25 Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu


Hulu is home to a variety of shows and movies to watch across a number of genres. In particular though, it has a metric ton of anime to peruse for those interested, and that’s why we’re here to show you the 20 best anime you can watch on Hulu.


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Anime that aren’t based on a pre-existing manga or property are a rarity nowadays, but those that do pop up tend to carry a high benchmark of quality.

Case in point: Megalobox, a series that follows the rise and fall of underground boxer Joe in a technologically-modded version of the pugilistic sport, is a cut above most anime offerings in general. Though its animation isn’t exceptional, its story and characters are some of the best around. Their desires for greatness, belonging, and family are sure to hook fans of underdog stories and epic tragedies alike.

It’s also a quick and breezy watch. There are currently 22 episodes to dig into on Hulu, with the second season entering its final stretch. As such, you won’t be required to devote days of your life to the series and can knock it out within a day if you wanted to.

Cowboy Bebop

Main Cast Lined up Along Police Suspect wall in Cowboy Bebop (Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu)
Image Credit: Bones

There’s not a lot more that can be said about Cowboy Bebop which hasn’t been said already.

A revered classic of the anime medium, the series has remained in the fandom’s consciousness since it first aired back in 1998. The sci-fi escapades of the Bebop’s crew, and the drama that unfolds as they try to find meaning in their adventure-filled lives, continues to make for some of the best anime viewing you could ask for.

Whether you’re looking to watch the series for the first time or out to rewatch it for the millionth time, it’s hard to go wrong with this one. Plus, the full series of 26 episodes are available on Hulu in the lauded English dub, meaning you’ll be able to get the full experience everyone has been raving about for decades now.

Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo Key Art of Main Characters
Image Credit: Manglobe

Most anime series that break into the mainstream consciousness have something that sets them apart from the rest of the pack. For Samurai Champloo, that something is easily its style.

The series oozes personality in a way few other shows could hope to thanks to its novel premise. Set in feudal Japan, it offers a version of the setting where samurais and hip hop exist at the same point in time. Beatboxers roam the streets alongside sword-wielding ronin, and swordsmen incorporate breakdancing into their techniques on the fly.

It’s a blast to watch, and the concept stays fresh through the series’ entire 26 episode run. The soundtrack is also a perfect fit for the show, and you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting to listen to it on repeat well after the credits roll on the final episode.

Attack on Titan

Reiner Punching Eren in Titan Form in Attack on Titan (Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu)
Image Credit: MAPPA

To say Attack on Titan is a phenomenal anime would be an understatement.

Its winding tale of the last remnants of humanity fighting against enormous cannibalistic foes is enthralling from the first episode to the most recent installments. Likewise, the search for answers as to where said foes came from is thrilling in the best and worst possible ways, ensuring you’ll be on the edge of your seat season after season.

With this in mind, you’d be remiss not to check the show out on Hulu if you haven’t seen it yet. Every episode, OVA, and extended special are available through the platform too, so you can experience the entire series from start to finish.

Assassination Classroom

Koro Sensei Surrounded by Students in Assassination Classroom
Image Credit: Lerche

We know it may sound crazy, but this series about students trying to assassinate their homeroom teacher is one of the better anime you can find in Hulu’s library.

Balancing genuine comedy with a heartfelt story of acceptance and understanding, Assassination Classroom earns its prestige as one of the better — and wackier — shonen offerings from the past decade. It won’t be long before you come to love each and every student in the titular classroom, as well as their Cthulian homeroom teacher Korosensei. It also helps that the students’ attempts to kill Korosensei never feel too vindictive, and lean more toward being a running gag.

All 47 episodes of the show are available through the platform too, meaning you can view the series in its entirety over the course of a few days.

Higurashi: When They Cry

Higurashi Green-Haired Character Laughing Maniacally
Image Credit: Studio Deen and Passione

This recommendation comes with a quick caveat: If you’re not a fan of horror or gore, this series won’t be for you.

For everyone else though, it’s tough to find a better horror anime than Higurashi. Steeped in intrigue, supernatural happenings, and more blood-soaked viscera than you can shake a carving knife at, it’ll keep you coming back episode after episode to find out what’s causing all the murder and chaos surrounding its cast.

Though the original series isn’t currently available on Hulu, all 24 episodes of the latest remake are there for your viewing pleasure. We’d strongly advise against binging it all in one go though, unless you’re eager to be as emotionally gutted as possible in a single day.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Mushoku Tensei Cast Running in Field
Image Credit: Studio Bind

Though it has some notable speed-bumps in its first few episodes, Mushoku Tensei is easily one of the best Isekai you can find on Hulu; let alone one of the best anime.

