Changing Talents in WoW TBC


Changing your talents in WoW TBC will mix things up, but it does come at a cost.

A lot of things have stayed the same over the course of the life cycle of World of Warcraft. Whilst the premise of collecting WoW TBC gold and taking on dungeons and raids is still present, there has been changes to certain aspects to it. One such change has been through the talent system. If you have been looking to change the talents that you have, then there is a way for you to do it when playing The Burning Crusade.

Changing Talents

How you change talents doesn’t depend necessarily on the TBC items you find, but on the amount of TBC gold that you have. If you have considered finding a way to buy WoW TBC gold then this might come in handy if you are going to be changing talents often.

Another factor to consider is who you have allied yourself with, and what kind of character you are. For example, if you are a Paladin who has sided with the Horde, then you can head back to the likes of Orggrimmar, the Undercity, or Silvermoon City. When you do visit there, speak with a guard who will be able to mark on your map where you need to go.

Meanwhile, those on the Alliance side as Shamans can go to Stormwind, Ironforge or Exodar to start retraining your talents. The main point is that players are going to have to go back to a city in order to start training up their desired skills going from level 60 onto level 70.

The Cost

TBC gold is going to play a part when it comes to changing your talents. There is a monetary aspect attached to many different parts of WoW TBC, which is why the currency is so important. This is no different for your talents if you want to start learning something new.

The gold cost in this instance will only be a lowly cost thankfully. At least, when you start off changing them at least. When you are first changing your talents, you will be able to do so for as little as 1G. With that being said, if it’s something that you are going to be doing regularly, then it is going to start to cost you. The price will be raised to 5G, and will then be hiked up by 5G for every other time that you want to change your talents. Therefore, it would be worth your while to make sure that you have enough gold.

WoW TBC Gold Tips

Sure, there are ways for you to just buy WoW TBC gold instead. You could even buy WoW TBC accounts if they have the necessary talents or gold stash that you are looking for. However, if you wish to take more traditional methods of finding currency, then there are ways for you to do it.

Keeping a close eye on prices at the auction house is a great way to make gold. Not only will it house key TBC items that can help you through the likes of TBC power levelling, but it can also be a very efficient way for you to make some gold. This would be done by flipping items, which is a practice where you would purchase items at lower prices, before selling them on to make a profit.

Looting is also important for making gold. It’s understandable that given the sheer amount of looting that is there for you to do in WoW TBC, you would dismiss a lot of it and potentially end up missing out on a decent amount of coin. You can avoid this by simply looting as much as you possibly can, as there is still gold to be made from selling lowly TBC items. You never know, they may end up being in demand later down the line. Even if it’s an item that means nothing for you, it can soon become popular amongst other players.

Changing talents is a good method of really mixing up the gameplay in WoW TBC. Whether you are grinding through the TBC power leveling process, traversing dungeons, or anything in between, having a change of talents now and again can really go a long way to altering your experience. Be aware however that the price is going to slowly rise the more you do it, so change them when you can afford to and when you’re really looking for a new challenge.

Have you changed your talents in WoW TBC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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