Best simple car designs in LEGO Fortnite


LEGO Fortnite has added a treasure trove of vehicle tools to the game, including the much-requested Steering Wheel. These additions are the perfect excuse to return to the game. If you can’t figure out how to make a vehicle, here are the best simple car designs in LEGO Fortnite.

How to build a simple car in LEGO Fortnite

In this guide, I’ll show you how to build a basic vehicle from scratch and a more fancy version so your friends won’t laugh at you. I’ll go in-depth into every aspect of the first vehicle and show you how to troubleshoot if something goes wrong.

How to build the ‘Simple Saloon’

Screenshot: PC Invasion

This vehicle is extremely basic, but it will get you from A to B, and its width makes it hard to flip over. Here’s how to build it step by step:

Place a Car Jack 

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Car Jack costs 4 Wooden Rods and provides a handy platform to build on. You can place the Car Jack anywhere, but I recommend a wide open space as you’ll be driving away from this place later. I’m using a Large Car Jack since it’s slightly taller and is easy to use in Creative Mode. If you’re in Survival Mode, the Small one is more manageable.

Pick a Vehicle Base

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Build Menu contains several Vehicle Bases. By connecting multiple pieces, you can make any shape you want. I’m using Vehicle Base 11 as it’s large and has plenty of space to work with. Place the Vehicle Base on the Car Jack and move on to the wheels.

Add the wheels

Screenshot: PC Invasion

LEGO Fortnite has three types of wheels, and we’ll use two for this build. Let’s start with a pair of Large Powered Wheels. These cost a Frostpine Rod and four Frostpine to make, and if you don’t have those materials (they are common in the Snow biome), the Medium Wheels are a decent alternative. Place a Powered Wheel on each side of the vehicle, as I have in the picture above.

Those Powered Wheels mark the rear of your vehicle as we use the other wheels for steering. Place a pair of Turnable Wheels on the front edges to have a wheel near each corner. In my testing, it doesn’t matter if the wheels are a bit off-center, but it looks nicer if everything matches.

You can add standard wheels to your vehicle, although it’s unnecessary for this build. Standard Wheels have no power and can’t steer, but they would look great on a large, complex build.

Check the wheel directions 

The spin of each Wheel in LEGO Fortnite must be set so the vehicle will drive properly. Interact with each Wheel and ensure they all spin in the same direction. Each Wheel will spin forward when you accelerate, so they all must turn the same way.  

You can change this direction anytime, even if the car is off the Jack.

Install the Drivers Seat

Screenshot: PC Invasion

There are three Drivers Seats, and the differences are purely cosmetic. I’ve put mine in the middle at the front, but you can place it anywhere. Seats come with a Steering Wheel and cost the following:

  • Planks of wood x2,3 or 4 (depending on size)
  • Granite x2
  • Cord x2

You can build a Cord at the Spinning Wheel crafting station with five Vines. 

Add some lights

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Crafting lights cost one torch and one glass. However, they are worth the price, as the nights are quite dark in Lego Fortnite. I like to put at least one light at the front, but the more, the better. You could even place them on the sides for extra visibility.

Glass is a fairly late-game craft in LEGO Fortnite, as it requires a Level 9 Village, which unlocks the Smelter.

Install a Power Center

Best simple car designs in LEGO Fortnite
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You’re almost done with your first car, and the final part is installing a Power Center. Size dictates speed, so I recommend the largest one available. If power is disabled in your Creative World, you’re good to move on to the next phase. 

If you have power enabled or are in Survival, you must make some Power Cells for your engines. Power Cells are pretty expensive at 50 Biomass a pop. Fortunately, Biomass is easy to make with a Compost Bin. I use Bones for Biomass as Skeletons drop them, and there’s always plenty around my base after each night.

Test your vehicle

I know you’re eager to drive away, but it never hurts to check things over while your vehicle is still held by the Car Jack.

Sit in the Driver’s Seat and ensure the front wheels turn when you hold left and right. If they don’t, you may have placed a Powered Wheel by mistake, or they could be at the back of the car. 

You can also accelerate, and a prompt will display at the bottom of the screen if the Power Center is missing Power Cells. 

Take your car for a spin!

With everything checked, interact with the Car Jack to remove it. Hop in the Driver’s Seat and take your vehicle for a test drive. This vehicle is admittedly pretty ugly, but you can follow the steps above to make any vehicle in the future. Check out the build below if you want something a little more stylish.

How to build the ‘Rocket Racer’

Screenshot: PC Invasion

I’ll skim over some of the explanations for this one, as I covered most of the build process with the vehicle above. Just like before, pick a Car Jack, and let’s begin.

Pick a Base

This time around, I’m using Vehicle Base 10. The chassis is much smaller than before, but there’s plenty of room for everything we need.

Install the Suspension

Best simple car designs in LEGO Fortnite
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The vehicle base is quite narrow, so we can use Suspension to hold the wheels. The Suspension in LEGO Fortnite is solid but does provide a base for wheels beneath the chassis. I’m using Suspension 03 to match the width of the base, and I’ve lined it up with the front and back edges. 

Fit the Wheels and Driver’s Seat

Screenshot: PC Invasion

I’m using medium wheels for this build. As before, you need two powered wheels and two turnable wheels. The turnable wheels should be at the front, and you can place them on the Suspension. This vehicle has a small base, so I use the Small Driver’s Seat to save space. 

Add some decoration

Best simple car designs in LEGO Fortnite
Screenshot: PC Invasion

These parts are optional, but it doesn’t hurt to ride in style. I’ve placed Medium Brush Guards on the front and back, and the size nicely matches the width of the base. These additions only require Wooden Rods, so they are cheap to make.

I’ve also added a single Flat Light Bar in the center at the front for that valuable nighttime visibility. 

Install the Power Center

The Medium Power Center fits snuggly behind the Driver’s Seat and takes two Power Cells. You can squeeze a Large Power Center on the back, but you may need to remove the Rear Bumper.

I’ve added a pair of Vehicle Railings on either side of the Power Center, but this is purely cosmetic. These items cost five Wooden Rods and two Wood each.

Add a Thruster

Best simple car designs in LEGO Fortnite
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can squeeze a Small Thruster under the rear Suspension for a handy burst of speed. We sacrifice a tail light to do this, but it’s a great addition and makes the car much more fun to drive. You can activate the Thruster by pressing X on PlayStation (A on Xbox), and it has unlimited uses.

You can create a Small Thruster with one Wooden Rod, Blast Powder, and a Torch.

The only downside to the Rocket Racer is that it can flip over if it lands on a steep slope after a jump, so be careful. These simple vehicles get the job done and are much better than anything we could imagine before the update. 

Vehicles are easy to control in LEGO Fornite, but you can make them much more complex with multiple thrusters on more advanced builds.

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