Thymesia: How To Defeat Odur


Thymesia is an action RPG with heavy combat inspiration from Bloodborne as well as its gothic aesthetic and fast-paced combat. Additionally, drawing heavy inspiration from Sekiro’s dueling and its fast-paced rapid parry system. There are some innovations that Thymesia brings to the table that really elevate its combat but can also make it trickier. Since combat is so fast it can be unforgiving and nothing embodies that more than the difficulty and adrenaline spike that Odur brings as the game’s first real boss.

Odur is a powerful illusionist and ringmaster for the Twilight Circus. His performances brought joy to this sick world but for a price. He must be defeated and this guide will tell you how. Boss fights in Thymesia essentially have two health bars in each phase. The white health bar, and the green Wound bar. Be sure to balance out damage so the progress you make sticks as Wounds heal over time if left unattended.


Phase One

Odur Moveset

  • Odur has two three-hit combos that vary slightly from each other.
  • -Kick, Kick, Thrust/Slash
  • -Slash, Slash, Thrust
  • The tell for the two-hit combo is when he grabs his hat
  • -Slash, Kick
  • If Odur teleports backward to create space watch for him flicking his wrist, this means he will throw cards. These can be parried but since it does nothing other than look cool only do it up close or for some style points. Otherwise, dodge forward to close the gap while avoiding incoming damage.
  • A double slash in front of him in the shape of an X. Make sure you hit parry twice to parry both
  • When low Odur can use a powerful attack that begins with a spray of cards being thrown in front of him twice. He will end by throwing a single card that stuns you if it hits leading to a grab attack. He does this in phase two as well.

Phase Two

Odur starts phase two by making the arena dark and showcasing some of his illusion magic. The music swells and so do the stakes as Odur gets much more aggressive and has longer combos in this phase.

  • Odur’s basic combo gets longer and becomes a five-hit combo and teleports which follows retreating. Play safe and focus on parrying rather than dodging
  • The tell for the five-hit combo is when he runs forward charging but fades away
  • His combos can be interrupted with his reave attack Miasma


  • Use feathers to stop healing while waiting for an opening without losing wound bar progress
  • Soul Reave Odur to steal miasma. This move summons a smoke cloud in front of you that deals a chunk of damage and stuns Odur. This can be chained with your combo to make it longer, or stop him dead in his tracks
  • Use the Shadow Claw talent to stay aggressive and stun for long periods
  • Try to get him against a wall
  • The double dodge talent helps you stay agile in a fight and correct the course if your dodge timing is off
  • Add ingredients to the potion that increase healing or reduce damage to help sustain this fight.
  • His combos are often multi-hit and can stun you out of parrying until the last hit. Try dodging out of the hits instead of parrying
  • After taking enough hits Odur will block a move of yours and counterattack.. Parrying this attack leaves him open to more aggression
  • Prowlers Claw can chase on his backstep teleport
  • Odur has a powerful attack where he glows red first. If he does this run away


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