Where to find diamonds in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, diamond locations and uses


Diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are a great resource to farm, as they can be sold for lots of Rupees, used to upgrade armor, or fused with weapons to raise Link’s attack.

They’re a very rare material to find, however, so we’ve listed all of the diamond locations we could find in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, including where to find enemies, creatures, and mining veins that can contain diamonds. We’ve also went over all the details of diamond uses and where to sell diamonds in TOTK to get the most Rupees.

As long as it doesn’t get patched, you can also take advantage of the item duplication glitch to get even more of the rare resource.

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Where to find diamonds in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

We know of seven ways to find diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Overworld chests
  • Shrine chests
  • Rare ore veins
  • Talus enemy drops
  • Dondon drops from feeding them luminous stone
  • Shop in Goron City
  • Item duplication glitch

Ed Nightingale, our Deputy News Editor, has detailed the easiest duplication glitch currently in TOTK if you want to use it to easily get more diamonds, but to take advantage of duping diamonds, you’ll have to find some first.

We’ve got more details in the individual sections below, but at a glance, here’s a map picture of all the possible diamond locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

Map locations for diamonds in TOTK.

Keep in mind that the rare ore deposits, Talus enemies, and Dondon creatures only have a small chance of dropping diamonds. We recommend saving before going to these locations so you can reload should they not drop a diamond for you, and you can try again.

Here’s more details on each method that can help you get diamonds in TOTK:

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom diamond chest locations

There are most likely more chests containing diamonds that we haven’t found yet, but here’s the six diamond chest locations in Tears of the Kingdom that we’ve found so far:

  • Yomizuk Shrine in Tarm Point Cave (4413, -0613, 0049)
  • Jochi-ihiga Shrine near Tarry Town (3811, 1219, 0104)
  • Sihajog Shrine near Valor Island in the sky (4545, -0846, 1134)
  • Mayaotaki Shrine in the North Lomei Labyrinth (-0825, 3535, 0249)
  • Maoikes Shrine near Zora River and Boné Pond (2275, 0149, 0085)
  • Royal Hidden Passage chest in Hyrule Castle, near the Observation Room (-0254, 0762, 0088)

Yomizuk Shrine diamond

Here’s a map picture for the Yomizuk Shrine that contains a diamond in its chest:

Jochi-ihiga Shrine diamond

Here’s a map picture for the Jochi-ihiga Shrine that contains a diamond in its chest:

Sihajog Shrine diamond

Here’s a map picture for the Sihajog Shrine that contains a diamond in its chest:

Mayaotaki Shrine diamond

Here’s a map picture for the Mayaotaki Shrine that contains a diamond in its chest:

Maoikes Shrine diamond

Here’s a map picture for the Maoikes Shrine that contains a diamond in its chest:

Royal Hidden Passage diamond

To get into the Royal Hidden Passage you can either use Ultrahand on the floor grate near the Observation Room in Hyrule Castle and jump down to the chest, or take the long way round by entering the Royal Hidden Passage from the hole in the Emergency Shelter at Lookout Landing. We recommend going the long way, as there are rare ore deposits on this path that could contain more diamonds.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom rare ore diamonds explained

You can spot a rare ore deposit by looking out for a gold sparkle around an ore vein. Once you’ve unlocked the Sensor + for your Purah Pad, you can also use the picture of rare ore deposit from your Hyrule Compendium to track when you’re close to one.

Remember that smashing rare ore only has a chance of dropping diamonds, as other gems like sapphires and opals are a part of the loot pool too. To help ensure you get diamonds from rare ore veins, we recommend you save before you smash one. That way you can reload your save and try again if you don’t get a diamond, although from our experience this can take a lot of reloading to finally get a diamond.

The best place that we’ve found for farming rare ore deposits so far has been in the Royal Hidden Passage under Lookout Landing and Hyrule Castle, but searching any cave on the surface or the sky islands is likely to contain ore, as is hunting around Death Mountain.

