Best items to craft in Dragon’s Dogma 2


There are a plethora of crafting recipes available to discover. But what are the best items to craft in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Here are some recipes you should learn.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: Best items to craft

There are a few types of items available to craft in Dragon’s Dogma 2, all of which can be quite useful to you and your party. While you can craft Health and Stamina consumables, you can also craft arrows and potions.

Health and Stamina consumables

Certain Health and Stamina items don’t offer you much recovery, but there are others you should strive to craft if you want to stay alive out in the open world. The most common Health consumable you’ll collect is the Salubrious Draught. It only recovers a fair amount of Health, but you can easily create and collect a ton of them. As a reminder, these health items don’t heal you to max HP due to the loss gauge mechanic.

I would also look out for Roborants like Fruit Roborant, Mighty Roborant, Exquisite Roborant, Mincemeat Roborant, Roe Roborant, and Harspud Roborant. These all help you recover a great or astonishing amount of Health and Stamina.

Item Description Recipe
Salubrious Draught Recover a fair amount of Health. Greenwarish x Any fruit
Syrupwort Leaf x Any fruit
Fruit Roborant Recover a great deal of Health. Dried Fruit x Greenwarish
Dried Fruit x Morningtide
Mighty Roborant Recover a great deal of Health and Stamina. Fruit Roborant x Cinnamon Bark
Harspud Roborant x Cinnamon Bark
Exquisite Roborant Recover an astonishing amount of Health and Stamina. Fruit Roborant x Saurian Tail
Mincemeat Roborant x Saurian Tail
Roe Roborant x Saurian Tail
Harspud Roborant x Saurian Tail
Mincemeat Roborant Recover a great deal of Health. Dried Meat x Greenwarish
Dried Meat x Morningtide
Roe Roborant Recover a great deal of Health. Dried Fish x Greenwarish
Dried Fish x Morningtide
Harspud Roborant Recover a great deal of Stamina. Dried Spud x Greenwarish
Dried Spud x Morningtide


While you’re free to purchase new arrow types, there are also unique arrows you can craft using practical crafting ingredients. They can have unique effects against the target, so they’re better than your normal arrows. I’d say the best has to be the Explosive Arrow for the greatest amount of damage.

Item Description Recipe
Drenching Arrow Drenches the target. Withered Branches x Syrupwort Leaf
Tarring Arrow Tares the target. Withered Branches x Lantern Oil
Explosive Arrow Explodes after a time or if attacked. Withered Branches x Sunbloom


During your travels throughout the open world, you’ll get into many combat situations that leave you with debilitating effects. These debuffs can be countered using a multitude of potions. I often find myself being drenched or asleep, so Waking Powder and Parching Concoction are best to always have on hand.

Item Description Recipe
Wicking Remedy Cures tarred debilitation. Cinnamon Bark x Cinnamon Bark
Waking Powder Cures the sleep debilitation. Grandpetal x Grandpetal
Parching Concoction Cures drenched debilitation. Hill Beech Bark x Hill Beech Bark
Sobering Tonic Cures unconscious debilitation. Grandpetal x Morningtide
Warming Salve Cures the frostbite or ice-bound debilitation. Cures frostbite or ice-bound debilitation.

After crafting all these items you’ll eventually realize you’re carrying way too many things, so you should find out ways to increase your carry weight in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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