What are we all playing this May Day weekend?


Happy May Day weekend, reader dear! Whether you consider this a celebration of spring, the start of summer, a day for workers, or just a long weekend, may you have a good’un. We’ve had a busy fortnight, with CJ Wheeler joining us as a news reporter and me becoming associate editor (I am still not sure what that means). So how nice that we’ll be away on Monday, returning on Tuesday. What are you playing until then? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Alice Bee

I’ve got my computer back, which means I can continue my quest to finish a six thousand piece jigsaw puzzle in Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams (I am currently at 2%). Also this is basically the first weekend in a while that I don’t have a bunch of life admin to do, so I might go back into Horizon Forbidden West for a while. Those robot dinosaurs have had it too good for too long.


I’ve started getting into hiking more (some of the most beautiful swims are at the end of long hikes) and I’m distressed to discover that a shortish walk ascending a mere 450 metres is infinitely more tiring than my usual weekly 80km bike ride. That’s not right. Maybe they should push the hills over. But the way to get better at hills is to do more hills, so, hills. Ugh.


I’ve decided to go for a long walk with my family this weekend and just see if we come across any adventures. The kids usually find some way of making any outing interesting! Back home in the evening though, I’m planning to kick it regal in Age Of Empires 4 and maybe investigate Age Of Empires 2’s new Dynasties Of India expansion. My partner wanted to start a classic point’n’click adventure together too so, because she’s a fan of period detective mysteries, I suggested Sierra’s The Colonel’s Bequest starring Laura Bow. It’s been a long time since I died repeatedly by just walking across the screen in a Sierra game.


Not a lot of video-gaming will happen this bank holiday weekend, mainly because I’m attending my very first wedding! No, I’m not being wed to Elden Ring. I’m looking forward to moving between rooms filled with food and drink and doing a golf clap when the couple say “I do”.


Ed’s review has put Rogue Legacy 2 on my radar and I adored the original, so I’m excited to try that out this weekend. I’ve also recently made a new character on The Elder Scrolls Online and started Lego Hobbit, so I’m suddenly juggling a lot of games. It must be time to dive into those backlogs, eh?


I will spend the entire long weekend balking at the concept of paying for The Stanley Parable an effective second time, then caving late Monday night and installing the Ultra Deluxe version anyway.


My Steam Deck finally arrived this week, so I’ll be spending most of the weekend filling it with all the visual novels and controller-friendly indie games that I’ve never quite got round to playing on my work PC. First up, of course, is Aperture Desk Job. Exciting!


I’m still recovering from our recent trip to PAX East, which despite being enormous fun, was also incredibly exhausting. In an attempt to medicate my jet lag I’ll be spending the weekend alternating between Rogue Legacy 2 and Vampire Survivors. I was also lucky enough to be selected for the Overwatch 2 beta, so I may give that a whirl during the brief periods where my brain doesn’t feel like an old sponge filled with McDonald’s Sprite.

Rocket Bot Royale.


I will happily divide my game time this weekend between Rocket Bot Royale, which as I’ve mentioned earlier this week I genuinely cannot stop playing; and Dune: Spice Wars. I bought it after remembering that it was by Shiro Games, creators of Northgard. You can definitely see some of Northgard’s DNA in Spice Wars, but it seems a little larger, a little grander. A bit more evolved. In some ways it feels like a cross between Northgard and something much greater in scale, like Stellaris.


I genuinely didn’t realise until near the end of my recent holiday that I’d only have one “normal” week back at work before bouncing merrily off into another bank holiday weekend. For once, though, my accidental timing was great, since while I was away from the treehouse I managed to finally nab myself a PS5 pre-order. Despite my dog-who-caught-the-car levels of disbelief it really did show up this Thursday; and now I have an unexpected extra day off to play with my long sought-after new toy. Hooray!

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?


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