Go to the Emergency Shelter at Lookout Landing to start your diamond farming route in the Royal Hidden Passage.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Talus diamonds explained

Talus are large enemies found on the surface and in the depths of Hyrule. There are different elemental types of Talus, but they all seem to have the same small chance of dropping diamonds when defeated.

Just like rare ore deposits, defeating Talus only has a chance of dropping diamonds, as more common gems are a part of the loot pool too. Remember to save before killing a Talus so you can reload your save and try again if you don’t get a diamond.

An easy way to kill a Talus is to Ascend under one, then smash the ore vein on its back.

There are a lot of Talus in TOTK, so we haven’t been able to confirm where to find all of them yet. If you take a picture of each type before killing it though, you can track that Talus type with Royal Compendium after unlocking the Sensor + for your Purah Pad.

If you want to sense Stone Talus, go to the edge of the Piper Ridge cliff to the west of Tabantha Bridge Stable in the Tabantha Frontier to take a picture of one.

Go to Piper Ridge to find a Stone Talus.

Make sure you take a picture of each new Talus type when you find it for your Hyrule Compendium.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Dondon diamonds explained

To get diamonds from Dondons, you have to feed them luminous stone, which are found by smashing luminous ore deposits. The Royal Hidden Passage has a chamber with a Stalnox enemy hiding under rocks that is great for farming luminous stone. Just don’t break the rocks in the middle, as this awakens the Stalnox!

This exact location in the Royal Hidden Passage is a great place to farm for luminous stone.

Once you’ve fed a Dondon luminous stone, come back 10 to 20 minutes later to find some rare gems nearby, which can include diamonds. While you can use the save and reload method to get diamonds from Dondons, it’s not really recommended unless you’re very low on luminous stone, as it’s a longer process than smashing rare ore or killing Talus.

The only place we’ve found Dondon is opposite the Lakeside Stable in the Faron region.

Dondons are found near the Lakeside Stable.

Where to buy diamonds in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

If you have a lot of Rupees, or want to quickly get a single diamond for the duplication glitch, then you can go to Goron City in Death Mountain to buy diamonds from a Goron sitting opposite the armor shop at map coordinates 1643, 2444, 0381. Diamonds cost 1,000 Rupees each.

Where to sell diamonds in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Diamonds usually sell for 500 Rupees at normal shops, but you should try and save them to sell diamonds to Ramella in Goron City to get the most money, as she pays 5,500 Rupees per batch of 10 diamonds.

Keep in mind that Ramella only takes diamonds in batches of 10, and she’s not guaranteed to want diamonds, so you’ll have to wait for her boosted gem prices to change, or give her the batch of gems she wants instead.

To unlock the ability to sell to Ramella, go to the path that leads up to Goron City and talk to two Gorons (1505, 2384, 0364) who try to scam you out of your gems. Ramella will come to the rescue and the Amber Dealer side quest will unlock. Give Ramella 10 Amber to complete Amber Dealer, which will start the process of cycling boosted gem selling prices with her.

To find Ramella again, search around Goron City during the day. We’ve found her most often looking at the shops selling various gems in the centre of Goron City.

Diamond uses in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Diamonds have multiple uses in Tears of the Kingdom, including:

  • Selling for Rupees
  • Adding attack power to melee weapons
  • Upgrading armor
  • Attaching to arrows

If you want quick Rupees, then we recommend selling your diamonds (to Ramella if you can), but it’s also a great item to fuse with your melee weapons, as diamonds add 25 attack power. They don’t add any other perks, but 25 attack power is good for a resource that you don’t have to kill tough enemies for.

You can even fuse a diamond to the Master Sword.

The only armor we know of so far that requires diamonds to upgrade it is the Miner’s set. You can visit Great Fairy locations to upgrade your Miner set, and any other armor you may have.

You can’t cook diamonds or make elixirs from them, but you can attach them to your arrows. This adds 25 attack power, but doesn’t do anything else. We don’t recommend doing this, as it’s a bit of a waste of a good melee fuse or selling material.

Good luck hunting for diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom!


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