Apple adds 30 games to its Apple Arcade subscription service

Apple adds 30 games to its Apple Arcade subscription service

Apple has added 30 games to the Apple Arcade service this week (April 2), the biggest addition since it launched last year.

Released games were added to one of three different categories on the store – Arcade Originals, App Store Greats and Timeless Classics.

The release features a mix of original titles and classic mobile games. New titles released on Friday include NBA 2K Arcade Edition, Star Trek: Legends and The Oregon Trail.

NBA 2k Arcade Edition condenses the NBA 2K experience down to mobile, offering 5v5 matches, online play and a career mode. Additionally, the new edition removes the infamous micro transactions that are synonymous with the main series.

NBA 2K Arcade Edition Credit: 2K / Apple

Iconic mobile titles like Monument Valley, Mini Metro and Fruit Ninja Classic also arrived on the service.

Monument Valley is an isometric puzzle-platformer that follows the story of a princess named Ida. Players must interact with the environment through a series of optical illusions in order to progress.

Several timeless classics were also released on Friday, including Solitaire, Flipflop Solitaire, Chess – Play & Learn and Backgammon.

Nobou Uematsu thinks Fantasian could be the last video game soundtrack he creates

Fantasian. Credit: MistwalkerApple Arcade’s biggest content release so far arrives alongside one of the platform’s most anticipated titles, Fantasian.

Developed by a team of Final Fantasy veterans, Fantasian could be the last title from famed Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Apple Arcade now has over 180 games which users can download as part of a monthly subscription. Each game is a full experience with no ads or in-app purchases.

Apple iOS users can access the monthly service for £4.99 on iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, iPad and the iPod Touch.

The British Esports Association (BEA) has called for disability gaming competitions, after a recent FIFA competition highlighted the need for more inclusivity.

Staff at BEA are hoping to gain the support of major gaming developers and publishers.

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