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The various Faction Missions of Warzone 2 DMZ see players performing various tasks, some of which have their own unique and creative flair. While Exposé tasks you with becoming a misinformant, Untraceable follows a different route – one which requires you to assassinate an armored Commander on Al Mazrah with a gun that is supplied to you.

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Untraceable is the Tier 2 Story Mission for the Legion Faction, tasking players with taking a weapon out of the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop, and using the said weapon to eliminate the Chemist, before returning it back to the Dead Drop it was originally found in. Doing so will reward you with the After The Fight calling card, along with 7,500 XP


Taking The Weapon From The Sattiq Caves Dead Drop

The first step to completing the Untraceable Faction Mission is to locate the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop, before taking a weapon out of the dumpster. The Sattiq Caves Dead Drop can be found on the northern side of the Sattiq Caves Complex and is wedged between some medical tents and the cliff side to a hill – a hill in which a radio tower can be found. There are a fair amount of Al Qalar soldiers in this area, so it is nearly impossible to head into this location without avoiding a gunfight.

Once you have located the Dead Drop, open it up. Here you will find an SP-X 80 inside. Taking this weapon out of the dumpster will complete the first portion of this mission.

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Using The Weapon To Kill The Chemist

where to find the Chemist to complete the Untraceable Mission in Warzone 2 DMZ

For the second part of the Untraceable Faction Mission, you will be tasked with killing the Chemist with the weapon you have received from the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop. The Chemist is a Commander located within the Radiation Zone of Al Mazrah, and is the same Commander who wields the M13B Assault Rifle.

The Radiation Zone is a marked area on your Tac Map, and while there are set spawn locations for this zone, the location at which this area can be found often changes from one DMZ deployment to the next. The Chemist can often be found within the center of the Radiation Zone, but getting to him up close can be quite tricky. This is because this area of interest will slowly chip away at your health without the use of a Gas Mask or Radiation Blocker.

use the weapon from to kill the Chemist to complete the Untraceable Mission in Warzone 2 DMZ

There is an abundance of Al Qalar soldiers in the Radiation Zone, and each of them often drops a Gas Mask upon elimination. However, we recommend that you instead avoid enemy combatants entirely, and find a vantage point outside the zone that provides visibility for the entire area. Once you have found a suitable spot, utilize the SP-X 80’s thermal scope to locate the Chemist. He can be identified by his signature hazmat suit, which has an oxygen tank on its back. All you need to do now is use the SP-X 80 to eliminate the Chemist to wrap up the second part of this mission.

return the weapon to the same Dead Drop to complete the Untraceable Mission in Warzone 2 DMZ

Finally, to complete the final part of the Untraceable Faction Mission, return the weapon to the Sattiq Cave Dead Drop within the same deployment that you killed the Chemist in.

If another player has killed the Chemist, or you and your squad is eliminated at any point before the conclusion of this mission, you will need to try again in a separate deployment.

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