Where To Find & Adopt Pets


Wondering where you can find Pets in Fire Emblem Engage and how to pet them? Well, here’s a guide to help you out.

Soon after you begin your adventure in Fire Emblem Engage, you will unlock The Somniel. This will be your base of operations throughout your gameplay, and it will feature many extra activities for the Divine Dragon. One of those activities is adopting a wide range of pets.

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Once you complete Chapter 4 – A Land in Bloom, you will unlock the stables. Unlocking the stables allows you to bring home the animals you see in your post-battle map. Then, when you come back to The Somniel, you are able to pick some to roam around your home.


Where To Find Pets

Alear Adopting Brodian Cat Fire Emblem Engage With Map Showing

After completing Chapter 4, you will be allowed to roam the post-battle map. When you do this, you can find a few pets. If you check your map, you can see tiny gold spots. These spots are the icons for the pets that can be adopted from the map you are on. For example, in Chapter 4’s map, you will find a dog and a chicken.

While pets can be brought home as soon as you unlock the stables, there may be some that you don’t know how to raise — the game informs you of such pets. This means you need to increase the donation level of whatever country you are in. This can be done by visiting the bulletin board in Cafe Terrace. You will run into this problem as soon as you unlock the stables. In Chapter 4, the Calisson Chicken on the map cannot be adopted before increasing the donation level with Firene.

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Fire Emblem Engage Map Showing Materials, Ingredients, And Animals Available At Azure Coast

Certain pets can be found in certain countries. When you select a location on your map, you will see a section noting what type of materials, ingredients, and animals you can find there. This lets you know what pets will be available post-battle. The following list shows every animal that is adoptable in the game and where you can find them.



Aura Eagle


Black Elyosian Dog

Firene, Solm

Brodian Cat


Calisson Chicken


Eastern Freecat

Elusia, Firene

Elusian Cat


Elyosian Dog


Elyosian Pigeon

Brodia, Firene, Solm

Elyosian Seagull


Elyosian Sheep


Firenese Cat


Hop Rabbit


Mere Donkey


Iris Owl


Northern Freecat

Elusia, Firene

Panna Camel


Rutile Marmot


Solmic Cat


Southern Freecat

Firene, Solm

Tartu Flamingo


Vervain Deer


Western Freecat


White Elyosian Dog


White Hop Rabbit


What Pets Do

Fire Emblem Engage Stable With Dogs And Items To Pick Up

These pets aren’t just for show; they allow you to collect ingredients for cooking or ingots. You can find these items on the ground by the stable. The Aura Eagle brings you different types of meat. Cats will bring you different types of fish. Dogs bring ingots to you. The Calisson Chicken brings eggs, and the Elyosian Sheep gives you milk.

The various birds (except the Aura Eagle) bring you nuts or berries. The Mere Donkey and Vervain Deer bring Rare Vegetables, while the Rutile Marmot brings Rare Fruit. If you need Rare Fish, the Tartu Flamingo will bring it. Finally, the Panna Camel brings beans, rice, and spices.

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How To Let Pets Roam

Female Alear With Donkey Roaming In Front Of Stables Fire Emblem Engage

Once you adopt a few pets, you must make sure they are set to roam on The Somniel. If they aren’t roaming, they cannot bring you anything. To ensure they are able to do this, you need to visit the stable, which can be found in the Farmyard section of The Somniel. Once you are there, approach the stable door and select A. Then, you will see a list of all the animals you have. Next, you can choose whichever you want to roam freely — you can have up to five animals out grazing at once.

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