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Wondering how to build Baizhi in Wuthering Waves? You’ll meet Glacio Rectifier user Baizhi early on in the story of Wuthering Waves, and she’ll likely stick with you for a while as your team’s designated healer. While she isn’t quite as powerful as Verina, who’s currently considered the best support in the game, she’ll still provide quality heals (and, if you build her well, buffs) that’ll help your team stay up to deal as much damage as possible.

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you should know about Baizhi, including her best build, her skills, and how to use her on your team.

Wuthering Waves best Baizhi build

  • Best weapon: Variation
    • Variation is a 4-star Rectifier that’s relatively easy to get your hands on early on in the game. It’s also the best for Baizhi, as it focuses on boosting the Energy Regen stat and restores Concerto Energy (used for Intro and Outro skills).
  • Best main Echo: Bell-Borne Geochelone
    • The Bell-Borne Geochelone is a versatile Echo, which is perfect for a versatile support like Baizhi. This Echo will provide a shield for both Baizhi and the next character who switches in, increase damage dealt, and reduce incoming damage. Essentially, it’ll help protect Baizhi and the rest of your team, making her a more reliable healer.
  • Best Echo Sonata Effect: Rejuvenating Glow
    • Equipping Baizhi with a 5-piece Rejuvenating Glow kit is your best bet, as it’ll boost your team’s attack while giving Baizhi a decent healing bonus. Alternatively, the Moonlit Clouds set works (either on its own or mixed with Rejuvenating Glow if you can’t get a full set) to increase Baizhi’s Resonance Energy regen and buff the next character after using Baizhi’s Outro skill.
  • Best teammates: Any!
    • You likely won’t be building a team around Baizhi — she’s one of the game’s most versatile Resonators and can serve as a healer on any team. However, if you’re determined to find a team where Baizhi’s at her best, we’d recommend pairing her with a strong DPS to heal like Jiyan and a sub DPS like Jianxin or Yangyang.

Baizhi skills in Wuthering Waves

Baizhi active skills

Baizhi has access to the following active skills:

Skill Type Name Effect
Basic Attack Destined Promise Baizhi uses You’tan to attack up to 4 consecutive times, dealing Glacio DMG. The Heavy and Mid-air versions of this attack consume Stamina to deal Glacio DMG. Additionally, using Basic Attack after a successful Dodge activates the Dodge Counter, which deals more Glacio DMG.
Resonance Skill Emergency Plan Baizhi uses You’tan to deal Glacio DMG to the target while restoring the entire team’s HP.
Resonance Liberation Momentary Union Baizhi uses You’tan to restore the entire team’s HP. This move generates 4 Remnant Entities, which follow the active team member and attack the target with Glacio DMG while restoring the entire team’s HP.
Intro Skill Overflowing Frost Baizhi uses You’tan to plunge, which deals Glacio DMG and restores the entire team’s HP.
Outro Skill Rejuvenating Flow Baizhi restores the next character’s HP (scales based on her max HP stat) over time.

Baizhi passive skills

Baizhi has the following passive skills in her roster:

Skill Type Name Effect
Forte Circuit Cycle of Life Baizhi commands You’tan, a creature that returns to her when she dodges. Baizhi can also hold up to 4 Concentrations, which she gains by landing Basic Attacks. These Concentrations are used all at once when casting Heavy Attack or Emergency Plan and continuously restore HP for characters. Using Concentrations also helps restore her Concerto Energy and (only when using Heavy Attack) Resonance Energy.
Inherent Skill Harmonic Range Casting Emergency Plan generates a field of ATK-boosting Euphonia for 15 seconds.
Inherent Skill Stimulus Feedback Each landed Heavy Attack restores HP for the team member with the lowest HP. This HP scales based on Baizhi’s max HP stat.

Baizhi Resonance Chain skills

Pulling multiples of Baizhi will let you unlock nodes on her Resonance Chain, which will give you access to the following skills and buffs:

Resonance Chain Node Name Effect
Node One Complex Simplicity Emergency Plan restores an additional 2.5 Resonance Energy for every Concentration used.
Node Two Silent Tundra If Baizhi has 4 Concentration saved, Emergency Plan increases Baizhi’s Glacio DMG and Healing by 15% for 12 seconds.
Node Three Veritas Lux Mea Overflowing Frost (Baizhi’s Intro skill) increases her max HP stat by 12% for 10 seconds.
Node Four Eternal Verity Remnant Entities generated by Momentary Union can be formed 2 more times, do 20% more healing, and deal additional Glacio DMG that scales based on Baizhi’s max HP stat.
Node Five A Wish Answered Every 10 minutes, Baizhi can instantly revive a downed team member and fully restore their HP.
Node Six Seeker’s Devotion Increases the Glacio DMG Bonus stat of all characters by 12% for 20 seconds when Euphonia is picked up.

How to use Baizhi in Wuthering Waves

Baizhi is a valuable addition to any team that needs a healer, which (unless you’ve somehow already built your characters to be undefeatable, or if you already have Baizhi’s 5-star counterpart Verina) is probably your team.

While Baizhi’s abilities do some damage, you should treat her damage output as a bonus and focus on using her solely to heal and buff your characters — you’re much better off relying on your DPS and sub DPS for damage. Using Baizhi’s Resonance Skill (Emergency Plan, which summons the adorable creature You’tan) to attack simultaneously deals damage and heals your team. However, your main source of heals should be her Resonance Liberation or burst (Momentary Union), which heals your team in bulk while creating Remnant Entities that heal your active team member and deal Glacio damage to targets.

You’ll also want to focus on swapping characters strategically when Baizhi’s on your team. Her Intro skill will heal everybody on your team, but her Outro skill only heals the next character, so you’ll need to swap to the character you need to heal the most for this to be effective. This works especially well in tandem with your main DPS — you can deal damage until your DPS is low on HP, then switch to Baizhi, use her (hopefully charged) Intro skill to do a bit of healing, use her Resonance Skill or Liberation to do a bigger chunk of healing, then switch back to whichever DPS needs it most to make sure their HP bar is full.

It’s also worth noting that her 5th Resonance Chain skill lets her instantly revive a downed ally and fully restore their HP once every 10 minutes, which is a great skill to have when fighting difficult bosses or taking on the game’s endgame. If you’ve rolled a lot in Wuthering Waves, chances are, you already have a Baizhi duplicate or two (or six), so it’s worth trying to roll for even more duplicates to unlock this useful skill.

Now that you’ve learned about Baizhi, why not see how she holds up in our Resonators tier list? Or, if you’re on the hunt for more characters, head to our next banner guide to find out who you’ll be able to roll for in the near future.


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