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Artifacts are modifiers that will give you an assortment of bonuses, buffs, and the occasional debuff to change the way you face the enemy and how much damage you end up outputting. However, don’t let the randomness of their spawning extend to you selecting any Artifact without giving it a thought. Here are the best Artifacts you can find in Gatekeeper.

What are the best Gatekeeper Artifacts?

Before we begin, be mindful that I will only include all five Basic Sets every player can use from the start as well as the Titan-200 Artifact group – since it is the easiest to unlock if you get to Aridune. This is because I believe those are the groups I deem indispensable and therefore, the only necessary to have a successful run that will help you complete all achievements – although you will benefit from unlocking more.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Of course, the tier list you will now see is entirely based on my own experience in-game and many, many deaths. Basically, you will want to prioritize AoE, bouncing attacks, and primary weapon buffs and additions that will help you clear the enemy units and Sirens

S-Tier Artifacts

Gatekeeper Bayonet
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Artifact Artifact Group Description
Bayonet Titan-200 Enemies with less than 40%HP receive 60% (+60% per stack) more damage.
Essence Basic Set – 4 On hit, a 5% (+5% per stack) chance to release a wave of energy. 250% damage to all it touches.
HVC Basic Set – 1 On hit, a 25% chance to trigger chain lightning with 2 (+1 per stack) bounces. 120% damage + elemental damage bonuses.
Inertia Basic Set – 2 On kill, a 35% chance to create an impulse. 200% (+200% per stack) damage from the last dealt damage.
Nomad’s Stick Basic Set – 1 On hit, a 5% (+5% per stack) chance to launch a projectile at the enemy. 150% damage.
Vertebral Implant Basic Set – 1 35% (+35% per stack) to maximum health.

A-Tier Artifacts

Gatekeeper Adrenalin Pill
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Artifact Artifact Group Description
Adrenaline Pill Basic Set – 1 25% (+25% per stack) to maximum health. 15% (+15% per stack) to damage.
Cinder Flare Basic Set – 2 Reducing enemy’s health below 50% launches 3 (+1 per stack) incendiary projectiles at enemies within a radius of 25. 100% damage + elemental damage bonuses.
Cut Clout Basic Set – 2 Converts 1% of lost health into 2% (+2% per stack) additional damage.
Eminence Basic Set – 5 Doubles damage both to enemies and the owner.
Enhancer Basic Set – 2 The second skill gains an additional charge of use.
Fuse Basic Set – 4 A vessel drops from a killed enemy. 300% (+300% per stack) damage, within a radius of 7 units.
Indicator Basic Set – 1 5% (+5% per stack) to critical hit chance.
Protocol 1.0 Basic Set – 1 On hitting with the first skill, a 5% (+5% per stack) chance to launch a projectile. 180% damage.
Swarm Pendant Basic Set – 3 On killing an enemy, a 30% chance to summon a resectoid that attacks a random enemy. 250% (+250% per stack) damage.
Triumph Basic Set – 1 After kill, the next first skill attack deals 50% (+50% per stack) more damage.

B-Tier Artifacts

Gatekeeper Argument
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Artifact Artifact Group Description
Argument Titan-200 Deals 20% (+20% per stack) damage every 0.2 seconds within a 6 unit radius around the gatekeeper.
Bad Mood Basic Set – 1 50% (+25% per stack) to damage withing a 8 unit radius around the gatekeeper.
Bane Seal Titan-200 On hit, has a 10% (+5% per stack) chance to tag an enemy. Damage dealt to the tagged enemy is increased by 50%.
Jade Basic Set – 1 2HP (+2HP per stack) to health regeneration.
Kettlebell Basic Set – 1 On hitting with the first skill, a 10% (+5% per stack) chance to push the enemy away.
Second Wind Basic Set – 1 4HP (+4HP per stack) to health regeneration, while health is below 40%.
Skirmish Titan-200 A skill hit on an enemy with full health launches a projectile at a nearby enemy. 150% (+150% per stack) damage.
Tamer Basic Set – 5 +100% to damage against Rampants and Sirens, but -40% to damage against other enemies.

C-Tier Artifacts

Gatekeeper Blue Pill
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Artifact Artifact Group Description
Blue Pill Basic Set – 1 15% (+15% per stack) to movement speed.
Cursed Shard Basic Set – 5 A 10% chance to create an area at the point of enemy’s death. Damage 10% of maximum health once every 0.3 seconds. Damages everyone.
Hollow Talisman Basic Set – 3 A sentient talisman, attacks every 8 seconds, 200% (+200% per stack) damage.
Wilt Haze Titan-200 On kill, a 8% (+7% per stack) chance to leave a weakening cloud.

If I had to pick only one of the above, I would pick Bayonet. If you stack enough of these, you will obliterate Sirens in just a few seconds – as long as you drop their health below 40%, of course. You will also want to keep an eye out on Evolution upgrades which will be available to you each time you level up. Focus on Damage, Rate of Fire, Health, and Health Regeneration. Make sure you pick the right Gatekeeper so that you can reign supreme across all four worlds!

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