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Looking for the best build for Yangyang in Wuthering Waves? In Wuthering Waves, an outrider of the Midnight Rangers, is the first playable character you’ll obtain for free once starting the game. She’s a solid support/hybrid or DPS character, depending on your build, who focuses on giving Resonance Energy to her team and grouping enemies together with Resonance Liberation.

Below, we’ll guide you through the best Yangyang build from weapon selection, to teammates, to her full skillset to make sure you’re getting the most out of this Resonator and her unique abilities.

Wuthering Waves best Yangyang build

Yangyang is a 4-Star Aero Resonator who uses a Sword. Once you’ve obtained her through the Permanent Convene, here’s the gear and team you should pick to support her:

  • Best weapon: Emerald of Genesis
    • Our top Sword pick for Yangyang is the 5-Star Emerald of Genesis, which is by far the best Sword currently in Wuthering Waves. It doesn’t matter whether you play Yangyang in a support or DPS role, this Sword will aid you regardless, increasing Energy Regen, ATK, and Critical Rate bonuses.
  • Best main Echo: Impermanence Heron
    • The World Boss, Impermanence Heron, is a great choice of Echo for Yangyang as it continues to support her support stat spread. This World Boss Echo ensures an increase in Yangyang’s damage output, as well as supporting her as she regains Resonance Energy.
  • Best Echo Sonata Effect: Moonlit Clouds
    • By equipping Impermanence Heron, you also achieve the Sonata Effect, Moonlit Clouds. This gives a huge Attack boost of 22.5% for an incoming character after using the Outro Skill, and increases her own Energy regeneration by 10%.
  • Best teammates: Jiyan, Verina (or any other main DPS and sub DPS Resonators)
    • Yangyang works well in her support role with a powerful DPS like Jiyan leading the charge. Her support role lies in Energy Regen and Attack boosts, so having a healer support character like Verina, or even Baizhi, build a well-rounded team. If you’re looking to play more into Yangyang’s damage-dealing, teaming her up with Mortefi or Sanhua is another option as their Outro Skills will buff Yangyang’s Basic or Heavy Attack DMG where she may usually fall short.

Yangyang skills in Wuthering Waves

Yangyang active skills

Yangyang possesses the following active skills:

Skill Type Name Effect
Basic Attack Feather as Balde Yangyang performs up to four consecutive attacks, dealing Aero damage. The heavy and mid-air attack of this skill consume Stamina.
Resonance Skill Zephyr Domain Yangyang wields her sword to create a wind vortex that pulls enemies to the center, dealing Aero damage.
Resonance Liberation Wind Spirals Yangyang conjures a cyclone that gathers nearby enemies, dealing Aero damage.
Intro Skill Cerulean Song Yangyang sends the target into the air, dealing Aero damage.
Outro Skill Whispering Breeze Yangyang recovers four Resonance Energy per second over five seconds for the next character (or character on a nearby team activating their Outro Skill).

Yangyang passive skills

Yangyang also possesses the following passive skills:

Skill Type Name Effect
Forte Circuit Echoing Feathers Yangyang holds up to three Melodies, obtained through various attacks. When she has three, she can cast Stormy Strike after Heavy Attack, dealing Aero damage. She can also cast mid-air basic attacks.
Inherent Skill Compassion Yangyang recovers 30 STA after she casts a mid-air attack Feather Release.
Inherent Skill Lazuline Mercy Yangyang’s Aero damage bonus is increased by 8% for eight seconds after casting Intro Skill.

Yangyang Resonance Chain skills

Finally, if you’ve pulled multiple Yangyang’s, you can unlock new sequences on the Resonance Chain, which will award you the following skills:

Resonance Chain Sequence Name Effect
Sequence One Sapphire Skies, Soaring Sparrows Intro Skill increases Yangyang’s Aero damage bonus by an additional 15% for eight seconds.
Sequence Two Nesting Twigs, in Beaks They Harrow Heavy Attack recovers an additional 10 Resonance Energy for Yangyang when it hits a target. Can retrigger every 20 seconds.
Sequence Three Nature Sings in Symphony Resonance Skill damage bonus is increased by 40%. The Wind Field’s pulling effect on surrounding targets is enhanced, and the range is expanded by 33%.
Sequence Four Close Your Eyes and Listen In Mid-air attack Feather Release’s damage is increased by 95%.
Sequence Five Winds Whisper in Harmony Resonance Liberation skill’s damage is increased by 85%.
Sequence Six A Tribute to Life’s Sweet Hymn After casting mid-air attrack Feather Release, the attack of all team members is increased by 20% for 20 seconds.

A close-up of Yangyang, one of the Resonators in Wuthering Waves, sitting in a field of blue grass at night.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kuro Games

How to use Yangyang in Wuthering Waves

Yangyang is a great support or hybrid DPS character to your other Resonators, especially when it comes to providing her team with additional benefits. No doubt you’ll play with Yangyang given she’s the first playable character available to join your team, but as time goes on, her damage output falls short meaning if you want to keep playing with her, you want to think about ways to boost it.

For this, build her a team that boosts her skillset with Outro Skills that benefit her playstyle, like Sanhua or Mortefi. Or, if you want to keep her in a support role, her ability to siphon her Resonance Energy to other teammates can be integral in the end-game.

The key to using Yangyang in Wuthering Waves though is to level up her skills, especially her Forte Circuit. Unlocking her ability to deal more damage as well as utilizing her stronger Intro Skill, Cerulean Song, and Resonance Liberation, Wind Spirals. She is a warrior of the wind after all.

You don’t want to put her into the field for too long, but if you boost her damage and give her a chance to perform crowd control and unleash her Outro Skill, she’ll in turn bolster the abilities of the other members of her team.

That’s everything on Yangyang’s best build. For another great support character, arguably the best, check out our guide to the best Verina build or, perhaps you’ll be interested in our best Jianxin build. However you like to play, there’s plenty of Resonators to build out a team that’ll offer a little bit of everything, so be sure to take a look at out our Resonator tier list, as well as our guide to all the Resonators and their Attributes.


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