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Infection Free Zone is a challenging game, although with a few console commands, you’ll be able to make it a cakewalk. There aren’t any silly commands yet, but we do have a long list of practical ones.

How to access the console and enable cheats in Infection Free Zone

Before you can input these commands and modify Infection Free Zone, you’ll first need to access the console and activate cheats, otherwise they won’t work.

  • Press the tilde key (should be next to you “1” key) to open the console.
  • Click on the small question mark in the bottom right corner of the console.
  • Click on “Enable Cheats.”
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With these steps done, cheats will work when you input them into the console. A small message telling you to have fun will appear also, which I think is pretty fun.

All cheats and commands in Infection Free Zone

There are a lot of commands in Infection Free Zone, and thankfully, the console will give a list of suggestions when you start typing, meaning you won’t have to remember all the cheats to use them, just start typing what you want and it’ll suggest the cheat you’re after.

Also, when not typing, your recent commands will appear, making them easy to repeat.

When entering a command, you’ll likely have to click an option or enter a quantity. For example:

  • “AddScientificMaterials 99” would mean I get 99 Scientific Materials. The command won’t work without the quantity, and the console will instruct you to enter one.
  • “StartWeatherFog True” would turn on the fog. Without the true or false addition, the command wouldn’t work.

With that understanding out the way, here are all the console commands in Infection Free Zone. I have listed them in alphabetical order.

Cheats Cheat descriptions
AdaptBuilding Instantly adapt a building to a facility of your choosing
AddEventToPool Add a specific event to the game
AddMoodModifier Lets you add a mood modifier
AddResearchProgressPoints Add points to your current research
AddResouresToBuilding Add a resource of your choosing to a building
AddResourcesToHQ Add a resource of your choosing to your HQ
AddScientificMaterials Adds Scientific Materials
AddWorkersToHQ Add workers to your HQ
ChangeLanguage Lets you change the language
ClearNavData Unknown
ClearStockrooms Deletes all items from all storage slots
CreateFarmLand Lets you build a complete field
CreateGate Lets you build a complete gate of your choosing
CreateResourceCursor Creates a chosen resource on the ground where you click
CreateWall Lets you build a complete wall of your choosing
CompleteActiveMissions Completes all currently active missions
DestroyResourceCurser Deletes a chosen item
EndMission You can end an active mission of your choosing
HideFPS Hide the FPS counter
KillAllGroups Kills all groups in the game (even your own)
KillWorker Kills a random worker
RemoveMoodModifier Removes a mood modifier
RemoveResourcesFromHQ Removes a resource from HQ of your choosing
SaveGame Save the game
SetDay Set the day you’re currently on
SetFPSLimit Set an FPS limit
SetResolution Set the resolution
SetTimeSpeed Set how quickly time passes
SetHour Sets the time
SetSoldierHP Sets the health of a unit
SetSpawnPointVisualizationState Unknown
ScavengeAllBuildings Fully scavenges all buildings
ShowAllGroups Shows all squads on the map
ShowAllVehicles Shows all vehicles on the map
SpawnBigSquadAtCursor Spawns a large squad wherever you click
SpawnGroupAtCursor Spawn a group of NPCs where ever you click
SpawnGroupInBuilding Spawn a group of NPCs inside a building
SpawnImmigrants Spawns a group of immigrants
SpawnImmigrantsAccept Spawn a group of immigrants that are accepted
SpawnRandomSquad Spawns a random squad
SpawnSquadAt Spawns a squad to those coordinates
SpawnSquadAtCursor Spawn a group of NPCs wherever you click
SpawnSquadAtLatLong Spawns a squad at your chosen coordinates
SpawnVehicle Spawns a vehicle of your choosing
StartAction Begins one of many actions in a list
StartEvent Will play the transmission of any event of your choosing
StartWeatherFog Fog will appear
UnlockContent Instantly unlock anything in the game
UnlockResearchType Unlocks anything you want

With all the commands at your disposal, you won’t be wanting for resources ever again. If you wanted to make life easy like that, of course.

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