All Items In Castle Dimitrescu’s Courtyard


If you’re hoping to collect every hidden item in Castle Dimitrescu’s Courtyard, this Resident Evil Village guide has you covered.

In Resident Evil Village, you are playing as Ethan Winters who in recent years hasn’t had the easiest life. From losing his wife, to rescuing his wife, to almost getting killed by his wife; he needs a little help from you in order to survive.

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To help Ethan survive, you must collect every item, every crystal fragment, and unlock every door and drawer in Castle Dimitrescu. You’ll find throughout the game there are a lot of tips and tricks to help you survive. As for the courtyard, finding the 5 hidden items will be the difference between giving Ethan a death sentence or helping him survive.


Shotgun Ammo: Left Side Entrance Vase

A Resident Evil Village character finds a vase next to the stone railing in the Castle Dimitrescu courtyard.

Standing at the entrance, you will head straight to the left side of the deck and next to the railing where you will find a breakable vase. When you break it open using melee with your weapon, the vase will drop some shotgun ammo.

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The Resident Evil Village character finds a vase with an item inside the Castle Dimitrescu Courtyard hidden in a dark corner.

Heading back to the entrance of the courtyard, veer to your right this time and there will be a vase containing metal scrap in a dark corner. To break it, simply melee with your weapon as you did with the other vase.

This will be located before the stairway illuminated by torches. The metal scrap can be used for crafting items such as ammo, mine, and explosive rounds.

Lei: Golden Cage

Resident Evil Village character finds a golden cage on the ceiling of the Castle Dimitrescu Courtyard near some archways and plants containing Lei.

After you grab the metal scrap, head to the top of the illuminated stairs then look up. You will see a golden cage hanging from the ceiling that you need to shoot down. Inside this golden cage you will receive some Lei (money).

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Herb: Behind Garden Stone Barrier

A Resident Evil Village character finds an herb in the garden in the Castle Dimitrescu Courtyard hidden in the overgrown weeds..

Standing in the middle of the stone pergola, there will be a herb in the garden area on the other side of the stone barrier towards the southwest side of the courtyard.

If you head straight from the main entrance in this single player shooter, towards the middle of the pergola, the herb will be located on your right-hand side of the courtyard. You won’t have the ability to go into the grass portion, however you can reach the item from behind the stone barrier.

The Resident Evil Village character finds a vase on the porch near the golden door in Castle Dimitrescu Courtyard near the stone railing and some plant life.

From the pergola, you will walk up the stairs towards the golden door. From there, you will veer to your right and walk along the railing until you come to another vase in the corner of the porch that contains the last item in this area.

Using your weapon to melee the vase, you will receive some metal scrap. Once you pick up this last item, the area will turn blue. You’ll find this game is constantly expanding for the item discoverability and size which means it’s less likely for this game to grow dull.

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