Following the usual trope-y storyline, it sees a shut-in reincarnated into a fantasy world and gifted with an exceptional amount of power. Unlike other shows in the genre though, it isn’t afraid to tackle themes that should be more prevalent among the characters and their adventures.

Case in point: Main character Rudy is still a socially awkward and generally despicable person trapped in a new body, and he needs to work toward using his reincarnation to be a better human being. The trauma of his past life doesn’t magically go away either, and he’s forced to contend with this on multiple occasions as the series goes on.

This might make the first few episodes harder to watch as a result; less so because they lack quality, and more so because they’ll leave you cringing with disgust at Rudy’s actions before he tries to be better in earnest. Once you’re past that though, you’ll be well-rewarded with two of the best seasons of anime around.


Psycho-Pass Cast Standing Against Blue Background (Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu)
Image Credit: Production I.G

Psycho-Pass has remained a favorite among the anime community since it first aired in 2012, and for good reason.

Offering a fully-realized dystopian world filled with interesting characters, it’s ripe with the potential for interesting stories to play out. And play out they do: Across the series’ three seasons, several engaging tales of free will, desire, and facing the dark side of humanity play out in masterful fashion.

It’s for this reason that we’d strongly recommend checking it out as soon as possible. Hulu has the first two seasons of the show available for streaming subbed or dubbed, and the third season should become available on the platform any day now.


Horimiya Main Couple Laying Down Together With Photos of True Selves (Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu)
Image Credit: CloverWorks

Though it may be one of the newer shows on this list, HoriMiya earns its place among the best anime on Hulu with a simple yet effective take on the romantic comedy formula.

The premise is simple enough: Two high schoolers who live starkly different lives outside of school strike up a friendship with one another. It quickly blossoms into a romantic relationship, and the two must then navigate the pitfalls of their feelings for one another while figuring out who they really are.

Unlike other shows out there however, HoriMiya isn’t afraid to dig into more realistic topics. Toxic behaviors, choices with blurry moral implications, and other aspects tinge the usual tropes and happenings, making the series feel genuine in a way romantics and realists alike are sure to appreciate.


FLCL Haru Holding Guitar in Front of Massive iron
Image Credit: Gainax and Production I.G

It’s hard to describe FLCL, or even what makes it resonate the way it does with viewers.

Some love it for its pumping soundtrack and peppy voice acting, which encapsulate the energy and emotion of growing up in the early 2000s. Others cite its frantic and unrestricted art style, which jumps between the usual fare of its era and a more free-form, sakuga-filled iteration that would eventually become studio Trigger’s trademark. Yet others love it for the simple fact that it’s so nonsensical and irreverent it could never be made today.

No matter what draws them to the series, many cite it as one of the best shows you can watch, and it easily ranks among the best on Hulu. If you’ve never watched it yourself, give it a chance and find out what element draws you in most of all.


Overlord Cast Posing Together (Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu)
Image Credit: Madhouse

Isekai anime aren’t typically known for switching up their formula, which is why Overlord stands out the way it does.

Instead of reincarnating as the series’ hero, the protagonist finds themselves forced into the role of a world’s indomitable villain. After discovering this, they then set out to “save” this new realm by becoming a hero the world looks up to; not to bring about peace, but to ensure they are the biggest and strongest threat the nation has ever seen.

Of course, this is easier said than done, and plenty of hijinks ensue as the protagonist makes their way toward total world domination. Between the engaging story and top-notch animation though, it’s a blast to watch, and easily one of the better anime you can tear through on Hulu right now.

Spy x Family

Spy x Family Anya Napping on Top of Bond
Image Credit: David Production

It’s not all that common for a slice of life anime like Spy x Family to take the world by storm, but it’s hard not to say it deserved to do so.

Host to a loveable bunch of weirdos who have created a found family for each other, the series is as adorable as it is zany. Each new adventure secret agent Loid and his fake wife Yor undertake due to misunderstandings, and every odd predicament child psychic Anya finds herself in due to a scheme gone wrong, is both uplifting and downright hilarious.

And yet, when all is said and done, what really draws you back in over and over again is the heart the series shows. There’s a clear caring and tenderness in every interaction, and it’s impossible not to root for this fake family to stick everything out together given how good they are for each other.

There are currently two available seasons to binge your way through on Hulu, and given the show’s popularity, it’s more than likely that a third will release within the next couple years.

Death Parade

Death Parade Decim Looking at Blood in Hand (Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu)
Image Credit: Madhouse

Those in the know swear by Death Parade, and for good reason.

The show imagines a scenario where the afterlife is a bar full of different games to take part in. How you perform in the games — and even how you approach them — will reveal how you lived your life, and determine whether or not you deserve to go to heaven or hell.

