How To Find Nodes & Use Benches


If you want to upgrade your suit or weapon in Dead Space Remake, you’ll need to find nodes and use them at benches. Here’s how!

Dead Space Remake has stomped its way onto store shelves everywhere. Gamers around the globe can now play this horror classic in collective terror. The necromorphs are back and they’re scarier than ever before. The remake’s visuals are impressive to say the least, and the sound design will likely send chills down your spine. Whether you’re a fan of the original game or you’re coming to the franchise for the first time, there’s a lot to love about Dead Space Remake.


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As you explore the Ishimura, you’re going to want to upgrade your suit and your tools. Without upgrades, you’ll be up against some impossible odds. To purchase upgrades, you’re going to need nodes you can collect and a bench where you can use them. If you’re here looking for some tips, then you’ve come to the right place!

Finding Nodes

Dead Space Remake Node 2

You’ll often find nodes in cabinets on walls, but sometimes you’ll also find one out in the open. Definitely keep an eye out for them as you’re scouring your surroundings for supplies. They’re not very common, so don’t expect them to fall off of a body or be inside of a busted box.

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Buying Nodes

Dead Space Remake Node 1

You can also buy nodes for 10,000 credits at the store. It’s a hefty sum, but these are the key to upgrading your items. If you have the credits, treat yourself to a node from time to time. While these are valuable, it would be very unwise to sell them to the store for credits.

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Finding Benches

Dead Space Remake Bench 1

You’ll often find benches in relatively safe areas. These are often near save points or stores. You can also spot the icon for a bench on your map. So, if you happen to walk by one without noticing it, you might spot it when you open up your map.

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Upgrading At Benches

Dead Space Remake Bench 3

When you open up the bench, you’ll need to select which item you would like to upgrade. In the beginning, you’ll be choosing between your suit and your plasma cutter. If you’re looking for some advice, maybe opt for the suit. You’ll get more weapons throughout your time on the Ishimura, and you might regret upgrading your tool instead of your suit. You’ll always be wearing your suit, but weapons might change based on preferences.

When you want to upgrade, you’ll notice that each upgrade is a little dot. Each dot comes with the cost of one node. These upgrades work like branches, meaning the upgrades must connect to one another. In order to take an upgrade in the middle of the screen, you’ll need to work your way over there by unlocking connected upgrades.

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