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Steam is one of the best gaming platforms on the market for many years now. Steam’s games collection is one of the biggest out there, and this diversity is sure to make even the pickiest gamer happy.

If you’re genuinely a gamer, you know what you’re getting when investing your money in Steam and its content. The Steam Wallet gift card from Games Boss Fights will load your account with credits, which you can use in a couple of different ways on this platform.

What makes your Steam Wallet credits valuable? How can you use them after getting them from a Games Boss Fights gift card?

When activating your gift card, you can choose how you’ll spend your credits in different ways allowed by the Steam platform.

We did some research to answer your questions, and here’s what we’ve found out.

Buy New Games

The most common thing users do with their Steam Wallet credits is, of course, buying new game titles.

Steam offers all the best titles in the industry at great prices. You can catch them on sale in some cases, but this is for a limited time only, so keep an eye out for bargain offers.

Besides the most expensive and most popular games, you can find Indie games made by small game developers for only a few dollars per title.

You can use your Steam Wallet credits that you’ve got from the gift card by Games Boss Fights for purchasing these games and adding them to your collection.

On the other hand, if you know someone that uses the Steam platform a lot, you can buy this gift card on the Games Boss Fights and surprise them in the best way possible.

By sending them this gift card, you’ll give them a choice of which game they want to add to their Steam Library.

Premium Access

Besides buying the games with these credits, you can also use them for upgrading them to Premium versions.

Some games, even the free ones, will not let you use all of the content without upgrading to a premium account. By doing so, you will unlock extra content available only for premium users and get a bit extra from the game that you enjoy playing.

Using the credits from the Games Boss Fights’ gift card to upgrade to a premium account in your favorite game will bring you much more joy and excitement but also support the developers of an otherwise free game.

Some prefer using their credit card, but we’re not all blessed to have one. Therefore, a gift card is essential for these people.

Buying Skins and in-Game Items

Some games depend on microtransactions to make a profit on small transactions for cosmetics and such.

They offer players the option to buy skins for their characters or weapons and even allow them to purchase in-game items reserved only for players that are willing to spend real cash.

There’s a vast number of games practicing this business model, and the players love it.

You can make your game much more exciting by customizing how it looks and upgrading your in-game inventory with competitive items that will give you an edge over the competition.

With your Steam Wallet loaded, you can unlock many of the hidden features that deepen your gaming experience.

Some might not like the pay-to-win scenario, but in most cases, it’s all about the cosmetics of the game.

Surprise Your Kids

One of the best things you can do for your kids is buying a Steam Wallet gift card on Games Boss Fights for their birthdays or Christmas.

Believe us when we say that there’s no greater joy than giving away a gift card that will allow them to use it on their favorite gaming platform.

By filling Steam Wallet with credit, you leave the choice of choosing a game to them. They can either decide to buy a new title, purchase in-game items for a game they already own, or upgrade to a premium account.


The Games Boss Fights gift card is a great option if you are trying to impress a gamer. Hell, you can even surprise yourself sometimes.

Among many different gift cards on their site, this one will excite most gamers when receiving it and is by far the most flexible option at your disposal, so it is an easy choice. There are just so many options on Steam that it can be overwhelming sometimes.

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