What is the story from Hades to Hades 2?


Hades 2 is attempting to be one of those rare sequels that is welcoming and satisfying to newcomers and returning fans. The developers say you don’t need to play Hades 1 to enjoy Hades 2, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solid connection. We’re going to track the timeline and answer the question: what is the story from Hades to Hades 2?

Hades to Hades 2 — The end of Zagreus’ story

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Quick note for our readers, we are going to spoil the entirety of Hades 1, as well as give you a bit of the opening story of Hades 2. So this is your point to turn away, as going forward will be HEAVY SPOILERS.

With that out of the way, for those who might not know, the end of the story in Hades 1 does not conclude once you roll the credits. After attempting to talk and convince your mother Persephone to come back to the Underworld, she finally accepts, and you two take a gentle boat ride back to the House of Hades.

Once this happens, the game doesn’t end, as roguelikes are made to be played to the end of time. Instead, you have an epilogue to complete in order to fully wrap up the story of Zagreus. Completing the tasks in-game gives you a cutscene, showing all the Olympian gods you’ve invited to the House of Hades coming to terms with the situation of Persephone in the Underworld.

At the end of Hades, everyone is on peaceful terms, and things seem to be looking up for the family of the Underworld.

Hades to Hades 2 — Melinoë defies time

What Is The Story From Hades To Hades 2 Melinoe
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Fast forward to the beginning of Hades 2, and the game starts almost exactly like the first game. In the sense that you are thrown into your first run with very little information, other than what you can gather from boon dialogue and the narrator.

After delving into Hades 2 a bit, you come to learn that you play as Melinoë, Zagreus’ sister, and daughter of Hades and Persephone. According to Poseidon after picking up one of his boons, your entire family has been “taken care of” when the Titan of Time, Kronos took over the House of Hades and burned down Olympus.

It’s up to you to uncover what happened to your family and take down Kronos by any means necessary. And thanks to the peaceful ending of Hades 1, Melinoë has the full support of the gods behind her. She’ll need all the help she can get to make it out of Erebus and further.

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