Why Sub-Zero Doesn’t Always Have A Scar

The historical past of Mortal Kombat’s blue ninja, Sub-Zero is difficult, together with the scar that seems on his face in most however not all MK video games.

When it involves iconic fighters from Mortal Kombat, few are increased on the arcade ladder than Sub-Zero. The blue ninja appeared within the authentic Mortal Kombat recreation, and he is the one kombatant to look in each subsequent entry within the collection. Because of this, he additionally has a central function within the collection’ lore, each within the authentic timeline and within the reboot trilogy. Players additionally noticed him age at a price completely different from different characters, going from younger to previous and gaining a signature facial scar. That marking is essential in each timelines, however the truth that it is not in each Mortal Kombat recreation could be complicated to these not within the know.

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The authentic Sub-Zero has solely been playable in blue ninja garb in a single recreation. The warrior Bi-Han froze opponents within the authentic Mortal Kombat earlier than his demise by the hands of Scorpion. This prompted Bi-Han’s youthful brother, Kuai Liang, to take up the mantle within the second recreation. Kuai Liang has continued on as Sub-Zero in all subsequent video games, with Bi-Han reemerging in later editions of Mortal Kombat 3 as an undead wraith named Noob Saibot. MK3 additionally gave Sub-Zero his facial scar as a technique to differentiate between the 2 brothers.

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However, Sub-Zero misplaced his scar by the point of Mortal Kombat: Deception. This therapeutic is usually attributed to the facility of the Dragon Medallion, a strong object Kuai Liang collected in Deadly Alliance to spice up his energy in opposition to the brand new risk to Mortal Kombat‘s realms. His alternate skins in later video games and default pores and skin in Armageddon did have the scar, and Shaolin Monks even supplied an rationalization for it through Kung Lao’s razor-sharp hat, however none of those sources are thought-about canon.

What Are The Origins Of Sub-Zero’s Scar In Mortal Kombat?

Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie and Video Game

The origins of Sub-Zero’s scar within the authentic arcade timeline stay unclear, however Kuai Liang gained an analogous scar within the reboot trilogy’s Mortal Kombat X, and NetherRealm Studios made positive to provide gamers a solution for the scar’s origins this time round. In the official comedian prequel for MKX, Black Dragon mercenary Kano carved the mark into Sub-Zero’s face. The scar then appeared within the newest two video games within the collection, however it didn’t carry over into his playable cameo in Injustice 2, possible attributable to DC Comics artist Jim Lee’s redesign of the character.

The function of Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat‘s story, and even the person behind the masks, might have modified through the years, however gamers can reliably rely on the power to freeze opponents every time they boot up a Mortal Kombat recreation. Like so many different issues within the collection, Kuai Liang’s scar was initially put into place for comfort, somewhat than story causes, however it circled again and have become a part of the franchise’s advanced lore. With the way forward for Mortal Kombat‘s story in flux after MK11: Aftermath, maybe the upcoming Mortal Kombat film reboot will painting Kuai Liang’s battle with Kano, placing the essential second in MK historical past on the massive display.

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