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Deep Dive introduced a whole new gameplay element to Destiny 2, proving that the team at Bungie still have space for innovation. Now, with the Season of The Wish, we have The Coil, yet another endless rogue lite for Destiny 2.

This is a chance to really push your guardian and their fireteam to the limit as you run through progressively harder levels. However, the further you push, the better the rewards and the bigger the bonuses you can carry forward. This game mode is a fantastic way to not only earn some big loot but also test your mettle.

What is The Coil in Destiny 2

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Continuing on from the success of the Deep Dives in Season of The Deep, The Coil brings back the endless level mode. As you progress through The Coil, the levels get progressively harder, but the rewards scale with them. The Coil can be launched from The Helm in Destiny 2.

As you push forward, wishing glass can be collected, which is, in turn, traded for buffs before each new run-through. However, every time you embark through the Riven’s Lair, the challenges will get progressively harder. You and your fireteam will only have so many lives to use before the run is done. Once they are gone, it is game over and right back to the beginning of The Coil in Destiny 2.

Every day The Coil will have different modifiers to take into consideration as you play. These need to be observed and accounted for with your builds and team. Every day poses a new challenge. The Coil is no easy feat and is comparable to Master Nightfalls. Make sure you’re up to the task.

How to play The Coil

Every run starts with a quick parlay with The Riven. You will be gifted with 100 Wishing Shards to spend. This will be enough to buy one of the tier one Dragons Gifts. Choose wisely. Once you have spent your Wishing Glass, you need to head to the left of Riven and head through the available portal with your team.

Once you have finished a level, you and your fireteam return to the Rivens Lair to spend the Wishing Shards you have collected. You can also collect your rewards and choose to continue with The Coil or return to orbit in Destiny 2. There are only four available paths to take before The Coil ends.

Level layout

How to Beat The Coil in Destiny 2: Season of The Wish Explained
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There are four possible routes to take in The Coil, each posing a different Destiny 2 boss at the end. Every run-through of Rivens Lair is broken up into four encounters, followed by the boss fight at the end. The four stages are always the same.

  • Platforming
  • Clear out enemies
  • Platforming
  • Boss encounter

This routine lays out the four different encounters you can end up with The Coil, each giving a different Destiny 2 boss at the end. However, each run-through will be tougher than the last.

How to get ahead in Destiny 2 The Coil

How to Beat The Coil in Destiny 2: Season of The Wish Explained
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To make sure you’re as kitted out during your runs through The Coil in Destiny 2, you need to be collecting Wishing Shards. Besides the 100 you will get at the beginning of each new run-through, you need to grab them in the levels. This mechanic encourages exploration through the various stages.

There are three tiers to the Dragons Gifts, and only the best, most adventurous players will be able to afford the 400 Shards needed for the top tier. So, to get the best buffs in The Coil, you need to not only kill as many enemies as possible but also look for breakable jars.

How to Beat The Coil in Destiny 2: Season of The Wish Explained
PC Invaion

The Jars can be found around the platforming levels of the various stages. What makes them so hard to get ahold of is the various debuffs, such as darkness and poison. Straying from the beaten path will result in damage but can often give a lot of Wishing Shards to spend too.

The other way to collect more Destiny 2 Wishing Shards is by defeating the enemies in The Coil. The more you defeat, the higher the drop rate will be. If you defeat enough enemies in the combat levels, you will unlock a hidden chest full of shards in the platforming levels.

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