Warhammer III 2022 Roadmap Includes Immortal Empires, New Mod Tools, More


Total War: Warhammer III launched back in February to enthusiastic reviews, but some player complaints about certain missing features, but of course, Creative Assembly isn’t leaving it there. Plenty of new content is planned, and Creative Assembly has spelled out what exactly we can expect over the remainder of 2022. In addition to a variety of gameplay tweaks and fixes, players can look forward to Immortal Empires (the new version of TW: Warhammer II’s Mortal Empires mode), revamps for races from older games, new troops and Lords, and more. You can get a quick summary of what to expect in 2022 via the image below, and keep on scrolling for more details.

Total War Warhammer III

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Q2 2022

Update 1.2 (MAY)

  • Auto-resolve improvements – The difficulty scaling of auto-resolve has been reduced on the harder difficulty settings and will now be determined by the Battle difficulty setting rather than the Campaign difficulty setting.
  • Improvements to unit responsiveness – This will be a long-term project, but we hope to make further improvements to the reactivity of units when they are issued orders and engaging with enemy units. This includes ensuring that units don’t go to sleep when they should be contributing to a very ongoing battle.
  • Improvements to single-entity units dueling with other single-entity units – Many players have noted issues when their large/hero units engage with other heroes on the battlefield. We’re aiming to improve their behavior to ensure that they properly engage with enemies and make their presence truly felt.
  • Technology tree reworks – There has been a good deal of feedback about both the tech and skill trees, so we’re focusing on improving the impact and power of the technology trees first.
  • Leaderboard reset – To address an issue which resulted in a handful of players shooting to the top of the leaderboards through unintended means—and to account for the significant balance changes made in 1.1 and 1.2—we will be resetting the leaderboard alongside Update 1.2.
  • Regiments of Renown I – Regiments of Renown add elite, recruitable troops to the game with improved stats and special abilities for use in campaign and battle.

Q3 2022

Update 1.3

  • Regiments of Renown II
  • Improved Cathay formation attack – The formation attack ability for Cathay units are now stronger in frontal engagements, which means more entities should get involved in the fight when the unit is in battle.
  • Skill tree reworks – Following up on the Tech Tree reworks in Update 1.2, we’ll begin digging into a variety of skill tree updates for the various characters and races in 1.3.
  • Tzeentch and Slaanesh replenishment rates – It’s been noted that Tzeentch and Slaanesh have a much more challenging time replenishing their armies when compared to other factions in the game. On top of other factors which can lead to consistent losses for the two factions, we’re looking to make some adjustments to help them out.
  • Increasing the frequency of field battles – As a cornerstone of the Total War: Warhammer experience, we’d like to see more field battles represented throughout the campaigns. As such, we’re working to increase their frequency and create healthy mix of land, siege, and minor settlement battles as you play.
  • Battle-related fixes – A continued focus will be on battle encounters in the game as we continue to improve unit responsiveness and interactions in battle. Watch for more specifics as we get closer to 1.3!
  • The Total War Assembly Kit – The last piece of the puzzle to empower our amazing modding community involves the release of the Total War Assembly Kit: the tools that allow the easy creation of new mods in the Total War: Warhammer games. We’re aiming to release the Assembly Kit in Q3 of this year and will provide more details as we get closer to its arrival.

Update 2.0

Immortal Empires [Beta]

Mortal Empires was a much-loved addition to Total War: Warhammer II, and Update 2.0 will introduce the first iteration of the game mode to Warhammer III. Known as Immortal Empires, the mode will merge the maps and factions from all three Warhammer games (for those who own them) into one: allowing you to deploy the faction(s) you love across a massive combined battlefield. Immortal Empires is a monumental undertaking, so we will initially be making it available as an integrated open beta across all platforms.

The plan is to continue updating the mode over several years, and we want to ensure that those of you who are most excited to play it have the chance to participate. There is a ton to unpack about Immortal Empires, so you can also expect more news about it as we get closer to its beta release

  • Old World Update I: Warriors of Chaos – Starting with Update 2.0, we’ll be looking to overhaul some of the last remaining races not previously spruced up from Warhammer I or II; the goal: to bring them “up-to-date” with the newer mechanics implemented in Warhammer III. These “Old World Updates” can include the introduction of new systems, units, features, and balance to make them a more formidable force on the battlefield; and in Update 2.0, this initiative begins with the Warriors of Chaos.
  • Blood Back III – The Blood Pack for Total War: Warhammer III adds a *ton* of new particle and visual effects to the game. Owners of previous Blood Packs (for Warhammer I or II) will have it automatically unlocked; likewise, unlocking the new pack will also unlock it for the previous two games.
  • Lord Pack I – Our first DLC pack also releases alongside Update 2.0. Lord Packs introduce several new Legendary Lords, Lords, Heroes, and a variety of units to deploy across the Grand Campaign and multiplayer settings. Watch out for more information—including more about the four Champions joining the roster—as we get closer to its release.

Q4 2022

Update 2.1

As we enter the final quarter of 2022, we’ve planned our first regular update following all the new content coming in Q3. UPDATE 2.1 gives us the opportunity to follow its parent update with additional adjustments, continue to expand the Immortal Empires battlefield as players experience it for the first time, and the chance to react and respond to community feedback following the release. While the exact details are TBD, here’s a soft outline of what you can expect:

Update 2.2 -OR- 3.0

With so many big beats dropping in 2022, we’re aiming to pull together one final release to wrap up the year in Q4! This will either be a major release—UPDATE 3.0—or a smaller UPDATE 2.2 release with its own set of content and fixes. Regardless of which path we choose, one major focus of either will be the Immortal Empires game mode, which will be seeing *big* improvements in the last build of the year.

Of course, a variety of smaller tweaks and improvements are coming to Total War: Warhammer III as well. You can get more information on what will be included in the game’s next big update, ver. 1.2, right here.

Total War: Warhammer III is available now on PC. The game’s 1.1 update dropped earlier this month (get patch notes here).


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