Which are the best programming languages for gaming application development?



Kids and adults are fond of gaming online. In this pandemic the children are the main sufferer both physically and mentally. They neither can go out nor play with their friends nor can they go to their respective schools.

In this situation they prefer to play online which satisfies their urge to play. The application of science with the help of several technologies has indeed improved the quality and standard of life. No doubt science and its technology has changed the lifestyle of human beings and provided modernity within them.

The computer scientist utilizes several advanced technologies in order to solve any problems more efficiently in an innovative way. Computer science includes the basic major things such as programming language, data structures and algorithm, operating systems, networking.

Apart from these there are designing software and hardware, theory and methods of processing information, HTML, CSS, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT programming and many more.

Are these Gaming Applications Good for Kids?

“Violent media is good for Kids” is an article written by renowned comic book author Gerard Jones. He argued throughout these articles that violent media such as video games or other related online games can be a useful tool for the kids. It does not totally harm them. He stated that violence can help a kid to understand how to reach their own inner self and power.

It is through this media that they are able to judge between the negative as well as positive violence. He believed that through these kinds of media the kids can overcome any kind of challenges they may have faced internally and externally in their life. “When life imitates video” by John Leo also views about the impact of video games on children. Here this specific author is found to request the audience to accept his ideas about the destructive nature of video games.

Gerard Jones put forward the opinion about the importance of violent media and argued that it is good for kids. It helps them to develop their emotional and psychological needs according to him.

Though, he goes against the majority of his audience who argued that violence may affect their children and lead them towards an aggressive and depressive lifestyle. But Jones believes that these sorts of media can empower them to fight against the dangerous challenges they might face in their life. He also argued that through these violent media the children may find out their inner self.

As a result, they are able to focus on their inner power they already have within them.  “Therefore video games are to some extent valuable for kids as well as adults” says Vinita who is an expert in pay for writing papers.

Now the important question arises if video games are good for kids and other passionate players then what are the best programming languages for gaming application development.

Here are some of the examples of best programming languages for gaming application development.

Programming utilizes their codes to make a game a living and breathing thing for the players. The best programming languages which most often are used by the players are C++, HTML 5, JAVA, JAVAScript, CSS 3 and many more.

  1. C++ is a language with relatively high entry barriers.  But the reward is greater as in the sense it allows more direct control over the hardware and graphical process. CSS is a Cascading Style Sheet which is used to describe how to utilize HTML and display them on the screen. It also allows the adapter to adapt to different types of devices.  It includes the layouts, small screens, large screens, printers color pattern and explains the presentation written by HTM. CSS is developed by the World Wide Web Consortium. It is the most object-oriented language stream. Games made with C++ are: king quest, world of warcraft, football pro, master of orion III, maplestory and many more.
  2. JAVA is yet another one which has the capacity to run on everything. It can run from printers and microwaves to the complex video game system. JAVASCRIPT provides the web pages the interactive elements that keep the users engaged. It can be used for manipulation, calculation as well as to validate the data. The computer devices which are in use today apply JAVA SCRIPT which includes Microsoft windows, I phones, Android phones, Smart T.V, Apple Mac OS and many more.  Games made with JAVA are: powder game, runescape, star war galaxies and many more. Games made with JAVASCRIPT are: polycraft, the wizard, sketchout, angrybird, cross code, swoop and many more. “I really appreciate this form of language gaming as it suits my criteria the most” says Hyaat who is an expert in javascript assignment help.
  3. HTML5 and CSS 3 are used on the web to give a page structure and visually display the elements. HTML is being created to facilitate the users to exchange and link the documents scientifically by using Hyperlinks. The main purpose and objectives of HTML is that it can describe the structure as well as the presentation of the information through the internet. The web developers and the users use HTML in order to instruct the web browser application about how to format as well as display the content of the web page. HTML5 is a powerful language that is really fruitful for the users. Games made with HTML5 are: roll it, cookie clicker, nothing to hide, kingdom of loathing and many more. “Recently experienced this programming language for my gaming purpose and it is really praiseworthy” says Sara who is an expert in online exam help.


In conclusion it can be said that programming languages for gaming applications are really developing and attracting the users. No doubt that in this pandemic the children and the passionate players are sitting ideally at their home and getting bored and frustrated.

Therefore, playing online can be the best solution for every child to devote their time to some fruitful activities. The above-mentioned programming languages are the best and most powerful languages used on the web and provide pleasure to the users.