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One of the most frustrating quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is Shadowed Prayers, which tasks you with picking an assassin out of a crowd to save Empress Nadinia. To ensure you don’t make a huge mistake, here’s how to apprehend the assassin in the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Shadowed Prayers quest.

How to Apprehend the Assassin in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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To start the Shadowed Prayers quest, you need to visit the Flamebearer Palace in the morning. If you need to skip time, just Doze Off on a bench until it is morning. When it’s time, head over to the Flamebearer Palace. This is a time-sensitive quest, go straight there. You’ll automatically start talking to Menella and she’ll tell you that your mission is to find an assassin before they kill Empress Nadinia.

You’ll be handed a Bandit Bill of Arrest, a seemingly innocuous piece of paper that is crucial to completing this quest successfully. Once you get it, immediately open your inventory and read its description. The target is a man who wears his hair tied up and had his right arm injured in a previous attempt on the Empress’ life.

Now that you have his description, start walking around the crowd and looking for the target. Make sure to turn on your lantern to get a better look at everybody. Once you’re confident you know who the assassin is, go behind them and grab them. If you grab the right person, the assassination attempt will be thwarted and you’ll complete the quest.

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If you’d rather not look for them yourself, then the assassin is located on the right side of the crowd near the middle. He’s a man named Herman. He’s wearing a dark robe with his right shoulder exposed. You’ll know you’ve got the right guy if he says “Who’re ye s’posed to be!? Fie! Are they on to me!?” Once he’s apprehended, the quest will end and Empress Nadinia will be safe.

If you don’t save Empress Nadinia in time, the assassin will make his move and take her life. That’s right, if you don’t catch the perpetrator in time or grab the wrong person, the Empress of Bakbattahl will die. Thankfully, you can revive her with a Wakestone if it comes to that. Just head to Bakbattahl’s Morgue. She may not show up there immediately, so just give it some time and check back later if you don’t find her.

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Once you revive her, things don’t go completely back to normal, though. She’ll give you a letter to deliver to Menella since it’s too dangerous for her to return to the palace. Menella won’t be back at the Flamebearer Palace, however. After the assassination, you have to visit the Volcanic Island Camp southeast of Bakbattahl. To get there at this point in the game you’ll have to head west out of Bakbattahl and follow the roads south until you reach a large cave just past Wyrmsblood Forest. Continue through that cave to reach the Volcanic Island Camp.

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