Warzone Ban Wave Removes 15,000 Players

Developer Raven Software has announced that in its most recent wave of bans, it has banned 15,000 players from Call of Duty: Warzone. According to the tweet announcing the ban wave, more bans will be coming soon.

According to Video Games Chronicle, Call of Duty: Warzone has seen more than 300,000 players banned all over the world since the game’s launch last year. The most recent wave of banes has been the third sixth one since three ban waves in February and two ban waves in March.

A recent mid-season update for Warzone helped optimise the game to reduce its file size on all platforms. Clocking in at a download size of between 52GB and 57.8GB, the update reduced file sizes for Warzone ranging from 10.9GB to 14.2GB, depending on the platform.

Nuclear missiles have also been spotted in Warzone’s Verdansk map, but the warheads aren’t really bringing any changes to the world on impact. The missiles are a tie-in to the upcoming nuke event, which is rumoured to happen around April 21/22, and will bring an end to the current season of Warzone.

Activision is yet to announce anything official about the end of Season 2, or the nuke event.

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