FFXIV Patch 6.1 Release Date, Letter From Producer LXX News Summary


Square Enix held on April 1, 2022, a new Final Fantasy XIV live stream, Letter from the Producer Live Part LXX (70) most notably revealing the release date for FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.1 – here’s our news summary, with new comments from Naoki Yoshida translated below.

This stream covered the 2nd part of the details and roadmap for FFXIV Patch 6.1 A Newfound Adventure, with new details on the Main Story Quest, new Mounts, Minons, fashion accessories, the new Adventurer Plate feature, Housing, and new PvP mode Crystalline Conflict. Be sure to refresh this page regularly as we will keep adding new information as the stream goes on. You can find the release date trailer below and the first details.

Update: the stream has ended, find our full summary below. As a side note, during the pre-stream segment, Naoki Yoshida also shared his latest impressions on the hit manga series One Piece.

Scarlet Nexus | Free Patch Update ver.1.08 trailer



Scarlet Nexus | Free Patch Update ver.1.08 trailer






Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1 Newfound Adventure release date trailer revealed

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1 A Newfound Adventure will release on April 12, 2022, on PC, PS4, and, PS5. Check out the release date trailer below in English. The Japanese dub version of the trailer is also available here.

Patch 6.1 New Main Story Quest, Side Quest

The Letter From The Producer stream started with a recap of the info from the last stream regarding the new Main Story Quest and Side Quests, along with some new details. Check it out in the gallery below, especially if you didn’t go through our summary of the previous stream.

We most notably got to see gameplay of the new Contents Supporter being added to help solo players clear past MSQ alone. It automatically adds to your party NPCs with jobs that will complement your own character’s role. No need to look for a DPS, Tank, Healer, etc.

Housing, reminder Data Center Travel is coming Patch 6.18

Miscellaneous Updates

Hrothgar new hairstyles

Check out the new Hrothgar hairstyles in the gallery below. Six new hairstyles were revealed.

Some of the Job Adjustments coming in Patch 6.1

Check the changes in the gallery below. Keep in mind that this is not all the Job changes coming in Patch 6.1. YoshiP specifically mentioned that not all the jobs getting changed were listed on the slides, and even for the listed jobs, not all of their changes were detailed. Everything will be fully detailed in the official patch notes on April 11.

YoshiP also apologized for the Expedience effect time reduction from 20 to 10 seconds but that’s one of the things they deemed necessary to better balance the game. There are many more changes and the dev team hopes to see your feedback soon.

Myths of the Realm name reveal

Myths of the Realm Part 1 Aglaia was revealed. YoshiP mentioned how its name in Japanese uses the word 神域, which can be translated to “Where god(s) dwell” and how this is an important part of the lore. They showed some gameplay of it too for around 3 minutes, though it was only the entrance to show how it looks in-game.

FFXIV Letter from the Producer Live LXX – Patch 6.15 Tribal Quests: The Arkasodara

New Mounts

We got to see some gameplay of the Arkasodara Tribal Quests as well, with a pretty banger OST. Five new mounts got revealed too, check them out in the gallery below. YoshiP specified there are obviously more new mounts besides these five. The last one shown was a pod from NieR Automata.

New Minions

Some gameplay with new Minions was shown too, like a toy car. They wanted to add some of these Minions for a while now. There’s even a kangaroo one. And a cute doggo. YoshiP jokingly mentioned doggo fans must be like “You guys finally decided to use your secret weapon on us huh”. Check out the Minions in the gallery below.

New Clothes and Fashion Accessories Including Sunglasses

YoshiP – “We know these types of accessories are important for players who love taking photos. We know there aren’t many in-game. We plan to gradually add more”. Check out the gallery below.

Dream Fitting

The new clothes were shown in the new Dream Fitting function that allows you to preview Mog Station shop outfits at the inn. In the previous stream, YoshiP explained that your character is literally dreaming about it. He didn’t want to add some random NPC that would just let you preview the outfits because it wouldn’t fit the worldbuilding.

Housing Plot Sales Changes Starting from Patch 6.1

The new lottery system was already revealed in the previous stream. Now, they detailed some new elements.

Schedule for the new lottery system in housing

New equips you can get in the new Alliance Raid

YoshiP mentioned how the cape at the back is half transparent. He also mentioned that the dev and art teams spent a lot of time adjusting how these golden armors reflect lights and change colors depending on where you are. Fans were making Saint Seiya jokes in the chat. Check out the concept art in the gallery below. Nine different outfits were shown in total.

New Housing Concept Art

A candy house and a few more designs. YoshiP said they already have a lot of new designs planned.

