List Of Best Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year


A wedding is a cathartic and majestic event for every couple, bringing families and friends together under one roof and celebrating an eternal bond of two people. Wedding anniversaries are also essential for couples to commemorate the joy and happiness they take in each other’s company, despite the hardships and difficulties they endure throughout the marital journey.

The wedding anniversary is highlighted as a significant life event among most couples, and it’s commonly remembered in thoughtful and expressive ways. If someone wants to celebrate marital life with their special one, they must put effort into finding the perfect gift; an item that symbolizes the long-lasting bond.

Finding a gift might seem relatively easy for younger couples, but it gets tricky with every anniversary passing by. Relationships evolve and strengthen with time, further increasing the significance of marital life. Thus, anniversary gifts must be meaningful and relatable for couples to appreciate.

If you wish to celebrate your marriage milestone with your SO and make the day memorable, you are at the right place. This article contains a comprehensive list of the best traditional anniversary gifts by year. It should help you choose an appropriate anniversary gift for your loved one or even your parents.

List of 1 to 10-Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Anniversary Traditional Theme For Gift Description
1st Year Paper or Note Cards Just like the first stages of marriage, paper is soft and fragile. But when you take care of it, it will last forever.
2nd Year Cotton Let them know you respect their uniqueness by giving them something made out of cottons, such as clothes and plushies.
3rd Year Leather Leather symbolizes power and protection, similar to the marriage and the home you and your special one spend the most time in.
4th Year Fruit or Flowers Like fruits and flowers, your marital relationship will fully bloom by the fourth wedding anniversary. A bouquet of roses is the perfect gift.
5th Year Wood Much like a tree, the roots of the eternal bond hardens after five years. An anniversary-themed picture frame or even planting a tree in the backyard is a good idea.
6th Year Candy Your relationship with your loved one has only sweetened by this point. Buying some gummy candies or a box of gourmet chocolate should set the mood.
7th Year Wool Wool keeps you warm, just like your special one. Gift a sweater or a wool blanket to make your anniversary special.
8th Year Bronze or Pottery Bronze represents strength, and pottery indicates how you shape your future. A vase, sculpture, or flowering plant is a nice way to remember that.
9th Year Willow or Pottery Willow branches are used in weaving and basketry. You can also shape your upcoming marital years into something beautiful with a custom-made gift basket.
10th Year Tin or Aluminum Aluminum and tin don’t rust, so they won’t wear down over time, like marriage. A metal sculpture or a lunch box seems perfect as a gift.

Looking for more anniversary gift ideas? We recommend checking out the traditional anniversary gift list below.

List of 11 to 20-Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts 

Wedding Anniversary Traditional Theme For Gift Description
11th Year Steel Steel is one of the strongest metals, indicating an unbreakable bond between the couple. A bicycle or a piece of high-quality cookware seems fine as an anniversary gift.
12th Year Silk or Linen Silk represents beauty, and you admire the love of your life by gifting them a silk scarf.  
13th Year Lace Laces are strong, and they also represent an eternal bond. A pair of lace-up work boots or sneakers is excellent as a gift.  
14th Year Gold Jewelry Traditionally, ivory signifies the 14th wedding anniversary, but it’s an unethical choice in the current climate. Instead, we recommend gold jewelry as a gift.
15th Year Crystal Crystals are durable but also delicate, like a marriage. A crystal ring or a floral crystal vase is fitting for a present.
16th Year Wax Lit candles are a symbol of love and devotion. A candlelight dinner will make up for a memorable night. 
17th Year Furniture Furniture provides comfort and security, and it also signifies the immovable bond between you and your loved one.
18th Year Porcelain On the 18th anniversary, a piece of porcelain should serve as a reminder of your caring and lasting relationship throughout the years.
19th Year Bronze Bronze symbolizes protection and an even stronger bond between you and your partner. A bronze vase here is the ideal gift.
20th Year China Like love, Chinese ceramic is fragile and delicate in nature. A Bone China tea set will remind you to look after your special one with care.

List of 25 to 60-Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Anniversary Traditional Theme For Gift Description
25th Year Silver A 25th-anniversary celebration is known as a “silver jubilee,” so it only makes sense to remember the day with such a valuable metal. A silver ring or an engraved silver pen is the perfect gift.
30th Year Pearl Pearls are timeless beauties, just like your long-lasting relationship. A pearl ring or other jewelry would be the best way to commemorate the 30th anniversary.
35th Year Coral Corals are as vibrant as your loved one, so a seafood dinner or a Hawaii trip should make your 35th anniversary memorable.
40th Year Ruby Ruby gemstones are associated with eternal flames, which also signify you and your partner’s ever-lasting commitment to the relationship. Give jewelry of rubies as a gift, or even a bouquet of roses.
45th Year Sapphire Sapphires represent longevity, so a sapphire-studded ring or cuff link for your partner should be an apt present.
50th Year Gold The 50th year marks the golden anniversary of a relationship. A gold watch, ring, or even a fresh bouquet of golden flowers would make the day special.
55th Year Emerald Emerald has been the symbol of love and truth through time. Not many couples get the privilege to spend decades together, so an emerald-themed gift basket is the best way to celebrate this milestone.
60th Year Diamond Diamonds are the emblem of perfection, faithfulness, and commitment. A 60th wedding anniversary is also called the diamond jubilee.
A diamond ring will immortalize such a special milestone for a couple.

Wrapping up

This is where we wrap up this list of the best traditional anniversary gifts. While the themes of anniversary gifts are widely accepted among traditionalists, there really are no definitive rules to picking a present for your loved one.

As long as you have a thoughtful and expressive gift planned for the celebration, you won’t necessarily need to look up a gift list. Should you be looking for suggestions to enjoy your wedding anniversary, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the comments section.

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