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Wondering who you play as in Wundering Waves? With its expansive array of doe-eyed heroines and dashing heroes, Wuthering Waves truly features a memorable selection of characters worthy of standing alongside the best that the gacha genre has to offer. These characters are known as Resonators, and their mission is to battle against tides of foes who have risen up in the aftermath of the Lament, a cataclysmic event that nearly swallowed the world.

With nearly 20 Resonators available at Wuthering Waves’ launch, there are quite a few characters to begin pulling. In this guide, we’ll present a list of all Resonators in Wuthering Waves, and we’ll also dive into the specifics of how the game organises its roster, explaining Rarity, Attributes, and Weapons.

All Resonators in Wuthering Waves

Below are the 18 Resonators available in Wuthering Waves at launch. Each character is organised by their Rarity, their Attribute, and the Weapon that they bring to the field.

Resonator Name Rarity Attribute Weapon
Rover (Female) 5-Star Spectro Sword
Rover (Male) 5-Star Spectro Sword
Yangyang 4-Star Aero Sword
Chixia 4-Star Fusion Pistols
Baizhi 4-Star Glacio Rectifier
Sanhua 4-Star Glacio Sword
Yuanwu 4-Star Electro Gauntlets
Aalto 4-Star Aero Pistols
Danjin 4-Star Havoc Sword
Mortefi 4-Star Fusion Pistols
Taoqi 4-Star Havoc Broadblade
Calcharo 5-Star Electro Broadblade
Encore 5-Star Fusion Rectifier
Jianxin 5-Star Aero Gauntlets
Lingyang 5-Star Glacio Gauntlets
Verina 5-Star Spectro Rectifier
Jiyan 5-Star Aero Broadblade
Yinlin 5-Star Electro Rectifier

Rarity and starting Resonators in Wuthering Waves

The Rarity for Resonators in Wuthering Waves is split between 5-Star and 4-Star characters. Like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, and other gacha games, you can expect 5-Star characters to generally be stronger and rarer than 4-Star characters, requiring multiple pulls to unlock (or real-world money, if you prefer).

All Wuthering Waves players start off with either the Male or Female Rover, a 5-Star Resonator. As of the second closed beta, the following 4-Star Resonators are available for free, while all others must be unlocked via the gacha system:

  • Yangyang: A capable DPS dealer specialising in melee attacks. Unlocked normally via story progression.
  • Chixia: Provides ranged attacks via gunplay. Unlocked normally via story progression.
  • Baizhi: Offers up a mixture of attacks and support skills, including healing. Unlocked normally via story progression.
  • Sanhua: Another melee sword attacker. Unlocked after completing 5 Daily Logins.
  • Yuanwu: A close-up fist attacker. Unlocked after running through the endgame Tower of Adversity mode.

From left to right: Baizhi, Yangyang, and Chixia. These three ladies feature prominently in Wuthering Waves’ marketing, and serve as a loyal trio for the Rover in the beginning hours of the game. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

All Attributes in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves features six Attributes, which are similar to Elements in Genshin Impact and dictate how Resonators attack. You’ll find that some Attributes are much more effective against certain enemies, and since you can only have three Resonators on your team at once, it pays to invest in multiple characters who can cover a wide array of Attributes.

  • Aero: A wind Attribute that allows for air attacks.
  • Electro: A lighting Attribute that allows for electric attacks.
  • Fusion: A fire Attribute that allows for heat and ignition-based attacks.
  • Glacio: An ice Attribute that allows for freezing attacks.
  • Havoc: An Attribute that allows for destroying matter, or dark-based attacks.
  • Spectro: An Attribute that allows for binding photons, or light-based attacks.

All weapon categories in Wuthering Waves

Each Resonator in Wuthering Waves boasts a weapon from one of the game’s five main categories, which run the gamut from the up-close-and-personal Gauntlets to their complete opposite, the Rectifier. It’s worth experimenting to see which weapon works best for you, as that may very well dictate which Resonators you’ll want to pull for.

  • Broadblade: The equivalent of a longsword; good for inflicting heavy damage.
  • Gauntlet: Used for melee fisticuffs. Great if you like fast attacks.
  • Sword: Your standard melee DPS weapon. Well-balanced and self-explanatory.
  • Pistols: Your standard ranged DPS weapon. The best way to let loose a steady stream of attacks from afar.
  • Rectifier: A small device that amplifies attacks. Often used by Resonators specialising in support.

That’s a wrap on all Resonators in the game as well as how Wuthering Waves organises its roster. For more info on Wuthering Waves, keep your eyes on Rock Paper Shotgun as we dig into all other aspects of this sprawling game, including the best builds for the characters listed here.


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