Warner Bros are trying to patent ‘Shadow of Mordor’ Nemesis system

Warner Bros have been trying to patent the Nemesis System that featured of their Middle-Earth video games.

The Nemesis system, developed by Monolith Productions for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor was properly acquired for its capability to monitor participant’s in-game actions, comparable to their victories and defeats by the hands of the sport’s numerous procedurally generated Orcs.

These Orcs would bear in mind the participant’s actions, and work their method up a fancy hierarchy of different Orcs, taunting and difficult the participant, in addition to gaining particular talents to make them harder to defeat.

The video by Game Maker’s Toolkit on YouTube goes into nice element on the mechanic within the recreation, and the way it’s in a position to forge tales for the participant.

The brings up WB’s makes an attempt to patent the system, and links to a lawsuit filed in 2016, which makes an attempt to patent “Methods for managing non-player characters and power centers in a computer game are based on character hierarchies and individualized correspondences between each character’s traits or rank and events that involve other non-player characters or objects.”

GooglePatents additionally checklist the assorted occasions surrounding the patent, together with its project to Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. in 2019, and its present “pending” standing, that means it might but be assigned.

In July 2020, WCCFTech reported on the hearsay that the subsequent Batman recreation in growth by Warners Bros. Montreal might properly characteristic the Nemesis system.

Around the identical time, The Escapist reported on the rumours surrounding the upcoming Harry Potter recreation that was introduced later within the yr. The rumours particularly said that the RPG like recreation would additionally characteristic a Nemesis-like system.

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