Best Destiny 2 Season of the Wish weapons, ranked


Since Destiny 2 Season of the Wish is the longest season in the game (and the last season ever), it’s important to know what the best weapons are before you start grinding for all of them. In my opinion, here are the best Destiny 2 Season of the Wish weapons.

What are the best weapons in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish?

There are a lot of weapons that are released with each new season, like the Breakneck Auto Rifle, and they shouldn’t be ignored. There are new weapons in Crucible, Gambit, Vanguard, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner, but this article will focus on the Wish weapons and Undying weapons. We’ll have a separate guide for the Dungeon weapons.

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Best Wish weapons in Destiny 2, ranked

  1. Supercluster – Strand Shotgun
  2. Appetence – Stasis Trace Rifle
  3. Scatter Signal – Strand Fusion Rifle
  4. Doomed Petitioner – Void Linear Fusion Rifle
  5. Lethophobia – Void Bow
  6. Scalar Potential – Arc Pulse Rifle

At first glance, I wasn’t impressed with the Wish weapons, but upon further examination, almost all of them are really good. The good news about all six of these weapons is they are all craftable and they aren’t hard to get since Season of the Wish will last a long time.

In my opinion, Supercluster is the best Wish weapon. It’s a Strand Shotgun with a Pinpoint Slug Frame which deals one high-damage shot that has a predictable recoil pattern that handles really nicely. This weapon can carry a lot of ammo and can go all in on Strand with Slice and Hatchling — there are some other great perks as well like Reconstruction and Vorpal Weapon.

Personally, I love Trace Rifles (and wish they were better). Appetence is a Stasis Trace Rifle with an Adaptive Frame. It’s the first of its kind which makes it a must-get, but it’s also a really solid weapon, especially for Stasis builds. The craziest perk combo I’ve seen for Appetence is Overflow and Killing Tally which allows you to basically never have to reload and also gain up to 30% more damage which can absolutely shred for add clear and DPS.

Next up is Scatter Signal. It’s basically Iterative Loop but with Strand (and Iterative Loop dominated the Trials of Osiris meta for a while). This Rapid-Fire Frame Strand Fusion Rifle has a lot of great perks; a good combo is leaning into Strand like with Supercluster by going with Slice and Hatchling. If you want a PvP God Roll, I suggest Perpetual Motion and Kickstart.

I didn’t think much of Doomed Petitioner, but this Aggressive Frame (three-shot burst) Void Linear Fusion Rifle has a lot of potential. There’s a lot of competition when it comes to Linear Fusion Rifles and Rocket Launchers are the current meta, but Doomed Petitioner can automatically keep ammo in the chamber with Reconstruction and Dragon’s Vengence and get up to a 25% damage buff when dealing precision damage which is great for bosses with big precision hitboxes. Don’t sleep on it.

Lethophobia is a Lightweight Frame Void Bow with some impressive perks. For PvE, I recommend Repulsor Brace to get a Void overshield on Void-debuffed kills, but Lethophobia can rock PvP with Impulse Amplifier and Explosive Head. It’s really not bad, but everything else on this list is just that good.

The only weapon I’d recommend skipping on this list is Scalar Potential. This Energy Arc Pulse Rifle with a Rapid-Fire Frame feels fun to use, but it’s outclassed by a lot of other options for PvP and PvE. If you like it, use it, but just know that it isn’t anything special.

Best Undying weapons in Destiny 2, ranked

Image: Bungie
  1. Subjunctive – Arc SMG
  2. Adhortative – Solar Pulse Rifle
  3. Imperative – Kinetic Scout Rifle
  4. Optative – Void Hand Cannon

Much like the Wish weapons, the Undying weapons seem mid at first but are actually not bad. There are a few great PvE and PvP weapons here and, again, these are all craftable.

If you missed the chance to get the Voltshot IKELOS SMG, then Subjunctive is one you need to focus on getting this season. Subjunctive is an Arc Submachine Gun with a Lightweight Frame. And most importantly, it comes with Voltshot. For God Rolls, focus your attention on everything that increases reload speed and use Voltshot.

If you don’t want to use your No Time to Explain, Adhortative is a solid replacement, especially for Solar builds which are really great this season thanks to the Seasonal Artifact. What makes this Solar Adaptive Frame Pulse Rifle so good is it has Heal Clip and Incandescent. It’s a Solar main’s dream.

Though Scout Rifles aren’t that powerful right now Imperative is a nice Kinetic High-Impact Frame Scout Rifle that can be extremely effective in PvP. Imperative has a lot of great perk options, but the best for PvP is Rapid Hit and Explosive Payload.

Finally, we have Optative which is the dud of the group. There are already so many good Hand Cannons to compete against, but this Void Precision Frame Hand Cannon is just not it. It does have Rapid Hit and Kill Clip which is an amazing combo for PvP, but the Precision Frame holds it back.

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