Unicorn Overlord Reveals A Polished Tactical RPG Gameplay In The Making


Unicorn Overlord, a Strategy RPG developed by Vanillaware and published by ATLUS has a new 7-minute gameplay trailer featuring exploration and real-time combat, all in an attempt to free the conquered nations of Fevrith. 

Unicorn Overlord Reveals A Polished Tactical RPG Gameplay In The Making

The upcoming tactical RPG, Unicorn Overlord, is another title by Vanillaware and ATLUS, who have collaborated to create games together for 20 years. Some of their notable titles include 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim and Odin Sphere. In this upcoming tactical RPG though, players will make their way throughout Fevrith as they resist and lead a rebellion against the imposing Zenoiran Empire.

Over the past couple of months, some characters including the main protagonist Alain, or the Fallen Prince of Cornia, have already been introduced. You will come across allies such as Melisandre, Chloe, and Clive as they go on this treacherous albeit, world-defining adventure with you. 

Unicorn Overlord - Exploration

It all started with General Valmore of Cornia’s desire to usurp the throne, killing thousands of citizens across the continent of Fevrith just to conquer it all. This killed Queen Ilenia but luckily, her son Alain survived the slaughter and ran for his life. As he was growing up, the loyal Knight of Ilenia, Joseph, taught him the tricks of sword and shield combat. It eventually bore fruit when Alain became the leader of the Liberation Army to avenge the death of his mother and free the oppressed. 

Who Can You Trust?

Unicorn Overlord’s exploration and gameplay styles are similar to that of The DioField Chronicles. You travel around the entire kingdom of Fevrite in any order you want and meet potential allies of which the developer claims there are more than 60. The interesting thing about this RPG is that there are multiple races residing in this massive continent so you will see elves as well as beasts and angels in addition to other humans. 

Unicorn Overlord - PoliticsUnicorn Overlord - Politics

Of the other characters that have been introduced so far, there is the witch named Yahna who casts offensive and defensive spells. She can throw icicles at foes to freeze them and evade the encounter when necessary. And then there is Hodrick, a Knight of Cornia who is as loyal to the Queen as Joseph. He excels in melee combat, often carrying around his trusty shield to protect him from most forms of physical damage. Finally, you have Clive, Joseph’s right-hand knight but this time, he excels in cavalry, allowing him to traverse the battlefield quickly to pierce his spear against an opponent.

Take Back What’s Yours

As Alain gathers his army, he also needs to consider specific party compositions to topple the military of the Zenorain Empire. Skirmishes are ever-present in the world, causing destruction, but nothing else can be done to save the citizens of Fevrite. 

Unicorn Overlord - CombatUnicorn Overlord - Combat

In the trailer, battle is first initiated by Alain, and then the player chooses which among the three groups and party positions would be best suited for that particular combat. Each of the character’s classes and skills need to be considered. Because events happen in real-time, you can opt to pause the scene to decide the best course of action. Once the party approaches the enemy or vice versa, then the battle begins.

Unicorn Overlord - Beautiful Strategic FightsUnicorn Overlord - Beautiful Strategic Fights

The goal in combat is pretty straightforward – whoever defeats the general, wins. Although it seems easy, players must devise strategic plans and actions to best their foes. The cool thing about how encounters are handled in Unicorn Overlord is how you first initiate moves from the overworld map. Once engaged, the camera will zoom in to show the fight between characters. This helps assess whether you need to readjust your tactics or not. 

An Overload of Unicorn Overlord

In terms of difficulty, expect to choose from Sweet, Normal, and Hard so for those who want to experience the extra challenge, then Hard Mode is definitely for you. Similar to other RPGs nowadays, the difficulty can be easily toggled from the Options Menu at any given time. But this is not the only form of battle you can anticipate because there is also PvP via the Online Mode. It allows you to fight it out against other players to test whether or not you can outmaneuver them.

Unicorn Overlord - Cook Hearty MealsUnicorn Overlord - Cook Hearty Meals

Last but not least are Forts. Forts are places in the game where you can arrange for practice battles to test how well your characters would fare in actual PvE combat. Expanding the size of your army is also encouraged, especially when you progress farther into Unicorn Overlord. However, remember that you will only gain access to the Fort you need to gain enough Honors by winning in encounters with Renowns upon completing quests and rebuilding fallen towns.

Rebuilding What’s Lost

After a city or town has been liberated, it is your task to rebuild them. To do this, you will need to make sure that materials are collected and delivered to designated areas. Just remember to gather them when you’re out in the forests or fields to prepare for the huge tasks of helping citizens recover. As soon as they are fortified, inns will start to pop out, providing you with the food you need to take on your next battles. 

Unicorn Overlord will be released in March 2024 via PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. The title’s physical collector’s edition can also be prepurchased on the official website and will be delivered via Amazon. Sadly, there is no PC version planned just yet. 

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