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While I have yet to try all of the different weapons there are in Hades 2, the Witch Staff is still my go-to choice. It combines strength and range, and it looks incredibly cool. So, why don’t we make it way stronger? Let’s take a look at all The Witch’s Staff upgrades in Hades 2 and how to get them.

All Witch Staff upgrades and how to get them in Hades 2 

While you can summon the power of the gods to gain boons to modify your powers and abilities during a Night – which is a run in Hades 2 – weapon upgrades are their own separate thing, although they are obtained similarly to the other boons. To get these upgrades for all your weapons – including The Witch Staff – you must find Daedalus Hammers.

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These are encounter rewards you can find during each Night or even items you can purchase from Charon that will greatly improve your weapon’s effect, allowing you to defeat minor enemies and bosses with ease. Here are all Witch Staff’s upgrades in Hades 2:

Upgrade Description
Double Wallop Your Attack hits 2 times.
Extending Wallop Your Attack has more range and deals +50% damage to distant foes.
Melting Swipe Your Dash-Strike hits a larger area and destroys 60% of any Armor.
Double Moonshot Your Special fires 2 projectiles that seek foes.
Shimmering Moonshot Your Special bounces toward up to 2 more foes, dealing +10% damage for each hit.
Cross Cataclysm Your Omega Attack deals +40% damage and also strikes sideways.
Marauder Wallop Hold Attack to strike 50% faster, but cannot use your Omega Attack.
Rapid Moonfire Your Specials are 20% faster and have +5 Power.
Vampiric Cataclysm After you slay a foe with your Omega Mark, restore 5 health.
Giga Moonborst You can Channel +40 Magick into your Omega Special to deal +300% damage in a larger area.
Aetheric Moonburst Your Omega Special gains a Power Shot that deals +20% damage and restores 5 Magick.
Double Cataclysm Your Omega Attack hits 2 times, but no longer strikes behind you.

How to complete The Witch’s Staff quest in Hades 2

Hades 2 The Witchs Staff Quest
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The Witch’s Staff quest will require you to get every single Witch’s Staff upgrade available. You won’t have to do so in a single run, so don’t worry if you aren’t finding any Daedalus Hammers throughout your Night. This, ultimately and unfortunately, will rely entirely on RNG given the fact that both Daedalus Hammers spawning and its three upgrade choices are randomized.

So, if you wish to complete the quest and gain 250 Bones, then I suggest that you pick any Daedalus Hammer door you come across as well as save coins to purchase it – hopefully – from Charon. Personally, out of all the upgrades above, I would choose Extending Wallop since it allows you to craft a very powerful build to conquer all encounters in Hades 2.

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