What They Are And How To Kill ‘Em


Third-person co-op shooter Helldivers 2 has a wide variety of enemy types to throw your way. Between the two enemy factions that are currently live in the game, the bug-like Terminids and the robotic Automatons, there are just under 20 distinct enemies. And Hunters, part of the Terminid faction, can be a rather tricky foe to pin down with gunfire from time to time.

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Though they’re rather weak, they pack a punch and if they have numbers on you, you can expect to die quickly. This guide will go over how to identify a Hunter, how to make short work of them, and where to find them should you be in need of hunting down more than a few.

Hunters are fast and dangerous in groups

Screenshot: Arrowhead Game Studios / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

There are two ways to tell if you’re looking at a Hunter. The easy way is to mark the creature in question and then move your camera off them slightly or unscope your gun. The marker will show the name of whichever enemy you just marked.

A player takes aim at an alerted Hunter.

Note the raised fins of the Hunter.
Screenshot: Arrowhead Game Studios / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

The other way is to just get used to what Hunters look like. Their most distinctive feature are the fins that raise up into the air when they catch wind of you nearby. When they move toward you, they resemble a frog hopping. They also make a sound that’s a little unique. Granted, most bugs make clicking and gurgling noises, but the Hunters do have their own call you’ll begin to identify in due time.

Hunters have a particular movement style you’ll learn to spot.
Gif: Arrowhead Game Studios / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Hunters don’t always move in a straight line. In fact, that’s kind of their thing: They like to jump from side to side and then launch themselves at you. It can be tricky to keep up with them and they’ll swiftly advance to you and your allies, so take ‘em out fast.

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Their attack doesn’t mess around either. In about four strikes they can kill a Helldiver, so if there’s more than one (and there often is), they’ll make short work of you while making it hard for you to keep your weapon trained on them.

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Overall, Hunters go down quickly if you can hit them with a single Anti-Materiel Rifle shot or a good, solid burst of your main assault rifle.

Where to find Hunters

Hunters are bugs, and bugs are Terminids. So head to just about any system under Terminid control (the orange color on the galaxy map) and you’re likely to come across them on most difficulties.

Though it doesn’t take much firepower to take down a Hunter at all, when they’re high in numbers, either with more Hunters or other bug types, they can quickly overwhelm you. Take ‘em out quick when they’ve caught your scent.


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