Fire Emblem Engage: How To Change Classes


Wondering how you can change your class in Fire Emblem Engage? Well, here’s our guide to help you in the process.

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Every unit in Fire Emblem Engage has a class that gives them access to specific weapons, skills, and in some cases, mounts. Level 20 is the max level for most base classes, so class changing is very important. Becoming a new class allows units to continue gaining stat boosts and obtain new skills.

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There are two types of classes; base and advanced. Most units start off with a base class, but a few join the party as an advanced class. Advanced classes have access to a stronger weapon, and typically have the ability to use more weapon types than base classes do.


Buying Seals And What They Do

Fire Emblem Engage buying a Master Seal from the item shop

Master Seals and Second Seals are items that allow a unit to change classes. Both kinds of seals can be bought from the standard item shop for 2,500 gold. They disappear after a single use, so it’s wise to purchase many. The item shop will have a limited supply in the early game but will restock these valuable items every few chapters.

There will be an infinite supply in the shop after completing chapter 18. Master Seals allow a base class unit to transform into its advanced class counterpart, while Second Seals allow an advanced unit to transform into many other kinds of classes that the specific character is proficient in.

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Fire Emblem Engage Clanne Class Change

The menu for changing classes is only available while in the over-world, in Somniel, and when preparing for battles. To reach it, simply navigate to the inventory section and then click on a character. Change Class is an option at the bottom of the list that pops up.

If the class name on the right side is white instead of gray, then the selected unit can swap into that class. Base units can only upgrade to an advanced class after reaching level 10. Advanced units can swap to any other class they’re proficient in at any level, assuming the player owns a Second Seal. You can see what proficiencies a character has in the bottom left corner.

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The Best Time To Change Classes

Fire Emblem Engage Rosado Class Change

For maximum stat gain, it is best to wait until a base unit reaches its max level before enhancing them, but it’s not detrimental to upgrade them immediately. You can tell when the max level has been reached by the level number turning green. An advanced unit can change to any other class that a character has access to at any time, but typically a character’s best class is the advanced class they have access to first.

After an advanced class reaches its maximum level, it is possible to reset it back to level 1. This carries over all stats, so it’s not harmful in any way. In fact, it’s very beneficial. The unit can continue to level up in the same class over and over as long as the player keeps stocking up on Second Seals.

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