Top 3 PDF Repairing Tool You Can Try 2021


We all know the importance of keeping a backup of our important data. But what if you forget to take a backup and suddenly your PDF got corrupted? 

If you are in a similar situation and want to recover your PDF by repairing it, you are at the right place.

Today, we will discuss the top 3 solutions that provide PDF repairing tools that help you recover your data from any PDF. You won’t need to do anything manually as the whole process takes place on an online platform. 

So let’s start with our list and find out some interesting ways to repair your PDF online.

1. Using CocoDoc

The first step includes using CocoDoc, an online PDF editor. With this tool, you can repair any PDF by just uploading your file to its server. The website will find the corrupted part of your PDF and will repair the file to recover your data. It means that you do not need to worry about the data stored on that PDF.

After completing the process, it will generate a new PDF where you can find all the data you lost. In other words, the tool will replace the corrupted file with a working code to help you access it again.

How to Use CocoDoc’s PDF Repairing Tool

As we mentioned earlier, CocoDoc offers the easiest PDF repairing tool. To use this tool, you need to follow these easy steps.

Step1: Access PDF Repairing Tool

The first step is to visit CocoDoc’s official website and click on the PDF repairing tool there. You can click here to access the repairing pdf tool online. You will find a similar page as shown in this picture.

Step2: Upload FIle

The next step includes uploading the corrupted file on this tool. For this, you can click on Choose File button and upload the file there.

Step3: Repair and Preview

Click on the continue button and wait for the website to repair your PDF. After repairing the file, it will show you a preview to verify if all the pages are there.

Step4: Download

Click on the download button to save the file on your device. You can also use cloud storage to keep your file online. 

This process is reliable and does not ask for any subscription fee. That is the reason why we recommend it as our best solution to repair a PDF online.

2. Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

The second best method to repair a PDF is using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Adobe Acrobat is an online platform that provides hundreds of useful tools to edit and manage your files. The software is not limited to PDF and helps you repair all types of files easily.

It offers web-based and application-based solutions to help you repair your files however you want. 

Using this software is quite similar to the previous one. All you need is to search for its PDF repairing tool and upload your file there. It will show all the problems with your PDF and will make the required changes.

After a few minutes, you can download the edited file, free from the corrupted files. We recommend you keep a backup of your file, in case this tool deletes an important part of your PDF.

3. Using iLovePDF

iLovePDF is a straightforward PDF editor that lets you fix your corrupted PDFs with an online solution. The process depends on how much the file is corrupted. If some part of your PDF is corrupted beyond repair, it will try to minimize the impact of that part on the other parts of your file.

This way, you can get partial or full recovery of your PDF conveniently. The tool is free to use and there is nothing to lose on the platform. The website is quite user-friendly and you won’t face any problem using it.

Final Words

Repairing a PDF is a lengthy and complicated process. The main reason behind it is the corrupted part that prevents you from accessing the other parts of your file. These PDF editors and repairing tools fix the corrupted part and help you recover your PDF.

In worst cases, it will delete the corrupted part and recover the other section of your PDF.

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