Overwatch 2 beta Twitch drops times are as follows:

  • UK: 6pm to 2am (BST)
  • Europe: 7pm to 3am (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 1pm to 9pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 10am to 6pm (PDT)

For those in Europe, this means you’ll have to watch during the evening, whereas those in North America can watch during afternoon hours.

To clarify, you only need to watch four hours in total – so no need to wait up until 2am for those in the UK if you start early enough!

Overwatch 2 Twitch streamer list

Once you have linked your Blizzard and Twitch accounts, and have access to the first Overwatch (there is a free trial you can redeem) tune into one of the following streamers during the above times.

Though Blizzard has said “your watch time will accrue no matter what stream you are watching” from the available list, meaning it’s possible you can mix and match streams as long as you observe four hours in total, it might be best to stick to a single Twitch channel to be safe.

The list is as follows:

  • 6tan
  • A_Seagull
  • AAlBaqoni
  • AceofSpades
  • Ade
  • adepththebest
  • AlexiaRay
  • Alpha
  • Anaee
  • angelxoxo
  • Angrodtralari
  • AnneMunition
  • Aomdi
  • Arcang3lon
  • Arrge
  • Aryll
  • Asmongold
  • Aspen
  • August
  • Avast
  • AVRL
  • Bazzagazza
  • BeaPlays
  • Beaver
  • Beyaca
  • Bighead
  • Blizzholics
  • Blue
  • Briggsycakes
  • BroYouWack
  • Bruninho S07
  • Bus
  • CDNThe3rd
  • Ch1ckenkun
  • ChangSik
  • Cheomyeom
  • chipsa
  • ChristalRaine
  • Crayator
  • crendor
  • Crescent
  • cuppcaake
  • Custa
  • Daniel Fenner
  • Datto
  • Dexbonus
  • dianamonsters
  • Dohyeon
  • DominoJack
  • Deku
  • Dragoneddy
  • Dullachann
  • Dyrus
  • eajpark
  • echoflex
  • EeveeA
  • Electra
  • Ellohime
  • Emiliath
  • Emongg
  • Enyung
  • Eskay
  • Eviltoaster
  • Fareeha
  • FDGod_OW
  • Fefe
  • Fextralife
  • FindingKyKy
  • Fitzyhere
  • Flats
  • FroggerOW
  • Fuki
  • Gale Adelade
  • Gavi
  • Geguri
  • GetQuakedOn
  • Guru
  • Hal
  • Halo
  • Hammerkick
  • HighscoreHeroes
  • hoshimi
  • Hoshizora
  • iddqd
  • imaqtpie
  • itmeJP
  • Ivajpro
  • Izeef
  • Izgerte
  • Jake
  • Jaws
  • Jay3
  • JesseSMFI
  • Jinsei
  • Jotum
  • Joystick
  • kabaji
  • KarQ
  • Kephrii
  • Kimjaewon
  • Kimtongsoo
  • Kragiee
  • KristenRae
  • Kruzadar
  • Kssarplayz
  • Lassiz
  • Last Chance
  • Leetaejun
  • Leia
  • LemonKiwi
  • leveluplifting
  • Lice
  • linkzr
  • Lirik
  • LuLuLuvely
  • macro
  • manda_amsbt
  • Mangojai
  • Mars
  • mendo
  • Merciful
  • Metro
  • Mirage
  • MisSkywalker
  • ml7
  • moonmoon
  • Mr Yee
  • Namunlbo
  • Narullsbackyard
  • Neves
  • Niandra
  • nielnieh
  • Nitrao_
  • Noserino
  • Oasis
  • One_shot_gurl
  • Oputo
  • Overpowered
  • ovileemay
  • OWGrandma
  • Pandaren
  • Phyerx
  • PlayOverwatch
  • Pokelawls
  • Pokimane
  • Potxeca
  • Punkdll
  • QueenE
  • Restya
  • Rrmy
  • RubenSargasm
  • Runner
  • Ryujehong
  • Saebyeolbe
  • SaltyPhish
  • Samito
  • Sesuko
  • Shiphtur
  • Siomer
  • Sisime
  • Skiesti
  • Sleepy
  • Solmyr
  • Somjuu
  • Somnus
  • Sooshi
  • Star System
  • Strippin
  • Stylosa
  • Summerpie
  • Sunshinebread
  • supertf
  • surefour
  • SVB
  • SypherPK
  • ta1yo
  • TallNQuirky
  • Tekkudesu
  • Teko
  • Tex
  • TheDarkness
  • Themarinekr
  • thexboxlucio
  • Toniki
  • TQQ
  • Tyr0din
  • Vale
  • Violet
  • W_NTED
  • Warn
  • Woogying
  • Xargon
  • Xenofly
  • XQC
  • XQQ
  • YBT
  • Yeatle
  • YourOverwatch
  • Yuuie
  • Yznsa
  • Zardoide
  • ZRush

If you are unsuccessful, then Blizzard says it is “planning additional tests” beyond this first beta – so don’t think this is your only shot.

In the meantime, you should sign up directly if you haven’t already…

Overwatch 2 beta sign up access explained

Beyond the time-limited Twitch drop scheme, you can also gain access through direct sign ups.

You can do this on the official website, where halfway down, you can ‘opt-in for the beta’ – which requires you to log into your Blizzard account.

Unlike the Twitch drop scheme, who gets chosen from here is a little less clear. Factors include your Battle.net region, when you signed up, and your hardware specifications. Of course, you won’t have control over some of these – so it’s a case of then waiting for Blizzard to decide it’s your turn.

Regardless, sign ups are only available to those on PC (for the first closed beta, at least) and you will need to own a copy of the first game to participate – however, there is a free trial period running through the beta period which can help with this.

Overwatch 2 beta dates

The first Overwatch 2 beta will run between April 26th to May 17th. Blizzard has added dates may change “based on testing needs”, meaning it could be cut short – or even extended, depending on how things go.

Either way, Blizzard says it is “planning additional tests” beyond this first beta – and that it does plan to include console players in future.

What’s featured in the Overwatch 2 beta?

The PC only, PvP-focused beta will feature the following:

  • Competitive escort mode Push
  • Four new maps – Circuit Royal, Midtown, New Queen Screen and Colosseo
  • Five heroes – Sojourn (new to Overwatch) and reworks of Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion, Sombra
  • New Ping system and revamped user interface

In our Overwatch 2 preview earlier this year, our hands-on revealed a game that felt “refreshing if not remarkably new” – though between the reduced team sizes and reworked heroes, the differences can feel “transformational”.

Finally, know that any progress you make during the Overwatch 2 beta will not carry forward to the full game.


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