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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom best weapons and armor sets will truly change the way you approach the game. From DPS monsters that will melt opponents to bolstered defenses that would make the hardest hits tickle, here’s our guide to help you with the best weapons and armor in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. And, yes, we’ve included shields, too. Lastly, please be reminded that this article contains minor spoilers.

Best melee weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

For our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom best weapons list, we’ve prioritized those that can truly make a difference when you’re battling enemies. However, take note that the items you pick for the Fuse mechanic also need to be considered.

Royal Guard’s Claymore or Royal Guard’s Sword – The Royal Guard armaments can be found in the Sanctum (i.e. Throne Room) of Hyrule Castle. What makes the weapons quite unique is a perk whereby their DPS is greatly increased when they’re about to break. Not only that, but this perk also applies to any attached Fuse Material.

You might be asking what sort of benefit you’d get from a buff with an item that’s about to break anyway? Well, that’s because weapon degradation does not apply to mounted attacks when you’re fighting Lynels. That means you can switch to this weapon at certain situations when fighting the game’s most dangerous non-boss enemies. Moreover, you could just repair them later via Rock Octoroks.

Anything combined with a Silver Lynel Horn – Since we just mentioned how the Royal Guard perk affects even Fuse Materials, then look no further than Silver Lynel items such as Saber Horns and Mace Horns. The provide +55 and +51 attack power, respectively, and further boosted by the Royal Guard passive.

Longswords with boss drops – If you’re not regularly taking out Lynels, then you can make do with Longsword-type weapons with boss drops as Fuse Materials (i.e. Flux Construct Cores). This is because of this weapon type’s wider arc when swung. That means you’re hitting several opponents with a single attack.

Gloom Sword or Gloom Spear as Fuse Materials – The Gloom Sword and Gloom Spear drop from Phantom Ganon bosses. These corrupted specters are encountered a few times in the game, most notably in Hyrule Castle, the Deku Tree Chasm, and after you defeat some Mr. Gloomyhands enemies.

The Gloom effect can be debilitating if you keep attacking foes with these items. Thankfully, that effect won’t bother you if they’re attached as Fuse Materials. You’ll gain the benefits without any downsides.

Master Sword – Well, it’s the Master Sword. It doesn’t have its own attack rating, but you can Fuse weapons and materials to it. It will also shoot out beam projectiles when you press the R button as long as you have full hearts.

A Royal Guard’s Claymore combined with a Silver Lynel Saber Horn offers a ton of DPS.

Best bows in Tears of the Kingdom

Savage Lynel Bow – In terms of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom best weapons, few ranged options can compare to the Savage Lynel Bow. By default, you’ll probably see one that has +32 attack, but it shoots out three arrows simultaneously. However, there are variants that can fire five arrows instead.

Demon King’s Bow – Speaking of the Phantom Ganon boss, it can also drop the Demon King’s Bow. What makes this awesome is its raw power based on your current hearts. If you’ve been completing a lot of Shrine challenges to earn Lights of Blessing, then this will have around +60 attack. Just make sure to keep Link healed up.

Dusk Bow – We’ve included the Dusk Bow not necessarily because of its DPS (it only has +30 attack). Rather, it’s a weapon that doesn’t come from a chest. It’s simply out there in the open, which means it will respawn with each new Bloodmoon Cycle. Likewise, it has more range compared to its counterparts.

There's always a Dusk Bow waiting for you each Bloodmoon.
There’s always a Dusk Bow waiting for you each Bloodmoon.

Best shields in Tears of the Kingdom

Mighty Zonaite Shield – Mighty Zonaite Shields are sturdy enough and they can take a beating. However, the main reason why we think they’re good is because they’re quite plentiful. That means there’s a good chance you’ll always have one in your inventory as you keep exploring.

Hylian Shield – Bar none, the best shield in the game is the Hylian Shield. With a whopping +90 defense, it’s going to take a while before it actually breaks.

How about a Hylian Shield on top of a Hylian Shield?
How about a Hylian Shield on top of a Hylian Shield?

Best armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom

Ancient Hero’s Aspect – In terms of pure looks alone, the Ancient Hero’s Aspect could be considered as the best armor in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Technically, it’s not even an armor, as it’s a full outfit that changes Link’s appearance to that of a lizard-like Zonai Champion.

Awakening Set – Speaking of changing appearances, the Awakening Set harkens back to Link’s Awakening, complete with a cartoony head and face.

Wingsuit / Glide Set – The Wingsuit doesn’t really have a well-defined purpose when it comes to combat. However, it improves your mobility and lateral control when skydiving. It’s great since you’ll often skydive and glide in the game.

Majora’s Mask – What makes the Majora’s Mask appealing is that it can confuse hostiles, allowing you to stealthily avoid them. Just don’t accidentally hit one, and you should be safe.

Yiga Armor Set – Speaking of stealth, the Yiga Armor Set boosts your sneakiness, too. Still, the main benefit you gain from this is access to Yiga Clan-related objectives. One takes you to a Secret Shrine, while the other…

Lightning Helm – It’s very annoying when you have to remove metallic items whenever there’s a thunderstorm. Fortunately, you can completely forget about that mechanic once you have the Lightning Helm. This is a reward from a side quest that you can only unlock by tricking the Yiga Clan.

Phantom Armor Set – Then, there’s the Phantom Armor Set, which we also consider as one of the best armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom. Each piece grants +8 defense, for a total of +24. The passive boost, meanwhile, increases your attack. As such, you’ll have both offense and defense.

The Ancient Hero's Aspect is more of a full appearance change than a regular armor.
The Ancient Hero’s Aspect is more of a full appearance change than a regular armor.

There are numerous mechanics and facets to learn in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For more information, you can visit our guides hub.

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