God Of War Ragnarok: Odin’s Ravens Midgard Locations


Hunting down Odin’s Ravens in God of War Ragnarok can be a bit of a challenge. Follow this guide to find every raven hidden in Midgard.

In God of War: Ragnarok, there is a total of 48 of Odin’s Ravens scattered throughout the 9 explorable Realms. Finding and obtaining all of Odin’s Ravens is part of a larger side quest called “The Eyes of Odin.” Odin’s Ravens are green, chirping Ravens that can be found in discrete places. If players neglect to find a certain number of the Ravens in the game, they will not be able to open six specific chests in Niflheim, each holding special items.


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Unlike most other quests in God of War: Ragnarok that require players to obtain items, there is not an ultimate reward at the end, but rather unlockable tier rewards depending on how many Ravens players have acquired. When players have destroyed all 48 of Odin’s Ravens, there will be an additional step in the quest: defeat the Raven Keeper. Whenever players spot one of Odin’s Ravens, they’ll need to throw the Leviathan Axe toward it, so they can destroy them. This guide will be delving into the locations of Odin’s Ravens specifically found in Midgard.

Odin’s Ravens In Midgard

Odin's Ravens Midgard God of War Ragnarok

There are a total of six Odin’s Ravens scattered throughout Midgard — below is a list of where to find them all.

Odin’s Ravens Location
Lake of Nine Raven 1 Starting at the King’s Grace location, head to Tyr’s Temple and then back to the Raider Hideout — do not go inside the Raider Hideout. Park the sled close to the stone doors. Get off the sled and turn to the right — this Raven will be sitting on the door’s hinge.
Lake of Nine Raven 2 Traverse around Tyr’s Temple and get to its southern side — ride the sled as if the goal is to get to the frozen lightning bolt. Eventually, you will find a small alcove within the ice — get inside, approaching the Temple, and one of the Ravens will be here.
The Oarsmen Raven Start heading to The Oarsmen area of Midgard — this can easily be done by taking a right where the broken area of Tyr’s statue is in the Shores of Nine locations. Keep progressing straight — defeat the centaur, and then have Kratos pull the gigantic chain that is on the other side. Doing so will simultaneously open a stairway. Venture to the ship and take a look at the Oarsmen Statue to the right — this Raven will be on part of the stone, right on the statue’s knee.
The Derelict Outpost Raven 1 Head to the west side of Tyr’s Temple — toward the end of the trail, there will be The Derelict Outpost. Park close to it, leap over the long ledge and continue forward. However, don’t tread further than the Mystic Gateway. Turn to the left after hopping the stone ledge and spot the ship that is partially buried in the snow. Try to maneuver under the ship — there will be a hole. This Raven will be on a wood piece looking down at Kratos.
The Derelict Outpost Raven 2 Following the previous steps, move further into the larger area of The Derelict Outpost by climbing the chain hanging on the rocky arch. Use the wood cranes by throwing the Leviathan Axe on the gold circles to make it move closer to Kratos and grapple across to the main area. Take a right and keep going straight — there will be a grapple point that is too low for Kratos to use. Take a look at the upper wood pole this grapple is connected to — on the top, this Raven will be perched there.
Well of Urd Raven Head to the Well of Urd and start climbing up, sliding through the opening in the wall. Traverse onward and climb the wall behind after getting through the opening. As Kratos approaches the top, there will be marks on the wall that suggest that Kratos can slide left rather than jump. Go ahead and slide to the left side and into the lip. Straight ahead there will be a flowing red flag — look at the mountain behind the flag, and the last Raven will be sitting on that mountain above Kratos.

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