And this is when the stream’s break time happened.

New Extreme Trial – The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria (Endwalker 6.0 Spoilers)

Gameplay of the new Extreme Trial was revealed for the first time ever. The intro cutscene at the beginning was cut to avoid spoiling it before release. They showed just a little bit of the boss’ attacks.

FFXIV Letter from the Producer Live LXX – New Adventurer Plate feature explained

This is the new introduction card feature that was announced on past streams. YoshiP specified that you’re not obligated to fill in all the info. You can hide your playing time hours for example. Check how it works in the gallery below.

The dev team is also preparing a lot of parts to customize the Plate Design. There will be premade templates too for players who don’t want to customize everything themselves. Three samples were shown too.

This is how the plate looks if you haven’t customized it at all. You can select some preset customization options depending on your role, like Tank, Healer, DPS, etc.

You can also do some very specific customization, like displaying your main Job. That way people know what you usually play even if you’re not using that Job right now.

You can also pick up to 6 playstyles to display, for example, to show if you like PVP, Raids, fishing, if you’re a hardcore player, etc.

Privacy settings for the Plates in 6.1 will be are divided between “everyone can see it, friends only, and no one can see it”. YoshiP said they’ll add more options later, like “show only to FC members”.

If you want a simpler Plate, you can also choose to only display the Portrait part.

You can also trigger some animations, rotate the camera, and take a still shot for the portrait. YoshiP: “Where’s the guy who said my character is ugly earlier in the chat???”

You can even change the characters’ facial expressions and lighting.

This is how it looks fully customized. And this is still only the beta version of the feature.

YoshiP explained how in Patch 6.1 you will only be able to save 20 Adventurer Plates. They plan to increase the limit to 100 by 6.15.

FFXIV Letter from the Producer Live LXX – Crystalline Conflict PvP mode explained with new gameplay

A cool artwork was revealed for the new PvP mode Crystal/Crystalline Conflict, alongside global PvP changes. YoshiP also revealed that the in-development codename for Crystalline Conflict was Mikoshi, as in the portable shrines carried during festivals in Japan. Because it feels similar to how you need to escort the crystal to the opposite team’s goal to win.

Overall PvP changes

Crystalline Conflict basic rules explained

Check out how Crystal Conflict works in the gallery below.

YoshiP played a game of Crystalline Conflict with members of the dev team live. The Adventurer Plate of each player is displayed before the match begins.


New PvP rewards system

Check out all the new reward system rules in the gallery below.

You will be able to claim the rewards from one Series behind. So even if you still haven’t got all the rewards in Series 1 by the time Series 2 starts, you’ll still have until series 2 ends to get them. – YoshiP

PvP Updates

Risers and Tiers system

Check them in the gallery below.

PvP Schedule

The Garo collab comeback was also officially confirmed. That’s all for the PvP changes and Crystalline Conflict coming in Patch 6.1 and beyond.

FFXIV Letter from the Producer Live LXX – Announcements segment with concerts, new artbook and merch

The Primals – Live concerts of the FFXIV OST in japan

There will be a paid stream for international fans. YoshiP said they really wanted Soken and The Primals to be able to hold those concerts, so they’re really happy it’s happening. The concerts will be held on June 4 and 5 at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall in Chiba, Tokyo.

The Primals Beyond the Shadow mini album and merch

Endwalker artbook preorders start

Final Fantasy XIV The Art of Resurrection – Among the Stars – artbook will launch on September 13. Preorders are open now for $40.

FFXIV Panasonic SoundSlayer Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker

Next stream release date with the 6.1 Patch Notes Reading

The next stream will happen on April 11 at 4 AM PST, and 7 AM EST, during the server maintenance.

YoshiP on japanese TV

Naoki Yoshida appeared in a special program on TV Asahi on April 2 at midnight.

As the stream ended, Naoki Yoshida brought up how it’s been over ten years since these streams started, and how they did 70 of them now. They started these streams because they simply wanted to create a cozy space where they could connect with the players while revealing new info. And those Letter from the Producer live streams ended up becoming one of the game’s pillars. They hope it’ll stay this way till the 100th stream and beyond.

Lastly, Naoki Yoshida stated that seeing Endwalker 6.0 was the ending of the first big arc of FFXIV, we are now moving toward new developments, new stories, and new adventures. The development team will keep doing its best and they hope we’ll keep showing our support.

That’s all for the Letter from the Producer Live LXX stream of April 1, 2022. I hope you enjoyed our summary as always. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

The Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live LXX stream has ended, you can watch the VOD below


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