This results in a surprisingly impactful story filled with finding meaning in life, facing past mistakes, and otherwise enjoying one of the chill-est interpretations of purgatory ever seen. This is to say nothing of the show’s amazing art and animation, which lend a sense of life to the series that helps it resonate all the more with anyone who watches it.

Best of all is that it’s one of the more manageable watches on this list. With only 12 episodes, it can be knocked out in half a day of low-key Hulu binging.

Hunter X Hunter (2011)

Hunter x Hunter Key Art of Cast Standing in Front of Sunrise
Image Credit: Madhouse

Given its popularity, you’ve probably heard plenty about the 2011 adaptation of Hunter X Hunter and its greatness at this point.

Where other shows fall back on tropes that have been done to death, it finds ways to make the story feel fresh, original, and insightful in how it presents characters and their defining traits. The fights that characters undertake are tinged with deeper meaning and purpose, lending them a weight that other shonen fare lacks.

Said characters’ personal journeys to find or collect what matters to them are filled with devastating highs and lows as well, which make their eventual victories feel far more earned. By the time the credits roll, you’ll have been with them through some of the best and worst parts of their lives, and you’ll love them all the more for it.

To be fair though, you should prepare yourself to devote a fair bit of time to the series before diving into it. There are 79 of the series’ 148 episodes currently available on Hulu, and it won’t be long before the entire show is available for you to peruse.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia heroes Gathered Before Massive Battle (Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu)
Image Credit: Bones

My Hero Academia is easily one of the most popular anime around right now, but don’t be fooled into thinking it has only succeeded by playing it safe.

Blending the western superhero mythos with a Japanese art style and aesthetic, the series takes a measured look at how a society would function if superpowers were an everyday occurrence. Things like how policing would work, and how superheroes would realistically be allowed to carry out justice, are all examined with a thoughtful approach; peppered with the usual trappings of a Shonen action series, of course.

This helps to elevate the show toward something more than a fight-filled series, and gives it a core that helps to keep it interesting even after five seasons. If you’re looking for a new series to dive headlong into, there are few better options than this.


Kaneda Doing Iconic Slide on Bike in Akira
Image Credit: Tokyo Movie Shinsa and Toho

Forgive us for leaning on weathered and worn tropes, but Akira is still arguably THE anime to watch on almost any platform.

Responsible for bringing anime to a mainstream audience in the 1980s, it exemplified what the medium could achieve and how it could set itself apart as an art form. Its animation remains some of the best ever created, and you’ll find something to love about it no matter how many shows or films you’ve seen in the past.

The same could be said of its voice acting and story, which are both polished and refined to the point that anyone could be drawn in by them regardless of their experience with anime.

Do be warned though; the film is full of more gore and violence than you might expect from modern anime, and may leave you a bit queasy if you aren’t prepared for it.

Code Geass

Lelouch Aiming Gun at Suzaku in Code Geass
Image Credit: Sunrise

You might have heard about Code Geass before now, and we can guarantee any praise you’ve heard for it is warranted.

One of the standout anime series from the 2000s, it is widely regarded by many as one of the best shows of all time. This is thanks to its stellar characters, engaging plot full of intrigue and deception, and an ending that puts almost every other series out there to shame. It also has a distinctive and memorable art style, which you’ll quickly fall in love with once the top-tier animation brings it to life.

It’s a must-watch series, and easily one of the best in Hulu’s catalog. The show is available both subbed and dubbed too, so you won’t have to worry about settling for vocal performances you’re not used to.


Characters Standing Together in Black Suits in Durarara!!
Image Credit: Brain’s Base

It can be tricky to tell a story that involves several intertwining plot threads, but that’s exactly what makes Durarara!! such a blast to watch.

Set in the ever-eventful city of Ikebukuro, it weaves together several story arcs into one expansive account of the city’s power struggles. Each twist and turn brings the different stories closer together, while also offering answers to mysteries tied to the characters and setting.

Topping it all off is some great animation and voice acting, which will leave you wanting to binge the entire first season of the show in rapid succession. Luckily, you can do just that with Hulu, as it has all 24 episodes of the first season and the entire second cour available for your viewing pleasure.

Fruits Basket

Tohru Being Reassured by Friends While Kyo Sighs in Fruits Basket
Image Credit: TMS/8PAN

The 2000s were host to quite a few shows which were dearly beloved but received anime-original endings which soured their reputations. As a result, they left the shows’ fanbases eager for more balanced and faithful adaptations sometime in the future.

