Best Lost Ark Glaivier build for PvE and PvP


Need the best Glaivier build in Lost Ark? The Glaivier is Lost Ark’s polearm wielder, swapping between AoE and single target-focused stances to adapt to the situation at hand. Like the Gunslinger and Deadeye, the Glaivier can cycle through multiple skill bars, making for a high-APM playstyle

Whether you’ve just boosted up a Glaivier with your knowledge transfer or powerpass, or you’re starting the main campaign for the first time, this guide is here to help. Below we’ll walk you through our recommended skill levelling, engravings, awakening skills, and other key information in order to help you put together the best possible Glaivier build in Lost Ark.

Best Lost Ark Glaivier build: class overview

The Glaivier’s Identity skill is the Flurry and Focus Stance swap, empowered by the Dual Meter Identity Gauge. If you’ve played Gunslinger or Deadeye, this stance switching mechanic will be instantly familiar. It functions much like those classes’ weapon switching, cycling between the AoE-focused Flurry Stance and the single target-geared Focus Stance. You can create separate skill bars for Flurry and Focus, and will automatically swap between the two when you change stances.

The three bars of your Dual Meter slowly fill passively, and you will gain more as you hit enemies. Switching stances instantly consumes all of your Dual Meter, and provides a buff based on the number of full bars consumed. Switching to Flurry Stance temporarily increases attack speed, damage, and crit rate while switching to Focus stance increases damage, movement speed, and crit damage.

Best Lost Ark Glaivier build: leveling and skills

Glaivier’s two stances make the leveling experience extremely smooth, allowing you to build for significant single-target damage without sacrificing AoE clear speed. You will set up your Flurry skill bar to maximize AoE damage, then use Focus skills for bosses and other tougher enemies. The build below lays out Tripod choices that will help you balance between the two as you level to 50 and start out in Lost Ark’s endgame.

You will gain skill points each time you level up and earn more from roster-wide Skill Potions rewarded by endgame content. Invest those skill points to level up skills and earn Tripods, powerful modifiers gained at skill levels 4, 7, and 10. Invest in these skills up to the given Tripod breakpoints as you progress through the main story quest.

Best Glaivier skills for PvE

Skill Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Half Moon Slash Flurry Expertise Weak Point Detection Blade of Tornado
Raging Dragon Slash Quick Prep Quick Slash Awaken
Cutting Wind Firepower Control Valor Enhanced Strike
Starfall Pounce Weak Point Detection Quick Prep Powerful Finish
Red Dragon’s Horn Firepower Control Spear of Destruction Weak Point Detection
Chain Slash Swoop
Flash Kick Excellent Mobility
Shackling Blue Dragon Quick Prep
Wheel of Blades
Soul Cutter
Spiraling Spear
4-Headed Dragon
Thrust of Destruction
Dragonscale Defense

Best Glaivier skills for PvP

Skill Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Half Moon Slash Flurry Expertise Double Upper Slash Blade of Tornado
Raging Dragon Slash Quick Prep Quick Slash Awaken
Wheel of Blades Slam Tenacity Consecutive Spin
Vault Excellent Mobility Strong Upper Kick Scoop
Spear Dive Excellent Mobility Wide Hit Swift Response
Cutting Wind Quick Prep Quickness
Flash Kick Excellent Mobility Stun Effect
Dragonscale Defense Steady Belief Mind Destruction
Red Dragon’s Horn Reaction Speed Spear of Destruction
Chain Slash Swoop
Starfall Pounce Wide-Angle Attack
Thrust of Destruction Swift Fingers
4-Headed Dragon
Spiraling Spear

Arena PvP skill point totals are normalized, so you’ll have tons of points to work with as soon as you unlock PvP at level 27. Use those points to set up the build above, which leans into Glaivier’s excellent mobility and AoE to clean up team fights.

Best Lost Ark Glaivier build: Engravings

Engravings are endgame customization options that grant powerful bonuses to your character. You will start to encounter these around level 30, but you won’t need to worry about them much until level 50. There are numerous generic Engravings that any class can use, plus two class Engravings for each class that delineate distinct playstyles. Glaivier’s are:

  • Pinnacle significantly boosts the buffs granted by switching stances with a full Dual Meter.
  • Control disables Focus Stance but significantly boosts Flurry Stance damage.

This firmly establishes two unique playstyles for Glaivier in the endgame. Pinnacle users will look to quickly build Dual Meter to max, then switch stances to maintain uptime on Pinnacle’s powerful buffs. Conversely, Control users skip the stance switching and look to spam Flurry Stance skills as quickly as possible, making up for Flurry’s lack of single-target damage with Control’s buffs. You’ll need the right stats to make the most of your Engraving, which we’ll cover in the next section.

Generic Engraving choices are flexible, especially when you’re first starting out. However, some particularly strong options for Glaivier are:

  • Ambush Master increases Back Attack damage. Many of your skills have the Back Attack property, so this synergizes nicely.
  • Raid Captain increases damage based on movement speed. This works well with the buff from switching to Focus Stance, and the high amounts of Swiftness used by Control builds.
  • Adrenaline grants a stacking attack buff for a short time after you use abilities, which you’ll be doing frequently.
  • Grudge and Cursed Doll provide huge attack buffs in exchange for an increase in incoming damage or a decrease in incoming healing, respectively. These are the two largest attack buffs you can get, but they should only be used when you can max them out at Engraving level 3.

Best Lost Ark Glaivier build: Combat Stats and accessories

On top of Engravings, accessory slot items also provide Combat Stats. Your class Engraving of choice will determine which Combat Stats you should target on your gear. While leveling, however, just look for Crit and Specialization. Crit will unsurprisingly increase your crit rate, while Specialization increases Dual Meter gains and the buffs granted by stance switching.

Pinnacle Glaiviers should continue to target Specialization. Pinnacle demands fast meter building, and Specialization helps that. Look for Swiftness, which increases attack speed and decreases cooldowns, as a secondary stat. Control users will want Swiftness as their first priority to speed up their skill rotation and should target Crit as their secondary stat..

Best Lost Ark Glaivier build: Awakening skills

Awakening skills are your ultimate abilities, unlocked after level 50 via the Trixion questline. These skills deal massive damage in exchange for five-minute cooldowns and make for massive burst options in boss fights. Each class has two Awakening skills but can only equip one at a time. Glaivier’s are:

  • Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Spear Meteor launches your spear into the ground, creating a huge, high-damage explosion.
  • Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Storming Red Dragon unleashes a series of medium-AoE frontal attacks before dashing forward for a final strike.

Spear Meteor’s greater range makes it much safer. However, the attack has a long windup, making it easy to miss against fast, unpredictable bosses. Storming Red Dragon’s long animations have a similar problem, but it at least packs some damage upfront, making it harder to completely whiff. Both Glaivier Awakening skills are strong options though. Base your choice on the encounter ahead and your personal playstyle preferences.

That’s everything you need to get started with Glaivier in Lost Ark’s expansive endgame! There is a ton of content out there, and Glaivier is great in just about all of it. If you’re still trying to pick a class, our Lost Ark class tier list can give you some inspiration. Every class is solid though, so don’t sweat it too much. If you’re ready for more characters, use our guide to Knowledge Transfers in Lost Ark to get them boosted up!


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