5 Reasons to Use Digital, Interactive Games in Your Business


 Digital, interactive games are more than just fun – they’re a powerful tool. Many businesses incorporate digital games into their marketing strategies and use them to increase employee satisfaction.

If you haven’t explored using digital games in your business, here are five reasons to test it out.

1. Adding game elements to digital signage will increase your ROI

 Digital signage is a great avenue for using interactive games to engage your target market. Digital signage already gets a high percentage of engagement, and games make interaction even more compelling. Companies that use gamification see more than 250% growth beyond companies that don’t use this technique.

Consumers love engaging with brands when rewards are involved. Interactive games create that reward. Your games don’t have to be simple time wasters, like Centipede or Tetris. You can use digital signage to support a larger game that requires collecting game pieces to redeem for prizes.

If you’ve never created a game for your business, there’s an informative post from Visix that discusses how you can incorporate gamification into your interactive communications. One of the biggest takeaways from this post is the importance of creating a clear goal, incentives to play, and a way for people to measure their progress.

2. Gamification can decrease employee turnover

Games give employees something to look forward to, especially when the reward is worthwhile. Games also make employees feel good, which positively impacts performance.

So, how, exactly, do digital games in the office decrease employee turnover? The truth is, people feel better when they’re engaged in something. This applies to customers and employees equally. When your employees feel good and enjoy their work, they’re less likely to quit.

Using digital signage software to gamify your office will give employees more reason to smile throughout the day and they might even start team competitions.

3. Digital games are a cheap alternative to physical entertainment

Historically, many offices have had ping pong tables, pinball machines, and arcade games in the back. Games have always been a great way for employees to relieve stress, get energized, and have some fun. However, that tradition has faded in many industries because of the cost. Gamification brings that pastime back to life in a digital format a smaller cost.

Many employees are bored with their jobs and don’t feel connected to the company. Being able to play a game, either on a break or as part of a task, can make employees feel rejuvenated.

4. Games in the office can help you achieve business goals

When you have a goal to reach, games can help you get your employees on board. For example, say you want to generate 50 new clients over the next two months. You can set goals for each sales representative to reach, and offer prizes for reaching each milestone. For instance, set prizes for reaching 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 new clients.

Make each prize more interesting as higher goals are reached, and offer a grand prize to the rep who generates the most clients. Then, use your digital displays to show progress in the office and motivate your sales team to keep going.

5. Games with prizes make great incentives

You’ve probably participated in at least one mystery shopper program as an employee. Some companies launch secret shopper programs with prizes to encourage a higher level of customer service. When employees get certain high scores, they get a prize. The prize tiers can include anything, including a cash bonus, physical goods, or a permanent raise.

You can incentivize just about anything using games and digital signage. For example, you can create a game out of making office supplies last longer and reducing waste. Each time a department reduces waste by 10%, they get ten points. Once a department has saved up a bunch of points, they can redeem those points for prizes.

Prizes can be anything you want, but prizes work best when they’re highly desirable to employees. For example, you can offer a pizza party for 50 points, and an extra hour of pay for 300 points. Regardless of your goals and measurements, incentives work.

It’s time to gamify your business

Whether you gamify your digital signage in your marketing campaign, or you gamify your office, you’ll see better overall results in your business. You’ll reach more customers, and employees will have fun in the office and be more productive as a result. Gamify your business today and before long, you’ll see your ROI and employee morale improve.


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