How to Defeat Sierra (August 2022)


Pokemon Go Team Rocket members are back once again and players need to have a good lineup of Pokemon in order to take down Sierra and her teammates.

When it comes to defeating Sierra, you need quite a versatile team. The good thing is that some Pokemon are strong against multiple of Sierra’s Pokemon, so if you have them in your team you can defeat Sierra with utmost ease. Here are the counters and weaknesses for Sierra for August 2022.

Squirtle Counters & Weakness

  • Weakness: Electric and Grass
  • Zarude: Vine Whip, Power Whip
  • Roserade: Razor Leaf, Grass Knot
  • Thundurus: Volt Switch, Thunder
  • Melmetal: Thunder Shock, Thunder Bolt
  • Zekrom: Charge Beam, Wild Charge

Blaziken Counters & Weakness

  • Weakness: Psychic, Flying, Water, and Ground
  • Togekiss: Charm, Ancient Power, Flamethrower
  • Lugia: Dragon Tail, Sky Attack, Aeroblast
  • Giratina: Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw, Dragon Sneak
  • Kyogre: Waterfall, Surf, Thunder
  • Hoopa: Confusion, Shadow Ball, Psychic
  • Tapu Lele: Confusion, Psyshock, Moonblast

Lapras Counters & Weakness

  • Weakness: Water and Ice
  • Palkia: Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail, Draco Meter
  • Magnezone: Spark, Wild Charge, Mirror Shot
  • Machamp: Counter, Cross Chop, Rock Slide
  • Melmetal: Thundershock, Superpower, Rock Slide
  • Kyogre: Waterfall, Surf, Thunder
  • Metagross: Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash

Blastoise Counters & Weakness

  • Weakness: Electric and Grass
  • Electivire: Thunder Shock, Wild Charge
  • Raikou: Thunder Shock, Wild Charge/Thunderbolt
  • Magnezone: Spark, Wild Charge
  • Tangrowth: Vine Whip, Power Whip
  • Breloom: Bullet Seed, Grass Knot

Houndoom Counters & Weakness

  • Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water.
  • Tyranitar: Smack Down, Crunch, Stone Edge.
  • Terrakion: Smack Down, Sacred Sword, Rock Slide.
  • Machamp: Counter, Cross Chop, Rock Slide
  • Conkeldurr: Counter, Dynamic Punch, Stone Edge.
  • Rhyperior: Smack Down, Surf, Rock Wrecker
  • Kyogre: Waterfall, Surf, Thunder

Nidoqueen Counters & Weakness

  • Weakness: Ground, Ice, Psychic, and Water.
  • Rhyperior: Smack Down, Surf, Rock Wrecker
  • Jirachi: Confusion, Psychic, Doom Desire
  • Hoopa: Confusion, Shadow Ball, Psychic
  • Empoleon: Waterfall, Hydro Cannon, Flash Cannon
  • Exacadrill: Mud-Slap, Earthquake, Rock Slide
  • Kyogre: Waterfall, Surf, Thunder

Drapion Counters & Weakness

  • Weakness: Ground
  • Garchomp: Mud Shot, Sand Tomb
  • Excadrill: Mud Shot, Drill Run
  • Golurk: Mud Shot, Earth Power
  • Landorus: Mud Shot, Bulldoze
  • Mamoswine: Mud Slap, Bulldoze


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