RoBending Online Best Element Tier List


Are you looking for a comprehensive tier list for all elements in RoBending Online? Well, we’ve ranked them all, including the Subbendings and Moves for each of the elements just below. With all that, you’ll be able to make your character as strong as it can be. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

All RoBending Online Elements Tier List

The first choice you make when you log into the game is your element. It sets the tone for your first adventures and it’s really important you get it right. So, first off, let’s look at the tier list of all elements in RoBending Online:

Tier Elements
S Air
A Fire
B Earth, Water
C Non-Element
Element tier list in RoBending Online

Explanations for Each Element

  • S Tier
    • Air – By far the best element in RoBending. The fact that you can still use the glider in PvP is ridiculous, and the extra mobility it gives you makes you dodge attacks like they’re nothing. Plus, the DPS is solid.
  • A Tier
    • Fire – The best DPS of all elements in the game. However, it lacks the mobility Air users have, and it shows, especially in PvP.
  • B Tier
    • Earth – The best thing about Earth is Lava, but it’s really only good for PvE. If you enjoy that more than PvP, it might be the best element for you, but it’s kind of hard to learn.
    • Water – Similarly to Earth, Water gets good only once you upgrade it and get Blood. However, because it takes so much investment, it’s stuck in the lower tiers.
  • C Tier
    • Non-Element – Devs said they plan to update Non-Element and make it viable, but there is still no improvement. If it weren’t in the game, exactly zero people would care.

All RoBending Online Subbendings Tier List

Second, let’s see what the best subbendings are in RoBending Online. Also, on a side note, if you are short on spins, check out our RoBending codes article and see whether you can get some for free. Anyway, here is the tier list:

Tier Subbendings
S Flight, Lava, Lightning
A Combustion, Blood
B Sand, Metal
C Healing
D Spiritual Projection
Subbending tier list in RoBending Online

Explanations for Each Subbending

  • S Tier
    • Flight – No wonder there is a 1% chance to roll it. Flight alone makes Air the best element in the game. The mobility you get from it is broken in PvP, but it’s not half bad for PvE, either.
    • Lava – The best subbending for PvE, no question about it. The range it has is great, it lets you burn enemies, and it is good for both farming in general and raids.
    • Lightning – It’s counterable and good players can dodge it in PvP. However, it obliterates everything in PvE, and if you’re good at mind games and prediction, you can make it work against real people, too.
  • A Tier
    • Combustion – Great AoE and completely unblockable. Easily S tier if you’ve mastered it but it takes so much time to become really good with it.
    • Blood – Blood has the best CC in RoBending, and it’s just OP for 1v1s. However, it doesn’t offer anything else.
  • B Tier
    • Sand – It has solid AoE damage and CC, but it’s kind of RNG. I wouldn’t recommend this for anything but PvE.
    • Metal – Okayish defense and mobility buffs, but that’s about it.
  • C Tier
    • Healing – Good for heals in PvE but otherwise useless.
  • D Tier
    • Spiritual Projection – Absolutely useless.

And that concludes our tier list of all elements and subbendings in RoBending Online. If you want to learn what characters or abilities are OP in other games, check out other lists we have on Twinfinite. We’ve even got one for Anime Rangers if you’re playing that experience as well.

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