Why is Amirdrassil so important WoW Dragonflight?


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The night elves have been trying to grow a World Tree for a while now in Azeroth, and it’s a huge focal point for many different expansions. First, we had Nordrassil, and then Teldrassil, and finally the night elves are growing a third, called Amirdrassil.

World Trees are very important for the magical abilities, immortality, and life-giving powers different races in the game can use. They’re like a mana well and provide a source of power for magic users to draw upon. Now, the night elves are trying (for the second time) to replace their badly damaged World Tree, Nordrassil, by growing a new one. Here’s everything we know about Amirdrassil so far.

What is Amirdrassil in World of Warcraft?

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Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Amirdrassil represents the culmination of many different expansions in World of Warcraft history, arguably stretching back all the way to Warcraft 3, when Nordrassil was decimated. More recently, one of the main antagonist groups in Dragonflight (known as the Primalist dragons) has been trying to stop the bloom of the newest World Tree, Amirdrassil. The consequences of its destruction could be devastating for Azeroth, for if the World Tree is burned down then the land will turn into an expansion of the Firelands.

Obviously, players don’t want that to happen. The final raid in Dragonflight tasks players with chasing down Fyrakk, one of the main Primalist faction leaders. Fyrakk plans to burn down the World Tree before it can bloom to destroy Azeroth and the Emerald Dream, which has been hinted at in the lore for years now but hasn’t actually made an appearance until now. All in all, many storylines that have been in development for a long time will surely see a satisfying conclusion during this final raid.

What is the Amirdrassil raid release schedule?

Here is the raid release schedule for the nine bosses you’ll come up against as you play through the Amirdrassil raid. You’ll notice as you read through that they’re weekly releases for the most part, except for the gap of two weeks between the third and fourth releases.

The week of November 14 – Raid Finder Wing 1: Incarnates Wake. The tiers for this are Normal, Heroic and Mythic. The bosses are Gnarlroot, Igira the Cruel and Smolderon.

The week of November 21 – Raid Finder Wing 2: Molten Incursion. The bosses are Volcoross and Larodar, Keeper of the Flame.

The week of November 28 – Raid Finder Wing 3: The Viridian Weave. The bosses are the Council of Dreams and Nyume, Weaver of the Cycle.

The week of December 12 – Raid Finder Wing 4: Fate of Amirdrassil. The bosses are Tindral Sageswift, Seer of the Flame and Fyrakk the Blazing.

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