Where To Find The Tree Sentinel Armor Set


The Tree Sentinel Armor set is found inside the Azuria’s Hero Grave dungeon in Elden Ring. This set is originally worn by the Tree Sentinel Boss in the starting area. This set offers excellent protection against slashing damage and fire, but it is quite heavy to compensate. This guide will go over the required steps to take within the dungeon to obtain the armor set. To get to Azuria’s Hero Grave, head to the eastern end of Leyndell and just follow the road down the cliffside to get there.

There are some bears near the entrance, and past them is an elevator that leads to the dungeon. This armor set is easy to miss as it requires the destruction of three chariots which requires a few steps to accomplish. So let’s get into how to steal the Tree Sentinel’s look.


Azuria’s Hero Grave Location

Azuria Hero’s Grave

The Armor Set

Tree Sentinel Armor Set

The Tree Sentinel set can be obtained by destroying the chariots, but the Crucible Axe armor set can also be found in this dungeon by defeating the boss.

How To Destroy The Chariots

From the dungeon site of grace, head west to progress through the dungeon past the first chariot encounter until you come across the lane with two chariots on opposite sides. Head to the bottom of that ramp while dodging the chariots on either side. The key is timing which side to be on based on the ones that are going past rather than oncoming.

  • Go down through the columns while being careful of a third chariot that spawns on the other side of the columns once you get close.
  • After going through the columns, look west and line up with the body near the ledge and drop down.
Line up with this body
  • After successfully landing on the pillars, continue dropping onto the beams below.
  • Line up with the torch on the wall for a reliable drop, aiming for the cross sections as there is more surface area to land on.
  • Continue down until you’re able to see and reach a ladder.
Line up with this torch
  • After doing that successfully, go towards the ladder to the south and climb up that into the next area. Be careful that the skeleton doesn’t get a cheap shot while you run on the beams.
  • At the end of the tunnel, go north after getting to the next room until you see the imp pillar in the room at the top.
  • Hit the pillar. This will teleport a chariot into the first room with two chariots.
  • Teleport back to the site of grace–or just die if you aren’t worried about your runes. This is the fastest way back to the double-chariot room, but feel free to continue exploring as well.
Hit this Pillar

Now that you’ve hit the pillar, the next time you go into the double-chariot room there will be a third chariot. With all three chariots present, they will destroy each other. When that happens, they will drop the Tree Sentinel armor set and Holy Ground Ash of War. Additionally, there will be no chariots in the dungeon anymore which can make exploring easier and safer.

Loot Obtained


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