Fortunately for the Fruits Basket fan community, this moment came in the form of a more modern and faithful adaptation in 2019. Translating the story from the manga directly and accurately, it brings the beloved story to life sans the creative liberties taken during its first foray in the motion-based medium. Each character arc plays out as it was intended, and it all leads toward the same conclusion shown in the manga so many years ago.

At the same time though, it retains the charm of the original adaptation thanks to the voice cast reprising their roles. This makes the series feel like it fully realizes the potential of the original series, and polishes the adaptation into a gem of Shojo storytelling.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Cast Standing in Front of Flaming Background in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Image Credit: Bones

Still regarded by many as the best Shonen anime of all time, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a must-watch if you haven’t seen it already.

Whereas the 2003 adaptation had to wrap up its story with filler arcs and anime original content, Brotherhood is a nearly shot-for-shot adaptation of the manga. Not only that, but it adapts the story in a way that elevates the events taking place. Major plot points are amped up to 11 with stellar music and voice acting, and the animation can be downright beautiful during the series’ major fight scenes.

It’s a deserved example of an anime you need to see before you die. Fortunately, Hulu can help you do that in no time flat, as all 64 episodes of the series are available on the platform both subbed and dubbed.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing Gundams Standing Stationary
Image Credit: Sunrise

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing holds a special place in the hearts of many a fan’s heart, and for good reason.

Weaving an intricate plot of political tensions, long-held grudges, and unexpected alliances, the series offers one of the best entry points to the wider Gundam universe. Its mech designs are also some of the most iconic in the series, with each of its five main Mobile Suits setting themselves apart through well-defined traits and alterations.

And oh boy, is the dialogue something else. Aside from the well-known meme of the main character responding to a birthday invitation with “I’ll kill you”, there are plenty of other bonkers line reads which did their best but still came off exceptionally strange.

Best of all is that both seasons are currently available on Hulu. Coming in at 50 episodes, it’ll give you something to dig into for at least a few days or even weeks depending on your pacing.

Summer Time Rendering

Summer Time Rendering Cast Standing Together on Pier (Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu)
Image Credit: OLM Team Kojima and Yasuki Tanaka

Please believe us when we say that Summer Time Rendering is one of the best anime treasures you could hope to stumble across on Hulu.

Starting off as a twist on the Groundhog Day repeating time loop premise, this Shonen series quickly unravels into a harrowing tale of murder, shadowy dopplegangers, and long-buried secrets. While that might sound nonsensical and overloaded with elements, it’s actually incredibly well-constructed and tightly-written in practice.

Best of all is that it’s one of those rare series which tells a complete narrative in a manageable 25 episode run. Chances are you’ll be eager to rewatch the series as soon as it’s done though, and we wouldn’t blame you in the slightest.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Cast Together Before Battle (Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu)
Image Credit: Pierrot

Despite a years-long break between its release and the end of the Bleach anime proper, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is well worth checking out on Hulu.

Pitting the Soul Reapers against a new threat in the form of the Quincy, this filler-free adaptation of Bleach’s final arc feels like what the Big Three member’s adaptation always should have been. The pacing is excellent, the animation drips with Sakuga, and the voice acting finally feels like it isn’t carrying the rest of the series.

There are currently 39 episodes with more on the way, so you can pace yourself with a few episodes a week or slam down every available episodes in a couple weekends. Either way, you’ll want to be ready for the final cour of the series when it starts airing sometime soon.

Dragon Ball

Goku and Chi Chi Riding Nimbus Together in Dragon Ball (Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu)
Image Credit: Toei Animation

While it may be overlooked for the other portions of the series that are available on Hulu, we’d still readily recommend you check out the original Dragon Ball.

Over the course of 153 episodes, you’re given a much better glimpse at the characters and dynamics which exist between Goku and his friends. Not only that, but you get to see what the series was like before it was a gargantuan Shonen heavyweight obsessed with fights and power-ups. Adventure, comedy, and imaginative storytelling are available in abundance, and you’ll leave surprised that the series didn’t try harder to retain these elements as time went on.

Do be aware, however, that this episode count does include some filler. If that’s not something you’re interested in, be sure to look up a filler guide for the series before proceeding further.


Bakuman Main Characters Having Head Patted by Woman (Best Anime You Can Watch on Hulu)

If you’ve never heard of Bakuman, you’re not alone.

An adaptation of a manga by the same name, the series is a meta slice of life offering from the authors of Death Note. Centered around the creative process behind making manga, it’s an incredibly detailed and heartfelt look at how the medium continues to churn out hits year after year; and, in the worst cases, how this can devastate the people who try to keep making meaningful works.

Though other shows have dug into the industries inner workings in recent years, Bakuman remains one of the first — and arguably best — examples of it. Give it a look if you need a few dozen episodes to binge, but also want to learn something while you’re at it.

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