Where to find Remy’s Recipe Book locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley


You need to find Remy recipe book locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley in order to give to him as part of the ‘Remy’s Recipe Book’ quest.

The Forgetting has struck again, and Mickey can’t remember where he put Remy’s recipes for safe keeping, and in true video game fashion, his notes have become unreadable.

You do get a memory with visual clues as to where each recipe is located, but if you want to get on with the quest as quickly as possible in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we’ve detailed exactly where to find the first, second, and third Remy recipe book locations below.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley first Remy recipe book location

While you can find the recipes in any order, this one is considered the ‘first’ book according to your quest log.

The first Remy recipe book location can be found between the trees opposite Goofy’s house, in the Peaceful Meadow area of Dreamlight valley, beside the staircase leading to the southern area of Dazzle Beach.

First Remy recipe book location.

You’ll see a sparkling patch of grass that you can then use your shovel tool to dig and unearth the first recipe book. If you don’t get it the first time, dig up other sparkling patches of grass in the same area, and you’ll soon find it!

Just walk into the book to add it to your inventory, then head to the second Remy recipe book location.

Disney Dreamlight Valley second Remy recipe book location

Once you’ve completed the ‘With Great Power’ main story quest, you can find the second Remy recipe book near the bottom of the Mystical Cave located in the eastern area of Dazzle Beach, in the same area as the stove.

You’ll actually be able to see the book poking out of the ground here. Just like with the last recipe book, use your shovel to unearth it, then walk into its blue glow to add it to your inventory.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available in early access, and we’ve got pages to help you make the most of your time in the village, including how to upgrade your house and get more storgae, Remy’s recipe book locations, a ‘With Great Power’ walkthough, how to get clay and seaweed, and a complete recipe list, including how make ratatouille, bouillabaisse, and crudites.

Disney Dreamlight Valley third Remy recipe book location

The third and last Remy recipe book in Disney Dreamlight Valley is located near the pier on Dazzle Beach, found in the southeastern portion of the biome, opposite Goofy’s stall.

Like the others, you just need to use your shovel to unearth the third Remy recipe book. If you don’t get it the first time, dig up other sparkling patches of sand in the same area, and you’ll soon have all three books.

Once you’ve found the three Remy recipe books, return to Remy and show them to him. He can usually be found in his restaurant, but if he’s not there, bring up your map and search for where his avatar is.

Remy will hand you two of the recipes back, so go back into your inventory and select ‘Learn’ after hovering over both books.

You’ll have to revisit Remy’s Ratatouille Realm to pick up the peanuts in the back of his kitchen, and when you do that, you’ll be able to buy all the ingredients you need to make a peanut butter sandwich and peanut butter waffles.

For the peanut butter sandwich, you’ll need:

For the peanut butter waffles, you’ll need:

  • x1 Wheat
  • x1 Peanut
  • x1 Milk
  • x1 Egg

For the last part of the ‘Remy’s Recipe Book’ quest, bring the cooked dishes to Remy and the quest will end, rewarding you x350 Dreamlight and an increase to your level, and your friendship level with Remy.

If you need more help in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we’ve got guides on all recipes, how to upgrade your house, how to make ratatouille, how to make crudites and fish sandwiches, and how to get seaweed.

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