How to Get Z-Sand in Hades 2


If you’re looking to unlock the final card in the list of Tarot Cards at the Altar in Hades 2, then you might’ve seen the requirement for Z-sand. Z-sand is one of the hardest Reagents to get in Hades 2 and we’ll go over how you can go about collecting this resource. Note that you basically need to finish the run to Tartarus for some Z-sand. Below is a guide on how to get Z-Sand in Hades 2.

Z-Sand Location in Hades 2

The only way to get Z-Sand is by defeating Chronos, who sits on his throne in the House of Hades. To get to Chronos, you need to make it all the way down to the depths of Tartarus. This means you must first clear Erebus, then go through Oceanus, and make it through the Mourning Fields to drop into Tartarus.

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Once in Tartarus, you have to clear at least five rooms full of enemies before you can unlock the final fight with the Titan of Time. Be sure to bring your best Boons and best Keepsakes, because this is a tough one.

Beating Chronos

Defeating Chronos in Hades 2 is no small feat. As the final boss of the game, he packs a punch, a ton of HP, has some ridiculously powerful moves, and did we mention two phases? Yeah, you’re going to need some very strong builds to defeat Chronos and get Z-sand. While we can’t tell you exactly how to beat him, we can list down his moves and give some important tips for mechanics during the fight.

Hades 2 chronos boss fight phase 1
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  • Chronos has a large slashing attack, which also has a follow-up delayed hit. Luckily, you can avoid this by dashing towards him.
  • He also throws out a spinning blade that makes a crescent motion and returns towards him. Get behind him to avoid this.
  • First, he summons six Satyrs, and then at half HP during the first phase, he will either summon two armoured Warriors or Goldwraiths. Deal with them first.
  • Chronos has a very heavy-hitting dash attack. He will dash thrice to your location; be sure to keep sprinting so he doesn’t get a lock on you.
  • Chronos has a suction beam attack which will deal a ton of damage if it gets you anywhere near him. Just keep running or get behind him, as it takes him a while to turn.
  • During the second phase, Chronos has a devastating attack that hits the entire field except one number on the clock. As soon as you make this move, run because it will one-shot you.
  • Watch out for the rotating clock hand in the second phase as well.
Hades 2 chronos boss fight phase 2
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  • The second phase can be very disorienting due to all the additional enemies and what’s going around you. The key to winning this fight is staying calm and not making unnecessary movements or risks.

Tips for Defeating Chronos

  • Make sure to get Hades’ Blessing while on your way down through Tartarus.
  • Deal with Chronos’ minions first, especially during the first phase.
  • A build that worked for us was supercharging Melinoe’s Cast with Helios’ Solar Flare and Zeus’ Lightning Bolts for very high DPS.
  • DPS is key during the second phase, as Chronos will keep summoning minions and casting wide AoE attacks, which will eventually overwhelm you.
  • Don’t take risky HP trades during the first phase, as you have to deal with two equally tough phases.
  • During the second phase, Chronos is less aggressive, so hit-and-run tactics are a lot more effective.
  • Note that you cannot pause during this fight as Chronos controls time.
Hades 2 chronos titan vanquished
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With everything in mind, you should eventually be able to defeat the Titan of Time Chronos and claim your reward, the Z-Sand. Chronos drops one Z-Sand each time you beat him.

Z-Sand Uses

There are currently only two uses for Z-sand. The first is to unlock the Learned Sage shade in the Crossroads for 1x Z-Sand and 3x Marble, and the second is to unlock the Arcana card for The Judgement Arcana which lets you gain 3 random Arcana Cards every time you beat a Guardian.

Hades 2 aracana card system
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That’s all you need to know about getting Z-Sand in Hades 2 and how to use it. For more late-game materials, learn how to get Golden Apples and Wool.

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